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CSI follows a crack team of forensic investigators in Las Vegas as they collect evidence and then use the latest innovative scientific techniques to solve crimes.

Season One: 23 episodes
1100Oct 06/00Pilot
2101Oct 13/00Cool Change
3103Oct 20/00Crate 'n' Burial
4104Oct 27/00Pledging Mr. Johnson
5105Nov 03/00Friends & Lovers
6106Nov 10/00Who Are You?
7107Nov 17/00Blood Drops aka If These Walls Could Talk
8108Nov 24/00Anonymous
9109Dec 08/00Unfriendly Skies
10110Dec 22/00Sex, Lies and Larvae
11102Jan 12/01I-15 Murders
12111Feb 01/01Fahrenheit 932
13112Feb 08/01Boom
14113Feb 15/01To Halve and to Hold
15114Feb 22/01Table Stakes
16115Mar 01/01Too Tough to Die
17116Mar 08/01Face Lift
18117Mar 29/01$35K O.B.O.
19118Apr 12/01Gentle, Gentle
20119Apr 19/01Sounds of Silence
21120Apr 26/01Justice is Served
22121May 10/01Evaluation Day
23122May 17/01The Strip Strangler

Season Two: 23 episodes
24202Sep 27/01Burked
25204Oct 04/01Chaos Theory
26205Oct 11/01Overload
27201Oct 18/01Bully For You
28203Oct 25/01Scuba Doobie-Doo
29206Nov 01/01Alter Boys
30207Nov 08/01Caged
31209Nov 15/01Slaves of Las Vegas
32210Nov 22/01And Then There Were None
33208Dec 06/01Ellie
34211Dec 13/01Organ Grinder
35212Dec 20/01You've Got Male
36213Jan 17/02Identity Crisis
37214Jan 31/02The Finger
38215Feb 07/02Burden of Proof
39216Feb 28/02Primum Non Nocere
40217Mar 07/02Felonious Monk
41218Mar 28/02Chasing the Bus
42219Apr 04/04Stalker
43220Apr 25/02Cats in the Cradle
44221May 02/02Anatomy of a Lye
45222May 09/02Cross-Jurisdictions (pilot for spinoff series CSI: Miami)
46223May 16/02The Hunger Artist

Season Three: 23 episodes
47302Sep 26/02Revenge is Best Served Cold
48301Oct 03/02The Accused is Entitled
49303Oct 10/02Let the Seller Beware
50304Oct 17/02A Little Murder
51306Oct 31/02Abra Cadaver
52305Nov 07/02The Execution of Catherine Willows
53307Nov 14/02Fight Night
54308Nov 21/02Snuff
55309Dec 05/02Blood Lust
56310Dec 12/02High and Low
57311Jan 09/03Recipe For Murder
58312Jan 16/03Got Murder?
59313Jan 30/03Random Acts of Violence
60314Feb 06/03One Hit Wonder
61315Feb 13/03Lady Heather's Box
62316Feb 20/03Lucky Strike
63317Mar 13/03Crash & Burn
64318Apr 03/03Precious Metal
65319Apr 10/03A Night at the Movies
66320Apr 24/03Last Laugh
67321May 01/03Forever
68322May 08/03Play With Fire
69323May 15/03Inside the Box

Season Four: 23 episodes
70402Sep 25/03Assume Nothing (part 1)
71403Oct 02/03All For Our Country (part 2)
72401Oct 09/03Homebodies
73405Oct 23/03Feeling the Heat
74406Oct 30/03Fur and Loathing
75407Nov 06/03Jackpot
76404Nov 13/03Invisible Evidence
77408Nov 20/03After the Show
78409Dec 11/03Grissom vs the Volcano
79410Dec 18/03Coming of Rage
80411Jan 08/04Eleven Angry Jurors
81412Jan 15/04Butterflied
82414Feb 05/04Suckers
83413Feb 12/04Paper or Plastic
84415Feb 19/04Early Rollout
85416Feb 26/04Getting Off
86417Mar 11/04XX
87418Apr 01/04Bad to the Bone
88419Apr 15/04Bad Words
89420Apr 29/04Dead Ringer
90421May 06/04Turning of the Screws
91422May 13/04No More Bets
92423May 20/04Bloodlines

