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Meet Stan Smith, CIA agent, super patriot and ultra-conservative family man. He'll go to extremes to protect his country from the threat of terrorism. Or to stop his family from embarrassing him.

Season Nineteen: 22 episodes
345HAJN02Mar 27/23Fellow Traveler
346HAJN01Apr 03/23The Professor and the Coach
347HAJN03Apr 10/23Viced Principal
348HAJN04Apr 17/23The Pleasanting at Smith House
349HAJN05May 01/23Stretched Thin
350HAJN10May 08/23Better on Paper
351HAJN08May 15/23Cow I Met Your Moo-ther
352HAJN06May 22/23Stan Fixes a Shingle
353HAJN11May 29/23Saving Face
354HAJN12Sep 04/23Frantastic Voyage
355HAJN13Sep 11/23A Little Mystery
356HAJN14Sep 18/23Don't You Be My Neighbor
357HAJN15Sep 25/23Productive Panic
358HAJN16Oct 02/23Multiverse of American Dadness
359HAJN07Oct 30/23Z.O.I.N.C.S.
360HAJN17Nov 06/23A New Era For the Smith House
361HAJN18Nov 13/23Between a Ring and a Hardass
362HAJN19Nov 20/23Footprints
363HAJN20Nov 27/23Steve, Snot and the Quest For the Og Four Loko
364HAJN21Dec 04/23The Pink Sphinx Holds Her Hearts on the Turn
365HAJN22Dec 11/23A Little Extra Scratch
366HAJN09Dec 18/23Into the Jingleverse

Season Twenty: ?? episodes

Season One: 23 episodes
11AJN01Feb 06/05Pilot
Apr 01/05Inside the CIA (3 mins)
21AJN02May 01/05Threat Levels
31AJN03May 08/05Stan Knows Best
41AJN05May 15/05Francine's Flashback
51AJN04Jun 05/05Roger Codger
61AJN06Jun 12/05Homeland Insecurity
71AJN07Jun 19/05Deacon Stan, Jesus Man
81AJN09Sep 11/05Bullocks to Stan
91AJN10Sep 18/05A Smith in the Hand
101AJN08Sep 25/05All About Steve
111AJN11Oct 02/05Con Heir
121AJN12Nov 06/05Stan of Arabia
131AJN13Nov 13/05Stan of Arabia, Part 2
141AJN14Nov 20/05Stannie Get Your Gun
151AJN15Nov 27/05Star Trek
161AJN16Dec 18/05Not Particularly Desperate Housewives
171AJN17Jan 08/06Rough Trade
181AJN18Jan 29/06Finances With Wolves
191AJN19Feb 26/06It's Good to Be the Queen
202AJN01Apr 23/06Roger 'n Me
212AJN02Apr 30/06Helping Hands
222AJN03May 07/06With Friends Like Steve's
232AJN04May 14/06Tears of a Clooney

Season Two: 19 episodes
242AJN06Sep 10/06Camp Refoogee
252AJN05Sep 17/06The American Dad After School Special
262AJN07Sep 24/06Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option
272AJN11Nov 05/06Lincoln Lover
282AJN08Nov 12/06Dungeons and Wagons
292AJN09Nov 19/06Iced, Iced Babies
302AJN10Nov 26/06Of Ice and Men
312AJN12Dec 10/06Irregarding Steve
322AJN14Dec 17/06The Best Christmas Story Never
332AJN13Jan 07/07Bush Comes to Dinner
342AJN16Jan 28/07The American Dream Factory
352AJN17Feb 11/07A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial
362AJN20Feb 18/07Black Mystery Month
372AJN19Mar 25/07An Apocalypse to Remember
382AJN18Apr 01/07Four Little Words
392AJN23Apr 29/07When a Stan Loves a Woman
402AJN15May 06/07I Can't Stan You
412AJN21May 13/07The Magnificent Steven
422AJN24May 20/07Joint Custody

Season Three: 16 episodes
432AJN22Sep 30/07The Vacation Goo
443AJN01Oct 07/07Meter Made
453AJN02Oct 14/07Dope & Faith
463AJN03Nov 04/07Big Trouble in Little Langley
473AJN04Nov 11/07Haylias
483AJN05Nov 18/07The 42 Year Old Virgin
493AJN07Dec 02/07Surro-Gate
503AJN12Dec 16/07The Most Adequate Christmas Ever
513AJN06Jan 06/08Franny 911
523AJN08Jan 13/08Tearjerker
533AJN09Jan 27/08Oedipal Panties
543AJN10Feb 17/08Widowmaker
553AJN11Apr 27/08Red October Sky
563AJN13May 04/08Office Spaceman
573AJN14May 11/08Stany Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie's Gold
583AJN17May 18/08Spring Breakup

