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Take your classic story about a normal family who have suffered a tragedy and have moved to a new town, with quirky people, and bought a big old house that just happens to be haunted. Add sex and you have American Horror Story.

Season Twelve: 9 episodes
American Horror Story: Delicate
124CATS01Sep 20/23Multiply Thy Pain (41:32)
125CATS02Sep 27/23Rockabye (40:14)
126CATS03Oct 04/23When The Bough Breaks (38:46)
127CATS04Oct 11/23Vanishing Twin (38:16)
128CATS05Oct 18/23Preech (37:38)
129CATS06Apr 03/24Opening Night (44:26)
130CATS07Apr 10/24Ave Hestia (38:24)
131CATS08Apr 17/24Little Gold Man (33:52)
132CATS09Apr 24/24The Auteur (31:15)

Season Thirteen: ?? episodes
American Horror Story:

Season One: 12 episodes
American Horror Story: Murder House
11ATS79Oct 05/11Pilot
21ATS01Oct 12/11Home Invasion
31ATS02Oct 19/11Murder House
41ATS03Oct 26/11Halloween, Part 1
51ATS04Nov 02/11Halloween, Part 2
61ATS05Nov 09/11Piggy, Piggy
71ATS06Nov 16/11Open House
81ATS07Nov 23/11Rubber Man
91ATS08Nov 30/11Spooky Little Girl
101ATS09Dec 07/11Smoldering Children
111ATS10Dec 14/11Birth
121ATS11Dec 21/11Afterbirth (90 mins)

Season Two: 13 episodes
American Horror Story: Asylum
132ATS01Oct 17/12Welcome to Briarcliff
142ATS02Oct 24/12Tricks and Treats
152ATS03Oct 31/12Nor'easter
162ATS04Nov 07/12I am Anne Frank, Part 1
172ATS05Nov 14/12I am Anne Frank, Part 2
182ATS06Nov 21/12The Origins of Monstrosity
192ATS07Nov 28/12Dark Cousin
202ATS08Dec 05/12Unholy Night
212ATS09Dec 12/12The Coat Hanger
222ATS10Jan 02/13The Name Game
232ATS11Jan 09/13Spilt Milk
242ATS12Jan 16/13Continuum
252ATS13Jan 23/13Madness Ends

Season Three: 13 episodes
American Horror Story: Coven
263ATS01Oct 09/13Bitchcraft
273ATS02Oct 16/13Boy Parts
283ATS03Oct 23/13The Replacements
293ATS04Oct 30/13Fearful Pranks Ensue
303ATS05Nov 06/13Burn, Witch, Burn!
313ATS06Nov 13/13The Axeman Cometh
323ATS07Nov 20/13The Dead
333ATS08Dec 04/13The Sacred Taking
343ATS09Dec 11/13Head
353ATS10Jan 08/14The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks
363ATS11Jan 15/14Protect the Coven
373ATS12Jan 22/14Go to Hell
383ATS13Jan 29/14The Seven Wonders

Season Four: 13 episodes
American Horror Story: Freak Show
394ATS01Oct 08/14Monsters Among Us
404ATS02Oct 15/14Massacres and Matinees
414ATS03Oct 22/14Edward Mordrake, Part 1
424ATS04Oct 29/14Edward Mordrake, Part 2
434ATS05Nov 05/14Pink Cupcakes
444ATS06Nov 12/14Bullseye
454ATS07Nov 19/14Test of Strength
464ATS08Dec 03/14Blood Bath
474ATS09Dec 10/14Tupperware Party Massacre
484ATS10Dec 17/14Orphans
494ATS11Jan 07/15Magical Thinking
504ATS12Jan 14/15Show Stoppers
514ATS13Jan 21/15Curtain Call

Season Five: 12 episodes
American Horror Story: Hotel
525ATS01Oct 07/15Checking In
535ATS02Oct 14/15Chutes and Ladders
545ATS03Oct 21/15Mommy
555ATS04Oct 28/15Devil's Night
565ATS05Nov 04/15Room Service
575ATS06Nov 11/15Room 33
585ATS07Nov 18/15Flicker
595ATS08Dec 02/15The Ten Commandments Killer
605ATS09Dec 09/15She Wants Revenge
615ATS10Dec 16/15She Gets Revenge
625ATS11Jan 06/16Battle Royale
635ATS12Jan 13/16Be Our Guest

Season Six: 10 episodes
American Horror Story: Roanoke
646ATS01Sep 14/16Chapter One
656ATS02Sep 21/16Chapter Two
666ATS03Sep 28/16Chapter Three
676ATS04Oct 05/16Chapter Four
686ATS05Oct 12/16Chapter Five
696ATS06Oct 19/16Chapter Six
706ATS07Oct 26/16Chapter Seven
716ATS08Nov 02/16Chapter Eight
726ATS09Nov 09/16Chapter Nine
736ATS10Nov 16/16Chapter Ten

Season Seven: 11 episodes
American Horror Story: Cult
747ATS01Sep 05/17Election Night
757ATS02Sep 12/17Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
767ATS03Sep 19/17Neighbors From Hell
777ATS04Sep 26/1711/9
787ATS05Oct 03/17Holes
797ATS06Oct 10/17Mid-Western Assassin
807ATS07Oct 17/17Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins: Scumbag
817ATS08Oct 24/17Winter of Our Discontent
827ATS09Oct 31/17Drink the Kool-Aid
837ATS10Nov 07/17Charles (Manson) in Charge
847ATS11Nov 14/17Great Again

Season Eight: 10 episodes
American Horror Story: Apocalypse
858ATS01Sep 12/18The End
868ATS02Sep 19/18The Morning After
878ATS03Sep 26/18Forbidden Fruit
888ATS04Oct 03/18Could it Be... Satan?
898ATS05Oct 10/18Boy Wonder
908ATS06Oct 17/18Return to Murder House
918ATS07Oct 24/18Traitor
928ATS08Oct 31/18Sojourn
938ATS09Nov 07/18Fire and Reign
948ATS10Nov 14/18Apocalypse Then

Season Nine: 9 episodes
American Horror Story: 1984
959ATS01Sep 18/19Camp Redwood
969ATS02Sep 25/19Mr. Jingles
979ATS03Oct 02/19Slashdance
989ATS04Oct 09/19True Killers
999ATS05Oct 16/19Red Dawn
1009ATS06Oct 23/19Episode 100
1019ATS07Oct 30/19The Lady in White
1029ATS08Nov 06/19Rest in Pieces
1039ATS09Nov 13/19Final Girl

Season Ten: 10 episodes
American Horror Story: Double Feature, Part One: Red Tide
104AATS01Aug 25/21Cape Fear
105AATS02Aug 25/21Pale
106AATS03Sep 01/21Thirst
107AATS04Sep 08/21Blood Buffet
108AATS05Sep 15/21Gaslight
109AATS06Sep 22/21Winter Kills
American Horror Story: Double Feature, Part Two: Death Valley
110AATS07Sep 29/21Take Me to Your Leader
111AATS08Oct 06/21Inside
112AATS09Oct 13/21Blue Moon
113AATS10Oct 20/21The Future Perfect

Season Eleven: 10 episodes
American Horror Story: NYC
114BATS01Oct 19/22Something's Coming (43:00)
115BATS02Oct 19/22Thank You For Your Service (42:21)
116BATS03Oct 26/22Smoke Signals (37:46)
117BATS04Oct 26/22Black Out (44:36)
118BATS05Nov 02/22Bad Fortune (40:56)
119BATS06Nov 02/22The Body (39:18)
120BATS07Nov 09/22The Sentinel (35:19)
121BATS08Nov 09/22Fire Island (38:25)
122BATS09Nov 16/22Requiem 1981/1987, Part 1 (42:56)
123BATS10Nov 16/22Requiem 1981/1987, Part 2 (32:42)
American Horror Story
Genre: supernatural, drama, horror
Show Type: live action, color, seasonal anthology
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 12
Number of Episodes: 132
Broadcast Run: 2011 - present
Starring (season 1): Connie Britton
Dylan McDermott
Evan Peters
Taissa Farmiga
Denis O'Hare
Jessica Lange
Created By: Ryan Murphy
Brad Falchuk
Broadcast Network: FX
Production Company: Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision
Ryan Murphy Productions
20th Century Fox Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: American Horror Story
See Also: American Horror Stories (2021)
IMDb: American Horror Story