Season Five: 25 episodes
93501Sep 23/04Viva Las Vegas
94502Oct 07/04Down the Drain
95503Oct 14/04Harvest
96504Oct 21/04Crow's Feet
97505Oct 28/04Swap Meet
98506Nov 04/04What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?
99507Nov 11/04Formalities
100508Nov 18/04Ch-Ch-Changes
101509Nov 25/04Mea Culpa
102510Dec 09/04No Humans Involved
103511Jan 06/05Who Shot Sherlock?
104512Jan 13/05Snakes
105513Feb 03/05Nesting Dolls
106514Feb 10/05Unbearable
107515Feb 17/05King Baby
108516Feb 24/05Big Middle
109517Mar 10/05Compulsion
110518Mar 31/05Spark of Life
111519Apr 14/054x4
112521Apr 21/05Hollywood Brass
113520pr 28/05Committed
114522May 05/05Weeping Willows
115525May 12/05Iced
116/117523/524May 19/05Grave Danger (two hours)

Season Six: 24 episodes
118601Sep 22/05Bodies in Motion
119602Sep 29/05Room Service
120603Oct 06/05Bite Me
121604Oct 13/05Shooting Stars
122605Oct 20/05Gum Drops
123606Nov 03/05Secrets and Flies
124607Nov 10/05A Bullet Runs Through It
125608Nov 17/05A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 2
126609Nov 24/05Dog Eat Dog
127610Dec 08/05Still Life
128611Jan 05/06Werewolves
129612Jan 19/06Daddy's Little Girl
130613Jan 26/06Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye
131614Feb 02/06Killer
132615Feb 09/06Pirates of the Third Reich
133616Mar 02/06Up in Smoke
134617Mar 09/06I Like to Watch
135618Mar 30/06The Unusual Suspect
136619Apr 06/06Spellbound
137620Apr 13/06Poppin' Tags
138621Apr 27/06Rashomama
139622May 04/06Time of Your Death
140623May 11/06Bang-Bang
141624May 18/06Way to Go

Season Seven: 24 episodes
142701Sep 21/06Built to Kill
143702Sep 28/06Built to Kill, Part 2
144703Oct 05/06Toe Tags
145704Oct 12/06Fannysmackin'
146705Oct 19/06Double Cross
147706Nov 02/06Burn Out
148707Nov 09/06Post Mortem
149708Nov 16/06Happenstance
150709Nov 23/06Living Legend
151710Dec 07/06Loco Motives
152711Jan 04/07Leaving Las Vegas
153712Jan 18/07Sweet Jane
154713Jan 25/07Redrum
155714Feb 01/07Meet Market
156715Feb 08/07Law of Gravity
157716Feb 15/07Monster in the Box
158717Feb 22/07Fallen Idols
159718Mar 29/07Empty Eyes
160719Apr 05/07Big Shots
161720Apr 12/07Lab Rats
162721Apr 26/07Ending Happy
163722May 03/07Leapin' Lizards
164723May 10/07The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix
165724May 17/07Living Doll

Season Eight: 17 episodes
166801Sep 27/07Dead Doll
167802Oct 04/07A La Cart
168803Oct 11/07Go to Hell
169804Oct 18/07The Case of the Cross Dressing Carp
170805Nov 01/07The Chick Chop Flick Shop
171806Nov 08/07Who and What? (part 1 - Without a Trace crossover)
605Nov 08/07Where and Why? (part 2 - Without a Trace episode)
172807Nov 15/07Goodbye and Good Luck
173809Nov 22/07You Kill Me
174808Dec 06/07Cockroaches
175810Dec 13/07Lying Down With Dogs
176811Jan 10/08Bull
177812Apr 03/08Grissom's Divine Comedy
178813Apr 10/08A Thousand Days on Earth
179814Apr 24/08Drop's Out
180815May 01/08The Theory of Everything
181816May 08/08Two and a Half Deaths
182817May 15/08For Gedda

