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The Truth Is Out There

Season One: 24 episodes
11X79Sep 10/93Pilot
21X01Sep 17/93Deep Throat
31X02Sep 24/93Squeeze
41X03Oct 01/93Conduit
51X04Oct 08/93The Jersey Devil
61X05Oct 22/93Shadows
71X06Oct 29/93Ghost in the Machine
81X07Nov 05/93Ice
91X08Nov 12/93Space
101X09Nov 19/93Fallen Angel
111X10Dec 10/93Eve
121X11Dec 17/93Fire
131X12Jan 07/94Beyond the Sea
141X13Jan 21/94Genderbender
151X14Feb 04/94Lazarus
161X15Feb 11/94Young at Heart
171X16Feb 18/94E.B.E.
181X17Mar 18/94Miracle Man
191X18Apr 01/94Shapes
201X19Apr 15/94Darkness Falls
211X20Apr 22/94Tooms
221X21Apr 29/94Born Again
231X22May 06/94Roland
241X23May 13/94The Erlenmeyer Flask

Season Two: 25 episodes
252X01Sep 16/94Little Green Men
262X02Sep 23/94The Host
272X03Sep 30/94Blood
282X04Oct 07/94Sleepless
292X05Oct 14/94Duane Barry (part 1)
302X06Oct 21/94Ascension (part 2)
312X07Nov 04/943
322X08Nov 11/94One Breath
332X09Nov 18/94Firewalker
342X10Dec 09/94Red Museum
352X11Dec 16/94Excelsis Dei
362X12Jan 06/95Aubrey
372X13Jan 13/95Irresistible
382X14Jan 27/95Die Hand Die Verletzt
392X15Feb 03/95Fresh Bones
402X16Feb 10/95Colony (part 1)
412X17Feb 17/95End Game (part 2)
422X18Feb 24/95Fearful Symmetry
432X19Mar 10/95Dod Kalm
442X20Mar 31/95Humbug
452X21Apr 14/95The Calusari
462X22Apr 28/95F. Emasculata
472X23May 05/95Soft Light
482X24May 12/95Our Town
492X25May 19/95Anasazi (part 1)
May 19/95Secrets of the X-Files (special)

Season Three: 24 episodes
503X01Sep 22/95The Blessing Way (part 2)
513X02Sep 29/95Paper Clip (part 3)
523X03Oct 06/95D.P.O.
533X04Oct 13/95Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
543X05Oct 20/95The List
553X06Nov 03/952Shy
563X07Nov 10/95The Walk
573X08Nov 17/95Oubliette
583X09Nov 24/95Nisei (part 1)
593X10Dec 01/95731 (part 2)
603X11Dec 15/95Revelations
613X12Jan 05/96War of the Coprophages
623X13Jan 26/96Syzygy
633X14Feb 02/96Grotesque
643X15Feb 09/96Piper Maru (part 1)
653X16Feb 16/96Apocrypha (part 2)
663X17Feb 23/96Pusher
673X18Mar 08/96Teso Dos Bichos
683X19Mar 29/96Hell Money
693X20Apr 12/96Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"
703X21Apr 26/96Avatar
713X22May 03/96Quagmire
723X23May 10/96Wetwired
May 10/96More Secrets of the X-Files (special)
733X24May 17/96Talitha Cumi (part 1)

Season Four: 24 episodes
744X01Oct 04/96Herrenvolk (part 2)
754X03Oct 11/96Home
764X04Oct 18/96Teliko
774X02Oct 27/96Unruhe
784X05Nov 03/96The Field Where I Died
794X06Nov 10/96Sanguinarium
804X07Nov 17/96Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
814X09Nov 24/96Tunguska (part 1)
824X10Dec 01/96Terma (part 2)
834X08Dec 15/96Paper Hearts
844X11Jan 12/97El Mundo Gira
854X14Jan 26/97Leonard Betts
864X13Feb 02/97Never Again
874X15Feb 09/97Memento Mori
884X12Feb 16/97Kaddish
894X16Feb 23/97Unrequited
904X17Mar 16/97Tempus Fugit (part 1)
914X18Mar 23/97Max (part 2)
924X19Apr 13/97Synchrony
934X20Apr 20/97Small Potatoes
944X21Apr 27/97Zero Sum
954X22May 04/97Elegy
964X23May 11/97Demons
974X24May 18/97Gethsemane

Season Five: 20 episodes
985X02Nov 02/76Redux
995X03Nov 09/97Redux II
1005X01Nov 16/97Unusual Suspects (Homicide: Life on the Street crossover)
1015X04Nov 23/97Detour
1025X06Nov 30/97Post-Modern Prometheus
1035X05Dec 07/97Christmas Carol (part 1)
1045X07Dec 14/97Emily (part 2)
1055X08Jan 04/98Kitsunegari
1065X09Jan 11/98Schizogeny
SP9840Feb 01/98Inside the X-Files (special)
1075X10Feb 08/98Chinga
1085X11Feb 15/98Kill Switch
1095X12Feb 22/98Bad Blood
1105X13Mar 01/98Patient X (part 1)
1115X14Mar 08/98The Red and the Black (part 2)
1125X15Mar 29/98Travelers
1135X16Apr 19/98Mind's Eye
1145X17Apr 26/98All Souls
1155X18May 03/98The Pine Bluff Variant
1165X19May 10/98Folie a Deux
1175X20May 17/98The End
Jun 19/98The X-Files: Fight the Future (121 mins)