Season Four: 20 episodes
593AJN20Sep 28/081600 Candles
603AJN16Oct 05/08The One That Got Away
613AJN18Oct 19/08One Little Word
623AJN15Nov 02/08Choosey Wives Choose Smith
633AJN19Nov 09/08Escape From Pearl Bailey
643AJN21Nov 16/08Pulling Double Booty
653AJN22Nov 30/08Phantom of the Telethon
664AJN01Jan 25/09Chimdale
674AJN02Feb 08/09Stan Time
684AJN03Feb 15/09Family Affair
694AJN04Mar 01/09Live and Let Fry
704AJN05Mar 08/09Roy Rogers McFreely
714AJN07Mar 15/09Jack's Back
724AJN06Mar 22/09Bar Mitzvah Shuffle
734AJN08Mar 29/09Wife Insurance
744AJN09Apr 19/09Delorean Story-An
754AJN10Apr 26/09Every Which Way But Lose
764AJN11May 03/09Weiner of Our Discontent
774AJN12May 10/09Daddy Queerest
784AJN13May 17/09Stan's Night Out

Season Five: 18 episodes
794AJN20Sep 27/09In Country... Club
804AJN15Oct 04/09Moon Over Isla Island
814AJN14Oct 11/09Home Adrone
824AJN18Oct 18/09Brains, Brains & Automobiles
834AJN19Nov 08/09Man in the Moonbounce
844AJN16Nov 15/09Shallow Vows
854AJN22Nov 22/09My Morning Straightjacket
864AJN21Nov 29/09G-String Circus
874AJN17Dec 13/09Rapture's Delight
885AJN01Jan 03/10Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth
895AJN02Jan 31/10A Jones for a Smith
905AJN04Feb 14/10May the Best Stan Win
915AJN03Feb 21/10The Return of the Bling
925AJN06Apr 11/10Cops and Roger
935AJN08Apr 18/10Merlot Down Dirty Shame
945AJN11Apr 25/10Bully For Steve
955AJN10May 09/10An Incident at Owl Creek
965AJN12May 16/10Great Space Roaster

Season Six: 19 episodes
975AJN14Oct 03/10100 A.D. (part 1)
985AJN17Oct 10/10Son of Stan (part 2)
995AJN19Nov 07/10Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls
1005AJN16Nov 14/10Stan's Food Restaurant
1015AJN15Nov 21/10White Rice
1025AJN20Nov 28/10There Will Be Bad Blood
1035AJN05Dec 05/10The People vs Martin Sugar
1045AJN22Dec 12/10For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls
1055AJN18Jan 16/11Fart-break Hotel
1065AJN13Jan 23/10Stanny Boy and Frantastic
1075AJN07Feb 13/11A Pinata Named Desire
1085AJN09Feb 20/11You Debt Your Life
1095AJN21Mar 27/11I Am the Walrus
1106AJN03Apr 03/11School Lies
1116AJN04Apr 10/11Licence to Till
1126AJN08Apr 17/11Jenny Fromdabloc
1136AJN05May 08/11Home Wrecker
1146AJN06May 15/11Flirting With Disaster
1156AJN10May 22/11Gorillas in the Mist

Season Seven: 18 episodes
1166AJN18Sep 25/11Hot Water
1176AJN07Oct 02/11Hurricane!
1186AJN01Nov 06/11A Ward Show
1196AJN11Nov 13/11The Worst Stan
1206AJN16Nov 20/11Virtual In-Stanity
1216AJN09Nov 27/11The Scarlett Getter
1226AJN21Dec 11/11Season's Beatings
1236AJN13Jan 08/12The Unbrave One
1246AJN15Jan 29/12Stanny Tendergrass
1256AJN17Feb 12/12Wheels and the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key
1266AJN14Feb 19/12Old Stan in the Mountain
1276AJN19Mar 04/12The Wrestler
1286AJN12Mar 11/12Dr. Klaustus
1296AJN20Mar 18/12Stan's Best Friend
1306AJN02Mar 25/12Less Money, Mo' Problems
1316AJN22Apr 01/12The Kidney Stays in the Picture
1327AJN02May 06/12Ricky Spanish
1337AJN01May 13/12Toy Whorey