Season Nine: 24 episodes
183901Oct 09/08For Warrick
184902Oct 16/08The Happy Place
185903Oct 23/08Art Imitates Life
186904Oct 30/08Let it Bleed
187905Nov 06/08Leave Out All the Rest
188906Nov 13/08Say Uncle
189907Nov 20/08Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
190908Dec 04/08Young Man With a Horn
191909Dec 11/0819 Down (part 1)
192910Jan 15/09One to Go (part 2)
193911Jan 22/09The Grave Shift
194912Jan 29/09Disarmed and Dangerous
195913Feb 12/09Deep Fried and Minty Fresh
196914Feb 19/09Miscarriage of Justice
197915Feb 26/09Kill Me If You Can
198916Mar 05/09Turn, Turn, Turn
199917Mar 12/09No Way Out
200918Apr 02/09Mascara
201919Apr 09/09The Descent of Man
202920Apr 16/09A Space Oddity
203921Apr 23/09If I Had a Hammer...
204922Apr 30/09The Gone Dead Train
205923May 07/09Hog Heaven
206924May 14/09All In

Season Ten: 23 episodes
2071001Sep 24/09Family Affair
2081002Oct 01/09Ghost Town
2091003Oct 08/09Working Stiffs
2101004Oct 22/09Coup de Grace
2111005Oct 29/09Bloodsport
2121006Nov 05/09Death and the Maiden
Nov 09/09Bone Voyage (part 1 - CSI: Miami episode)
Nov 11/09Hammer Down (part 2 - CSI: New York episode)
2131007Nov 12/09The Lost Girls (part 3)
2141008Nov 19/09Lover's Lanes
2151009Dec 10/09Appendicitement
2161010Dec 17/09Better Off Dead
2171011Jan 14/10Sin City Blue
2181012Jan 21/10Long Ball
2191013Feb 04/10Internal Combustion
2201014Mar 04/10Unshockable
2211015Mar 11/10Neverland
2221016Apr 01/10The Panty Sniffer
2231017Apr 08/10Irradiator
2241018Apr 15/10Field Mice
2251019Apr 22/10World's End
2261020Apr 29/10Take My Life, Please!
2271021May 06/10Lost and Found
2281022May 13/10Doctor Who
2291023May 20/10Meat Jekyll

Season Eleven: 22 episodes
2301101Sep 23/10Shock Waves
2311102Sep 30/10Pool Shark
2321104Oct 07/10Blood Moon
2331103Oct 14/10Sqweegel
2341106Oct 21/10House of Hoarders
2351105Oct 28/10Cold Blooded
2361107Nov 04/10Bump and Grind
2371108Nov 11/10Fracked
2381109Nov 18/10Wild Life
2391110Dec 09/10418/427
2401111Jan 06/11Man Up
2411112Jan 20/11A Kiss Before Frying
2421113Feb 03/11The Two Mrs. Grissoms
2431114Feb 10/11All That Cremains
2441115Feb 17/11Targets of Obsession
2451116Feb 24/11Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
2461117Mar 10/11The List
2471118Mar 31/11Hitting For the Cycle
2481119Apr 07/11Unleashed
2491120Apr 28/11Father of the Bride (part 1)
2501121May 05/11Cello and Goodbye (part 2)
2511122May 12/11In a Dark, Dark House (part 3)

Season Twelve: 22 episodes
2521201Sep 21/1173 Seconds
2531202Sep 28/11Tell-Tale Hearts
2541203Oct 05/11Bittersweet
2551204Oct 12/11Maid Man
2561205Oct 19/11CSI Down
2571206Nov 02/11Freaks & Geeks
2581207Nov 09/11Brain Doe
2591208Nov 16/11Crime After Crime
2601209Dec 07/11Zippered
2611210Dec 14/11Genetic Disorder
2621211Jan 18/12Ms. Willows Regrets (part 1)
2631212Jan 25/12Willows in the Wind (part 2)
2641213Feb 08/12Tressed to Kill
2651214Feb 15/12Seeing Red
2661215Feb 22/12Stealing Home
2671216Feb 29/12CSI Unplugged
2681217Mar 14/12Trends With Benefits
2691218Mar 21/12Malice in Wonderland
2701219Apr 04/12Split Decisions
2711220Apr 11/12Altered Stakes
2721221May 02/12Dune and Gloom
2731222May 09/12Homecoming

