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Detective Mac Taylor and his team use the latest high-tech forensic science to process the evidence and get criminals off the streets of New York City.

Season One: 23 episodes
223May 17/04MIA/NYC - NonStop (CSI: Miami episode)
1101Sep 22/04Blink
2103Sep 29/04Creatures of the Night
3104Oct 06/04American Dreamers
4105Oct 27/04Grand Master
5102Nov 03/04A Man a Mile
6107Nov 10/04Outside Man
7108Nov 17/04Rain
8109Nov 24/04Three Generations Are Enough
9110Dec 01/04Officer Blue
10106Dec 15/04Night, Mother
11111Jan 05/05Tri-Borough
12112Jan 12/05Recycling
13113Jan 26/05Tanglewood
14114Feb 09/05Blood, Sweat and Tears
15115Feb 16/05'Til Death Do We Part
16116Feb 23/05Hush
17117Mar 02/05The Fall
18118Mar 23/05The Dove Commission
19119Apr 13/05Crime and Misdemeanor
20120Apr 27/05Supply and Demand
21121May 04/05On the Job
22122May 11/05The Closer
23123May 18/05What You See is What You See

Season Two: 24 episodes
24201Sep 28/05Summer in the City
25202Oct 05/05Grand Murder at Central Station
26203Oct 12/05Zoo York
27204Oct 19/05Corporate Warriors
28205Oct 26/05Dancing With the Fishes
29206Nov 02/05Youngblood
407Nov 07/05Felony Flight (part 1) (CSI: Miami episode)
30207Nov 09/05Manhattan Manhunt (part 2) (CSI: Miami crossover)
31208Nov 16/05Bad Beat
32209Nov 23/05City of the Dolls
33210Nov 30/05Jamalot
34211Dec 14/05Trapped
35212Jan 18/06Wasted
36213Jan 25/06Risk
37214Feb 01/06Stuck on You
38215Mar 01/06Fare Game
39216Mar 08/06Cool Hunter
40217Mar 22/06Necrophilia Americana
41218Mar 29/06Live or Let Die
42219Apr 12/06Super Men
43220Apr 19/06Run Silent, Run Deep
44221Apr 26/06All Access
45222May 03/06Stealing Home
46223May 10/06Heroes
47224May 17/06Charge of This Post

Season Three: 24 episodes
48301Sep 20/06People With Money
49302Sep 27/06Not What it Looks Like
50303Oct 04/06Love Run Cold
51304Oct 11/06Hung Out to Dry
52305Oct 18/06Oedipus Hex
53306Oct 25/06Open and Shut
54307Nov 01/06Murder Sings the Blues
55308Nov 08/06Consequences
56309Nov 15/06And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael
57310Nov 22/06Sweet Sixteen
58311Nov 29/06Raising Shane
59312Dec 13/06Silent Night
60313Jan 17/07Obsession
61314Jan 31/07The Lying Game
62315Feb 07/07Some Buried Bones
63316Feb 14/07Heart of Glass
64317Feb 21/07The Ride-In
65318Feb 28/07Sleight Out of Hand
66319Mar 21/07A Daze of Wine and Roaches
67320Apr 11/07What Schemes May Come
68321Apr 25/07Past Imperfect
69322May 02/07Cold Reveal
70323May 09/07...Comes Around
71324May 16/07Snow Day

Season Four: 21 episodes
72401Sep 26/07Can You Hear Me Now?
73402Oct 03/07The Deep
74403Oct 10/07You Only Die Once!
75404Oct 17/07Times Up
76405Oct 24/07Down the Rabbit Hole
77406Oct 31/07Boo
78407Nov 07/07Commuted Sentences
79408Nov 14/07Buzzkill
80409Nov 21/07One Wedding and a Funeral
81410Nov 28/07The Thing About Heroes
82411Dec 12/07Child's Play
83412Jan 09/08Happily Never After
84413Jan 23/08All in the Family
85414Feb 06/08Playing With Matches
86415Apr 02/08DOA For a Day
87416Apr 09/08Right Next Door
88417Apr 16/08Like Water For Murder
89418Apr 30/08Admissions
90419May 07/08Personal Foul
91420May 14/08Taxi
92421May 21/08Hostage

Season Five: 25 episodes
93501Sep 24/08Veritas
94502Oct 01/08Page Turner
95503Oct 08/08Turbulence
96504Oct 22/08Sex, Lies and Silicone
97505Oct 29/08The Cost of Living
98506Nov 05/08Enough
99507Nov 12/08Dead Inside
100508Nov 19/08My Name is Mac Taylor
101509Nov 26/08The Box
102510Dec 10/08The Triangle
103511Dec 17/08Forbidden Fruit
104512Jan 14/09Help
105513Jan 21/08Rush to Judgment
106514Feb 11/09She's Not There
107515Feb 18/09The Party's Over
108516Feb 25/09No Good Deed
109517Mar 11/09Green Piece
110518Mar 18/09Point of No Return
111519Mar 25/09Communication Breakdown
112520Apr 08/09Prey
113521Apr 15/09The Past, Present and Murder
114522Apr 29/09Yahrzeit
115523May 06/09The Greater Good
116524May 13/09Grounds For Deception
117525May 14/09Pay Up

