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Tarzan, after spending many years away from his beloved jungle, has grown tired of civilization and has returned home to the land where he was born and raised.

Season One: 31 episodes
16000-2Sep 08/66Eyes of the Lion
26000-5Sep 16/66The Ultimate Weapon
36000-4Sep 23/66Leopard on the Loose
46000-1Sep 30/66A Life For a Life
56000-6Oct 07/66The Prisoner
66000-8Oct 14/66Faces of Death
76000-3Oct 21/66The Prodigal Puma
86000-9Oct 28/66The Deadly Silence
96000-10Nov 04/66The Deadly Silence, Part 2
106000-7Nov 11/66The Figurehead
116000-11Nov 18/66Village of Fire
126000-14Dec 02/66The Day of the Golden Lion
136000-15Dec 09/66The Pearls of Tanga
146000-13Dec 16/66The End of the River
156000-16Dec 23/66The Ultimate Duel
166000-12Dec 30/66The Fire People
176000-17Jan 06/67Track of the Dinosaur
186000-19Jan 13/67The Day the Earth Trembled
196000-18Jan 20/67Captain Jai
206000-20Jan 27/67A Pride of Assassins
216000-21Feb 03/67The Golden Runaway
226000-22Feb 10/67Basil of the Bulge
236000-23Feb 17/67Mask of Rona
246000-24Feb 24/67To Steal the Rising Sun
256000-25Mar 03/67Jungle Dragnet
266000-26Mar 10/67The Perils of Charity Jones
276000-27Mar 17/67The Perils of Charity Jones, Part 2
286000-28Mar 24/67The Circus
296000-29Mar 31/67The Ultimatum
306000-30Apr 07/67Algie B For Brave
316000-31Apr 14/67Man Killer

Season Two: 26 episodes
3267-036Sep 15/67Tiger, Tiger
3367-039Sep 22/67Voice of the Elephant
3467-035Sep 29/67Thief Catcher
3567-033Oct 06/67The Blue Stone of Heaven
3667-034Oct 13/67The Blue Stone of Heaven, Part 2
3767-044Oct 20/67Maguma Curse
3867-040Oct 27/67The Fanatics
3967-032Nov 03/67The Last of the Supermen
4067-045Nov 10/67Hurricane Hotel
4167-046Nov 17/67The Pride of a Lioness
4267-042Nov 24/67Mountains of the Moon
4367-043Dec 01/67Mountains of the Moon, Part 2
4467-047Dec 15/67Jai's Amnesia
4567-048Jan 05/68The Professional
4667-049Jan 12/68The Convert
4767-041Jan 19/68Creeping Giants
4867-050Jan 26/68King of the Dwsari
4967-051Feb 02/68A Gun For Jai
5067-052Feb 09/68Trek to Terror
5167-053Feb 16/68End of a Challenge
5267-054Feb 23/68Jungle Ransom
5367-037Mar 01/68The Four O'Clock Army
5467-038Mar 08/68The Four O'Clock Army, Part 2
5567-055Mar 15/68Rendezous For Revenge
5667-056Mar 22/68Trina
5767-057Mar 29/68Alex the Great
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 57
Broadcast Run: 1966 - 1968
Starring: Ron Ely
Manuel Padilla, Jr.
Alan Caillou
Rockne Tarkington
Based on the Characters Created By: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Banner Productions
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Tarzan (1991)
Tarzan (2003)
IMDb: Tarzan