Season Six: 22 episodes
1186ABX01Nov 08/98The Beginning
1196ABX02Nov 15/98Drive
1206ABX03Nov 22/98Triangle
1216ABX04Nov 29/98Dreamland
1226ABX05Dec 06/98Dreamland II
1236ABX08Dec 13/98How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
1246ABX06Jan 03/99Terms of Endearment
1256ABX07Jan 10/99The Rain King
1266ABX10Jan 17/99S.R. 819
1276ABX09Jan 24/99Tithonus
1286ABX11Feb 07/99Two Fathers (part 1)
1296ABX12Feb 14/99One Son (part 2)
1306ABX14Feb 21/99Aqua Mala
1316ABX15Feb 28/99Monday
1326ABX13Mar 07/99Arcadia
1336ABX16Mar 28/99Alpha
1346ABX17Apr 11/99Trevor
1356ABX18Apr 18/99Milagro
1366ABX20Apr 25/99The Unnatural
1376ABX19May 02/99Three of a Kind
1386ABX21May 09/99Field Trip
1396ABX22May 16/99Biogenesis (part 1)

Season Seven: 22 episodes
1407ABX03Nov 07/99The Sixth Extinction (part 2)
1417ABX04Nov 14/99The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (part 3)
1427ABX01Nov 21/99Hungry
1437ABX05Nov 28/99Millennium (Millennium crossover)
1447ABX06Dec 05/99Rush
1457ABX02Dec 12/99The Goldberg Variation
1467ABX07Jan 09/00Orison
1477ABX08Jan 16/00The Amazing Maleeni
1487ABX09Jan 23/00Signs and Wonders
1497ABX10Feb 06/00Sein Und Zeit (part 1)
1507ABX11Feb 13/00Closure (part 2)
1517ABX12Feb 20/00X-Cops (Cops pseudo-crossover)
1527ABX13Feb 27/00First Person Shooter
1537ABX14Mar 12/00Theef
1547ABX15Mar 19/00En Ami
1557ABX16Apr 02/00Chimera
1567ABX17Apr 09/00all things
1577ABX19Apr 16/00Brand X
1587ABX18Apr 30/00Hollywood A.D.
1597ABX20May 07/00Fight Club
1607ABX21May 14/00Je Souhaite
1617ABX22May 21/00Requiem

Season Eight: 21 episodes
1628ABX01Nov 05/00Within (part 1)
1638ABX02Nov 12/00Without (part 2)
1648ABX04Nov 19/00Patience
1658ABX05Nov 26/00Roadrunners
1668ABX06Dec 03/00Invocation
1678ABX03Dec 10/00Redrum
1688ABX07Dec 17/00Via Negativa
1698ABX09Jan 07/01SureKill
1708ABX10Jan 14/01Salvage
1718ABX12Jan 21/01Badlaa
1728ABX11Feb 04/01The Gift
1738ABX13Feb 11/01Medusa
1748ABX08Feb 18/01Per Manum
1758ABX14Feb 25/01This is Not Happening (part 1)
1768ABX15Apr 01/01DeadAlive (part 2)
1778ABX18Apr 08/01Three Words
1788ABX17Apr 22/01Empedocles
1798ABX16Apr 29/01Vienen
1808ABX19May 05/01Alone
1818ABX20May 12/01Essence (part 1)
1828ABX21May 19/01Existence (part 2)

Season Nine: 20 episodes
1839ABX01Nov 11/01Nothing Important Happened Today
1849ABX02Nov 18/01Nothing Important Happened Today II
1859ABX03Dec 02/01Dæmonicus
1869ABX05Dec 09/014-D
1879ABX06Dec 16/01Lord of the Flies
1889ABX08Jan 06/02Trust No 1
1899ABX07Jan 13/02John Doe
1909ABX04Jan 27/02Hellbound
1919ABX10Mar 03/02Provenance (part 1)
1929ABX11Mar 10/02Providence (part 2)
1939ABX13Mar 17/02Audrey Pauley
1949ABX09Mar 31/02Underneath
1959ABX14Apr 07/02Improbable
1969ABX12Apr 14/02Scary Monsters
1979ABX15Apr 21/02Jump the Shark (The Lone Gunmen crossover)
1989ABX17Apr 28/02William
1999ABX16May 05/02Release
2009ABX18May 12/02Sunshine Days
201/2029ABX19/20May 19/02The Truth (two hours)
Jul 25/08(US)The X-Files: I Want to Believe (104 mins)

Season Ten: 6 episodes
Dec 28/15(net)The X-Files: Re-Opened (half hour special)
2031AYW01Jan 24/16My Struggle
2041AYW05Jan 25/16Founder's Mutation
2051AYW03Feb 01/16Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster
2061AYW02Feb 08/16Home Again
2071AYW04Feb 15/16Babylon
2081AYW06Feb 22/16My Struggle II

Season Eleven: 10 episodes
2092AYW01Jan 03/18My Struggle III
2102AYW02Jan 10/18This
2112AYW03Jan 17/18Plus One
2122AYW04Jan 24/18The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat
2132AYW05Jan 31/18Ghouli
2142AYW06Feb 07/18Kitten
2152AYW07Feb 28/18Rm9sbG93ZXJz
2162AYW09Mar 07/18Familiar
2172AYW08Mar 14/18Nothing Lasts Forever
2182AYW10Mar 21/18My Struggle IV
The X-Files
Genre: drama, mystery, science fiction, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 11
Number of Episodes: 218
Broadcast Run: 1993 - 2002, 2016 - 2018
Starring: David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson
Mitch Pileggi (season 9-11)
Robert Patrick (season 8-9)
Annabeth Gish (season 9)
Created By: Chris Carter
Broadcast Network: FOX
Production Company: Ten Thirteen Productions
20th Century Fox Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: The X-Files
See Also: The Lone Gunmen
IMDb: The X-Files