Season Six: 23 episodes
118601Sep 23/09Epilogue
119602Sep 30/09Blacklist (Featuring Gravedigger)
120603Oct 07/09Lat 40° 47' N / Long 73° 58' W
121604Oct 14/09Dead Reckoning
122605Oct 21/09Battle Scars
123606Nov 04/09It Happened to Me
Nov 09/09Bone Voyage (part 1) (CSI: Miami episode)
124607Nov 11/09Hammer Down (part 2) (CSI crossover)
Nov 12/09The Lost Girls (part 3) (CSI episode)
125608Nov 18/09Cuckoo's Nest
126609Nov 25/09Manhattanhenge
127610Dec 09/09Death House
128611Dec 16/09Second Chances
129612Jan 13/10Criminal Justice
130613Jan 20/10Flag on the Play
131614Feb 03/10Sanguine Love
132615Feb 10/10The Formula
133616Mar 03/10Uncertainty Rules
134617Mar 10/10Pot of Gold
135618Apr 07/10Rest in Peace, Marina Garito
136619Apr 14/10Redemptio
137620May 05/10Tales From The Undercard
138621May 12/10Unusual Suspects
139622May 19/10Point of View
140623May 26/10Vacation Getaway

Season Seven: 22 episodes
141701Sep 24/10The 34th Floor
142702Oct 01/10Unfriendly Chat
143703Oct 08/10Damned if You Do
144704Oct 15/10Sangre Por Sangre
145705Oct 22/10Out of the Sky
146706Oct 29/10Do Not Pass Go
147707Nov 05/10Hide Sight
148708Nov 12/10Scared Stiff
149709Nov 19/10Justified
150710Dec 03/10Shop Till You Drop
151711Jan 07/11To What End?
152712Jan 14/11Holding Cell
153713Feb 04/11Party Down
154714Feb 11/11Smooth Criminal
155715Feb 18/11Vigilante
156716Feb 25/11The Untouchable
157717Mar 11/11Do or Die
158718Apr 01/11Identity Crisis
159719Apr 08/11Food For Thought
160720Apr 29/11Nothing For Something
161721May 06/11Life Sentence
162722May 13/11Exit Strategy

Season Eight: 18 episodes
163801Sep 23/11Indelible
164802Sep 30/11Keep it Real
165803Oct 07/11Cavallino Rampante
166804Oct 14/11Officer Involved
167805Oct 21/11Air Apparent
168806Nov 04/11Get Me Out of Here!
169807Nov 11/11Crushed
170808Nov 18/11Crossroads
171809Dec 02/11Means to an End
172810Jan 06/12Clean Sweep
173811Jan 13/12Who's There?
174812Feb 03/12Brooklyn Til I Die
175813Feb 10/12The Ripple Effect
176815Mar 30/12Flash Pop
177814Apr 06/12Kill Screen
178816Apr 27/12Sláinte
179817May 04/12Unwrapped
180818May 11/12Near Death

Season Nine: 17 episodes
181901Sep 28/12Reignited
182902Oct 05/12Where There's Smoke
183903Oct 12/122,918 Miles
184904Oct 19/12Unspoken
185905Oct 26/12Misconceptions
186906Nov 02/12The Lady in the Lake
187907Nov 09/12Clue: SI
188908Nov 16/12Late Admissions
189909Nov 30/12Blood Out
190910Dec 07/12The Real McCoy
191911Jan 04/13Command + P
192912Jan 11/13Civilized Lies
193Jan 18/13Nine Thirteen
194Feb 01/13White Gold
Feb 06/13In Vino Veritas (part 1 - CSI episode)
195Feb 08/13Seth and Apep (part 2 - CSI crossover)
196Feb 15/13Blood Actually
197Feb 22/13Today is Life
CSI: New York
Genre: crime, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 9
Number of Episodes: 197
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2013
Starring: Gary Sinise
Carmine Giovinazzo
Hill Harper
Eddie Cahill
Anna Belknap (season 2-9)
Robert Joy (season 5-9)
AJ Buckley (season 5-9)
Sela Ward (season 7-9)
Melina Kanakaredes (season 1-6)
Vanessa Ferlito (season 1-2)
Created By: Anthony E. Zuiker
Ann Donahue
Carol Mendelsohn
Showrunner: Pam Veasey
Anthony E. Zuiker
Peter Lenkov
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)
CSI: Miami (2002)
CSI: Cyber (2015)
IMDb: CSI: New York