Season Eight: 19 episodes
1347AJN03Sep 30/12Love, American Dad Style
1357AJN05Oct 07/12Killer Vacation
1367AJN08Nov 04/12Can I Be Frank With You?
1377AJN10Nov 18/12American Stepdad
1387AJN06Dec 02/12Why Can't We Be Friends?
1397AJN09Dec 09/12Adventures in Hayleysitting
1407AJN04Dec 23/12National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole Story
1417AJN07Jan 06/13Finger Lenting Good
1427AJN11Jan 13/13The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari
1437AJN15Jan 27/13Blood Crieth Unto Heaven
1447AJN17Feb 10/13Max Jets
1457AJN12Feb 17/13Naked to the Limit, One More Time
1467AJN22Mar 10/13For Black Eyes Only
1477AJN13Mar 24/13Spelling Bee My Baby
1487AJN16Apr 14/13The Missing Kink
1497AJN14Apr 21/13The Boring Identity
1507AJN18Apr 28/13Dementor
1517AJN20May 05/13Lost in Space
1527AJN21May 12/13Da Flippity Flop

Season Nine: 20 episodes
1538AJN01Sep 29/13Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure
1548AJN02Oct 06/13Poltergasm
1558AJN05Nov 03/13Buck, Wild
1568AJN03Nov 10/13Crotchwalkers
1578AJN07Nov 24/13Kung Pao Turkey
1588AJN04Dec 01/13Independent Movie
1598AJN08Dec 08/13Faking Bad
1607AJN19Dec 15/13Minstrel Krampus
1618AJN10Jan 05/14Vision: Impossible
1628AJN09Jan 12/14Familyland
1638AJN12Jan 26/14Cock of the Sleepwalk
1648AJN13Mar 16/14Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses
1658AJN16Mar 23/14I Ain't No Holodeck Boy
1668AJN14Mar 30/14Stan Goes on the Pill
1678AJN11Apr 06/14Honey, I'm Homeland
1688AJN06Apr 13/14She Swill Survive
1698AJN15Apr 27/14Rubberneckers
1708AJN19May 04/14Permanent Record Wrecker
1718AJN20May 11/14News Glances With Genevieve Vavance
1728AJN18May 18/14The Longest Distance Relationship

Season Ten: 3 episodes
1738AJN21Sep 14/14Roger Passes the Bar
1748AJN17Sep 14/14A Boy Named Michael
1758AJN22Sep 21/14Blagsnarst, A Love Story

Season Eleven: 15 episodes
1769AJN01Oct 20/14Blonde Ambition
1779AJN02Oct 27/14CIAPOW
1789AJN05Nov 03/14Scents and Sensei-bility
1799AJN04Nov 10/14Big Stan on Campus
1809AJN06Nov 17/14Now and Gwen
1819AJN08Dec 01/14Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas
1829AJN11Feb 23/15LGBSteve
1839AJN07Mar 02/15Morning Mimosa
1849AJN03Mar 09/15My Affair Lady
1859AJN09Mar 16/15A Star is Reborn
1869AJN10Mar 23/15Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour
1879AJN12Mar 30/15The Shrink
1889AJN13May 18/15Holy Shit, Jeff's Back!
1899AJN14May 25/15American Fung
1909AJN15Jun 01/15Seizures Suit Stanny

Season Twelve: 22 episodes
191AAJN01Jan 25/16Roots
192AAJN02Feb 01/16The Life Aquatic With Steve Smith
193AAJN03Feb 08/16Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six
194AAJN04Feb 15/16N.S.A. (No Snoops Allowed)
195AAJN05Feb 22/16Stan Smith is Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point Breakers
196AAJN07Feb 29/16Kiss Kiss Cam Cam
197AAJN08Mar 07/16The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin
198AAJN09Mar 14/16Stan-Dan Deliver
199AAJN11Mar 21/16Anchorfran
200AAJN10Mar 28/16The Two Hundred
201AAJN06Apr 11/16The Unincludeds
202AAJN12Apr 18/16The Dentist's Wife
203AAJN13Apr 25/16Widow's Pique
204AAJN14May 02/16The Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: American Dad
205AAJN15May 09/16Daesong Heavy Industries
206AAJN16May 16/16Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to Innocence
207AAJN17May 23/16Criss-Cross Applesauce: The Ballad of Billy Jesusworth
208AAJN18May 30/16Mine Struggle
209AAJN19Jun 06/16Garfield and Friends
210AAJN20Jun 13/16Gifted Me Liberty
211AAJN21Jun 20/16Next of Pin
212AAJN22Jun 27/16Standard Deviation

Season Thirteen: 22 episodes
213BAJN01Nov 07/16Father's Daze
214BAJN02Nov 14/16Fight and Flight
215BAJN03Nov 21/16The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba
216BAJN04Nov 28/16Portrait of Francine's Genitals
217BAJN05Dec 05/16Bahama Mama
218BAJN06Dec 12/16Roger's Baby
219BAJN07Dec 19/16Ninety North, Zero West
220BAJN09Apr 10/17Whole Slotta Love
221BAJN13Apr 17/17The Witches of Langley
222BAJN10Apr 24/17A Nice Night For a Drive
223BAJN11May 01/17Casino Normale
224BAJN12May 29/17Bazooka Steve
225BAJN08Jun 05/17Camp Campawanda
226BAJN14Jun 12/17Julia Rogerts
227BAJN15Jul 24/17The Life and Times of Stan Smith
228BAJN21Jul 31/17The Bitchin' Race
229BAJN17Aug 07/17Family Plan
230BAJN18Aug 14/17The Long Bomb
231BAJN19Aug 21/17Kloger
232BAJN20Aug 28/17Garbage Stan
233BAJN16Sep 04/17The Talented Mr. Dingleberry
234BAJN22Sep 11/17West to Mexico

Season Fourteen: 22 episodes
235CAJN08Dec 25/17Santa, Schmanta
236CAJN01Feb 12/18Paranoid Frandroid
237CAJN02Feb 19/18The Census of the Lambs
238CAJN03Feb 26/18Shell Game
239CAJN04Mar 05/18The Mural of the Story
240CAJN05Mar 12/18(You Gotta) Strike for Your Right
241CAJN06Mar 19/
242CAJN07Mar 26/18Death by Dinner Party
243CAJN09Apr 09/18The Never-Ending Stories
244CAJN10Apr 16/18Railroaded
245CAJN11Apr 23/18My Purity Ball and Chain
246CAJN12Apr 30/18OreTron Trail
247CAJN13May 07/18Mean Francine
248CAJN14Feb 11/19One-Woman Swole
249CAJN15Feb 18/19Flavortown
250CAJN16Feb 25/19Persona Assistant
251CAJN17Mar 04/19The Legend of Old Ulysses
252CAJN18Mar 11/19Twinanigans
253CAJN19Mar 18/19Top of the Steve
254CAJN20Mar 25/19Funnyish Games
255CAJN21Apr 01/19Fleabiscuit
256CAJN22Apr 08/19The Future is Borax

Season Fifteen: 20 episodes
257DAJN01Apr 15/19Fantasy Baseball
258DAJN02Apr 22/19I Am the Jeans: The Gina Lavetti Story
259DAJN03Apr 29/19Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted
260DAJN04May 06/19Rabbit Ears
261DAJN05May 13/19Jeff and the Dank Ass Weed Factory
262DAJN06May 20/19Lost Boys
263DAJN07May 27/19Shark?!
264DAJN08Jun 03/19The Long March
265DAJN09Jun 10/19The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady
266DAJN10Jun 17/19Wild Women Do
267DAJN11Jun 24/19An Irish Goodbye
268DAJN12Jul 01/19Stompe le Monde
269DAJN13Jul 08/19Mom Sauce
270DAJN14Jul 15/19Hamerican Dad!
271DAJN15Jul 22/19Demolition Daddy
272DAJN16Jul 29/19Pride Before the Fail
273DAJN17Aug 05/19Enter Stanman
274DAJN18Aug 12/19No Weddings and a Funeral
275DAJN19Aug 19/19Eight Fires
276DAJN20Aug 26/19The Hand That Rocks the Rogu

Season Sixteen: 24 episodes
277EAJN01Apr 13/20100 Years a Solid Fool
278DAJN21Apr 20/20Downtown
279DAJN22Apr 27/20Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's Story
280EAJN15May 04/20A Starboy is Born
281EAJN02May 11/20Tapped Out
282EAJN03May 18/20Brave N00b World
283EAJN04May 25/20Into the Woods
284EAJN06Jun 01/20One Fish, Two Fish
285EAJN07Jun 08/20Exquisite Corpses
286EAJN10Jun 15/20Trophy Wife, Trophy Life
287EAJN09Jun 22/20Game Night
288EAJN11Jun 29/20American Data?
289EAJN12Jul 06/20Salute Your Sllort
290EAJN13Jul 13/20Ghost Dad
291EAJN14Jul 20/20Men II Boyz
292EAJN16Jul 27/20First Do No Farm
293EAJN05Aug 03/20Roger Needs Dick
294EAJN17Aug 10/20The Old Country
295EAJN18Aug 17/20Businessly Brunette
296EAJN19Aug 24/20The Chilly Thrillies
297EAJN20Aug 31/20Dammmm, Stan!
298EAJN21Sep 07/20The Last Ride of the Dodge City Rambler
299EAJN22Sep 14/20300
300EAJN08Dec 21/20Yule. Tide. Repeat.

Season Seventeen: 22 episodes
301FAJN01Apr 19/21Who Smarted?
302FAJN02Apr 26/21Russian Doll
303FAJN03May 03/21Stan Moves to Chicago
304FAJN04May 10/21Shakedown Steve
305FAJN05May 17/21Klaus and Rogu in Thank God For Loose Rocks: An American Dad! Adventure
306FAJN06May 24/21The Wondercabinet
307FAJN07May 31/21Little Bonnie Ramirez
308FAJN08Jun 07/21Dancin' A-With My Cell
309FAJN09Jun 14/21Mused and Abused
310FAJN11Jun 21/21Henderson
311FAJN12Jun 28/21Hot Scoomp
312FAJN14Jul 05/21Lumberjerk
313FAJN15Jul 12/21Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika
314FAJN16Jul 19/21Flush After Reading
315FAJN17Jul 26/21Comb Over: A Hair Piece
316FAJN13Aug 02/21Plot Heavy
317FAJN18Aug 09/21The Sinister Fate!!
318FAJN19Aug 16/21Dr. Sunderson's SunSuckers
319FAJN20Aug 23/21Family Time
320FAJN21Aug 30/21Cry Baby
321FAJN10Aug 30/21(VOD)Steve's Franken Out
322FAJN22Sep 06/21Crystal Clear

Season Eighteen: 22 episodes
323GAJN01Jan 24/22Langley Dollar Listings
324GAJN02Jan 31/22Dressed Down
325GAJN03Feb 07/22The Book of Fischer
326GAJN04Feb 14/22A Roger Story
327GAJN05Feb 21/22Epic Powder Dump
328GAJN06Feb 28/22American Dad Graffito
329GAJN07Mar 07/22Beyond the Alcove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Klaus
330GAJN08Mar 14/22A Song of Knives and Fire
331GAJN11Sep 05/22The Curious Case of the Old Hole
332GAJN09Sep 12/22Gold Top Nuts
333GAJN13Sep 19/22The Three Fs
334GAJN14Sep 26/22Smooshed: A Love Story
335GAJN16Oct 03/22The Fast and the Spurious
336GAJN12Oct 10/22A League of His Own
337GAJN18Oct 31/22You Are Here
338GAJN15Nov 07/22I Heard You Wanna Buy Some Speakers
338GAJN17Nov 14/22Hayley Was a Girl Scout?
340GAJN19Nov 21/22Please Please Jeff
341GAJN20Nov 28/22Jambalaya
342GAJN21Dec 05/22Gernot & Strudel
343GAJN22Dec 12/22Echoes
344GAJN10Dec 19/22The Grounch
American Dad
Genre: comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 19
Number of Episodes: 345
Broadcast Run: 2005 - present
Voice Cast: Seth MacFarlane
Wendy Schaal
Scott Grimes
Rachael MacFarlane
Dee Bradley Baker
Created By: Seth MacFarlane
Mike Barker
Matt Weitzman
Broadcast Network: FOX (season 1-10)
TBS (season 11-)
Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
Fuzzy Door Productions
Underdog Productions
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: American Dad
IMDb: American Dad