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It started out as Batman: The Animated Series then morphed into The Adventures of Batman and Robin. After a 3 year hiatus it returned as The New Batman Adventures which quickly became incorporated into The New Batman Superman Hour. Then he moved on to the Justice League and finally as Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. But it's all comes down to the best onscreen interpretation of Batman and the Joker to date.

Season One: 65 episodes
1501Sep 06/92On Leather Wings
2502Nov 13/92Christmas With the Joker
3503Sep 15/92Nothing to Fear
4504Sep 22/92The Last Laugh
5505Sep 14/92Pretty Poison
6506Oct 21/92The Under-Dwellers
7507Sep 18/92P.O.V.
8508Oct 08/92The Forgotten
9509Sep 16/92Be a Clown
10510Sep 25/92Two-Face
11517Sep 28/92Two-Face, Part 2
12511Sep 10/92It's Never Too Late
13512Sep 30/92I've Got Batman in My Basement
14513Sep 05/92The Cat and the Claw
15516Sep 12/92The Cat and the Claw, Part 2
16514Sep 07/92Heart of Ice
17515Feb 24/93See No Evil
18518Nov 04/92Beware the Gray Ghost
19519Oct 06/92Prophecy of Doom
20520Sep 08/92Feat of Clay
21521Sep 09/92Feat of Clay, Part 2
22522Sep 11/92Joker's Favor
23523Oct 05/92Vendetta
24524Sep 29/92Fear of Victory
25525Sep 21/92The Clock King
26526Sep 17/92Appointment in Crime Alley
27527Oct 12/92Mad as a Hatter
28528Nov 03/92Dreams in Darkness
29529Sep 23/92Eternal Youth
30530Oct 19/92Perchance to Dream
31531Oct 14/92The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
32532Feb 07/93Robin's Reckoning
33537Feb 14/93Robin's Reckoning, Part 2
34533Jan 10/93The Laughing Fish
35534Oct 26/92Night of the Ninja
36535Nov 05/92Cat Scratch Fever
37536Oct 29/92The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne
38538Nov 16/92Heart of Steel
39544Nov 17/92Heart of Steel, Part 2
40539Nov 18/92If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
41540Nov 19/92Joker's Wild
42541Oct 30/92Tyger, Tyger
43542Nov 11/92Moon of the Wolf
44543Feb 23/93Day of the Samurai
45545Nov 12/92Terror in the Sky
46546Nov 10/92Almost Got 'Im
47547Feb 08/93Birds of a Feather
48548Nov 24/92What is Reality?
49549Nov 09/92I Am the Night
50550Nov 23/92Off Balance
51551Feb 01/93The Man Who Killed Batman
52552Sep 15/93Mudslide
53553Sep 17/93Paging the Crime Doctor
54554Feb 02/93Zatanna
55555Jan 24/93The Mechanic
56556Jan 18/93Harley and Ivy
57557Sep 13/93Shadow of the Bat
58561Sep 14/93Shadow of the Bat, Part 2
59558Feb 22/93Blind as a Bat
60559May 03/93The Demon's Quest
61563May 04/93The Demon's Quest, Part 2
62560Nov 20/92His Silicon Soul
63562May 24/93Fire From Olympus
64564May 10/93Read My Lips
65565Sep 16/93The Worry Men
Dec 25/93Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (76 mins)

Season Two: 20 episodes
The Adventures of Batman and Robin
66566May 03/94Sideshow
67567Sep 14/95A Bullet For Bullock
68568May 16/94Trial
69569May 09/94Avatar
70570May 02/94House and Garden
71571Sep 11/95The Terrible Trio
72572May 23/94Harlequinade
73573Oct 08/94Time Out of Joint
74574Sep 13/95Catwalk
75575Sep 10/94Bane
76576Oct 01/94Baby-Doll
77577Sep 16/95The Lion and the Unicorn
78578Sep 12/95Showdown
79579Sep 24/94Riddler's Reform
80580Sep 17/94Second Chance
81581Oct 15/94Harley's Holiday
82582Nov 19/94Lock-Up
83583Nov 05/94Make 'em Laugh
84584Nov 26/94Deep Freeze
85585Nov 12/94Batgirl Returns

Season Three: 13 episodes
The New Batman Adventures
86086Sep 13/97Holiday Knights
87087Sep 20/97Sins of the Father
Oct 04/97World's Finest (Superman: The Animated Series episode)
Oct 04/97World's Finest, Part 2 (Superman: The Animated Series episode)
Oct 04/97World's Finest, Part 3 (Superman: The Animated Series episode)
88088Oct 11/97Cold Comfort
89091Nov 01/97Never Fear
90090Nov 15/97You Scratch My Back
91089Nov 22/97Double Talk
92092Feb 21/98Joker's Millions
93093Feb 28/98Growing Pains
Mar 17/98 (dtv)Batman and Mr. Freeze: Subzero (70 mins)
94098Apr 25/98Mean Seasons
95103May 09/98The Demon Within
96097May 23/98Over the Edge
97095Jun 13/98Torch Song
98094Jul 11/98Love is a Croc

Season Four: 11 episodes
99096Sep 14/98The Ultimate Thrill
100100Sep 18/98Cult of the Cat
101099Sep 19/98Critters
102101Sep 26/98Animal Act
103102Oct 03/98Old Wounds
104104Oct 10/98Legends of the Dark Knight
Oct 10/98Knight Time (Superman: The Animated Series episode)
105105Oct 17/98Girl's Night Out
106107Oct 24/98Chemistry
107109Oct 31/98Judgement Day
108108Nov 07/98Beware the Creeper
109106Jan 16/99Mad Love
Sep 18/99The Demon Reborn (Superman: The Animated Series episode)
Oct 21/03 (dtv)Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (74 mins)
Sep 29/09 (dtv)Superman / Batman: Public Enemies (67 mins)
Sep 28/10 (dtv)Superman / Batman: Apocalypse (78 mins)
Batman: The Animated Series
Genre: crime, action, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 109
Broadcast Run: 1992 - 1994, 1997 - 1999
Starring: Kevin Conroy
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Loren Lester
Bob Hastings
Tara Charendoff (season 3-4)
Matthew Valencia (season 3-4)
Batman Created By: Bob Kane
Broadcast Network: FOX Kids
Production Company: Warner Bros. Television Animation
Country of Origin: United States
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