Season Thirteen: 22 episodes
2741301Sep 26/12Karma to Burn
2751302Oct 10/12Code Blue Plate Special
2761303Oct 17/12Wild Flowers
2771304Oct 24/12It Was a Very Good Year
2781305Oct 31/12Play Dead
2791306Nov 07/12Pick and Roll
2801307Nov 14/12Fallen Angels
2811308Nov 21/12CSI on Fire
2821309Nov 28/12Strip Maul
2831310Dec 12/12Risky Business Class
2841311Jan 16/13Dead Air
2851312Jan 23/13Double Fault
2861313Feb 06/13In Vino Veritas (part 1 - CSI: New York crossover)
Feb 08/13Seth and Apep (part 2 - CSI: New York episode)
2871314Feb 13/13Exile
2881315Feb 20/13Forget Me Not
2891316Feb 27/13Last Woman Standing
2901317Mar 20/13Dead of the Class
2911318Apr 03/13Sheltered
2921319Apr 10/13Backfire
2931320May 01/13Fearless
2941321May 08/13Ghosts of the Past
2951322May 15/13Skin in the Game

Season Fourteen: 22 episodes
2961401Sep 25/13The Devil and D.B. Russell
2971402Oct 02/13Take the Money and Run
2981403Oct 09/13Torch Song
2991404Oct 16/13Last Supper
3001405Oct 23/13Frame by Frame
3011406Oct 30/13Passed Pawns
3021407Nov 06/13Under a Cloud
3031408Nov 13/13Helpless
3041409Nov 20/13Check in and Check Out
3051410Nov 27/13Girls Gone Wild
3061411Dec 11/13The Lost Reindeer
3071412Jan 15/14Keep Calm and Carry-On
3081413Jan 22/14Boston Brakes
3091414Feb 05/14De Los Muertos
3101415Feb 19/14Love For Sale
3111416Mar 05/14Killer Moves
3121417Mar 12/14Long Road Home
3131418Mar 19/14Uninvited
3141419Apr 02/14The Fallen
3151420Apr 09/14Consumed
3161421Apr 30/14Kitty (pilot for spinoff CSI: Cyber)
3171422May 07/14Dead in His Tracks

Season Fifteen: 18 episodes
3181501Sep 28/14The CSI Effect
3191502Oct 05/14Buzz Kill
3201503Oct 12/14Bad Blood
3211504Oct 19/14The Book of Shadow
3221505Oct 26/14(CA)Girls Gone Wilder
3231506Nov 16/14The Twin Paradox
3241507Nov 23/14Road to Recovery
3251508Nov 30/14Rubbery Homicide
3261509Dec 07/14Let's Make a Deal
3271510Dec 14/14Dead Rails
3281511Dec 21/14Angle of Attack
3291512Dec 28/14Dead Woods
3301513Jan 04/15The Greater Good
3311514Jan 25/15Merchants of Menace
3321515Jan 25/15Hero to Zero
3331516Jan 27/15The Last Ride
3341517Feb 15/15Under My Skin
3351518Feb 15/15The End Game
Sep 27/15Immortality (two hours)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
AKA: CSI: Las Vegas
Genre: crime, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 15
Number of Episodes: 335
Broadcast Run: 2000 - 2015
Starring: George Eads
Jorja Fox (season 1-8,12-15)
Eric Szmanda (season 3-15)
Robert David Hall (season 3-15)
Wallace Langham (season 8-15)
David Berman (season 10-15)
Ted Danson (season 12-15)
Elisabeth Shue (season 12-15)
Elisabeth Harnois (season 12-15)
Jon Wellner (season 13-15)
Paul Guilfoyle (season 1-14)
Marg Helgenberger (season 1-12)
William Petersen (season 1-9)
Gary Dourdan (season 1-8)
Laurence Fishburne (season 9-11)
Louise Lombard (season 7)
Liz Vassey (season 10)
Created By: Anthony E. Zuiker
Showrunner: Carol Mendelsohn
Don McGill (seasons 10-15)
Naren Shankar (seasons 5-9)
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: CSI: Miami (2002)
CSI: New York (2004)
CSI: Cyber (2015)
IMDb: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation