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Don Diego de la Vega is recalled from university in Madrid by his father who wants him to help fight the evil Alcalde Luis Ramone. Diego pretends to have no interest in fighting but secretly creates the Zorro persona so he can attack the Alcalde and his men without fear of reprisal.

Season One: 25 episodes
189101Jan 05/90Dead Men Tell No Tales
289108Jan 12/90Deceptive Heart
389109Jan 19/90Water
489113Jan 26/90Double Entendre
589104Feb 02/90The Best Man
689118Feb 09/90The Sure Thing
789111Feb 16/90Zorro's Other Woman
889122Feb 17/90The Legend Begins
989123Feb 17/90The Legend Begins, Part 2
1089124Feb 17/90The Legend Begins, Part 3
1189125Feb 17/90The Legend Begins, Part 4
1289119Feb 23/90Pride of the Pueblo
1389106Mar 02/90Honor Thy Father
1489110Mar 09/90The Magician
1589112Mar 16/90A Deal With the Devil
1689102Mar 23/90Whereabouts
1789105Mar 30/90All That Glitters
1889120Apr 06/90Child's Play
1989107Apr 13/90A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
2089114Apr 20/90Ghost Story
2189103Apr 27/90The Bounty Hunters
2289116May 04/90The Unhappy Medium
2389126May 11/90An Explosive Situation
2489121May 18/90Family Business
2589117May 25/90Palomarez Returns

Season Two: 25 episodes
2690108Sep 14/90The Wizard
2790112Sep 21/90Master and Pupil
2890121Sep 28/90Kidnapped
2990113Oct 05/90The Tease
3090103Oct 12/90He Who Lives By the Sword
3190105Oct 19/90Freedom of the Press
3290120Oct 26/90Sanctuary
3390104Nov 02/90The Chase
3490114Nov 09/90Broken Heart, Broken Mask
3590101Nov 16/90The White Sheep of the Family
3690107Nov 25/90The Challenge
3790130Dec 02/90Rites of Passage
3890116Dec 09/90The Falcon
3990126Dec 16/90It's a Wonderful Zorro
4090111Dec 23/90The Marked Man
4190122Jan 06/91Big Brother
4290124Jan 13/91To Be a Man
4390123Jan 25/91The Whistling Bandit
4490110Jan 27/91The Don's Dilemma
4590134Feb 03/91The Jewelled Sword
4690128Feb 10/91The Newcomers
4790106Feb 24/91The Devil's Fortress
4890115Feb 24/91The Devil's Fortress, Part 2
4990131Feb 28/91One For All
5090132Feb 28/91One For All, Part 2

Season Three: 25 episodes
5191101Sep 01/91The New Broom
5291109Sep 08/91Rush to Judgement
5391104Sep 15/91A New Lease on Love
5491118Sep 22/91The Man Who Cried Wolf
5590136Sep 29/91Armed and Dangerous
5691102Oct 06/91The Buccaneers
5791103Oct 13/91A New Beginning
5891115Oct 20/91A Woman Scorned
5991108Oct 27/91Wicked, Wicked Zorro
6090125/39Nov 24/91Alejandro Rides Again
6190119/38Dec 01/91The Old Flame
6291113Dec 08/91Miracle of the Pueblo
6391106Dec 15/91A Love Remembered
6491111Jan 05/92Dirty Tricks
6591107Jan 12/92Mendoza the Malevolent
6691110Jan 26/92Test of Faith
6791121Mar 01/92Siege
6891116Mar 08/92They Call Her Annie
6991112Mar 15/92Silk Purses and Sow's Ears
7091105Mar 22/92Turning the Tables
7190109/37Mar 29/92One Special Night
7291119Apr 05/62Balancing the Books
7391120Apr 12/92Blind Man's Bluff
7490135Apr 19/92Heir Apparent
7591117Apr 26/92The Word

Season Four: 13 episodes
7692112Oct 10/92The Fox and the Rabbit
7792113Oct 17/92Ultimate Justice
7892118Oct 24/92Love Potion Number Nine
7992125Oct 31/92As Ye Sow
8092108Nov 07/92An Affair to Remember
8192117Nov 14/92The Reward
8292106Dec 05/92Like Father, Like Son
8392107Dec 12/92Symbol of Hope
8492119Dec 19/92My Word is My Bond
8592101Jan 09/93The Arrival
8692122Jan 16/93Death and Taxes
8792123Jan 23/93Conundrum
8892124Jan 30/93The Discovery
AKA: New World Zorro
Genre: action, adventure, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 88
Broadcast Run: 1990 - 1993
Starring: Duncan Regehr
Patrice Camhi-Martinez
James Victor
Juan Diego Botto
Henry Darrow (seasons 2-4)
John Hertzler (seasons 3-4)
Michael Tylo (seasons 1-2)
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. (season 1)
Based on the Zorro Stories By: Johnston McCulley
Broadcast Network: The Family Channel
Production Company: Goodman Rosen Productions
Ellipse Programme
New World International
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Zorro (1957)
The New Adventures of Zorro (1981)
Zorro and Son (1983)
Zorro (1997)
IMDb: Zorro