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As quickly as you can,
snatch the pebble from my hand.

When you can take the pebble from my hand,
it will be time for you to leave.

Season One: 15 episodes
Feb 22/72Kung Fu (74 mins)
1166141Oct 14/72King of the Mountain
2166142Nov 11/72Dark Angel
3166143Jan 18/73Blood Brother
4166144Jan 25/73An Eye For An Eye
5166145Feb 08/73The Soul is the Warrior
6166146Feb 15/73Nine Lives
7166147Feb 01/73The Tide
8166148Feb 22/73Sun and Cloud Shadow
9166149Mar 29/73The Praying Mantis Kills
10166150Mar 22/73Alethea
11166151Mar 15/73Chains
12166152Apr 05/73Superstition
13166153Apr 12/73The Stone
14166154Apr 26/73The Third Man
15166155May 03/73The Ancient Warrior

Season Two: 23 episodes
16166201Sep 27/73The Well
17166202Oct 04/73The Assassin
18166203Oct 11/73The Chalice
19166204Oct 25/73The Brujo
20166205Nov 08/73The Spirit-Helper
21166206Nov 01/73The Squawman
22166207Dec 06/73The Salamander
23166208Nov 15/73The Tong
24166209Nov 29/73The Soldier
25166210Dec 13/73The Hoots
26166211Dec 20/73The Elixir
27166212Jan 03/74The Gunman
28166213Jan 10/74Empty Pages of a Dead Book
29166214Jan 17/74A Dream Within a Dream
30166215Jan 24/74The Way of Violence Has No Mind
31166216Feb 07/74In Uncertain Bondage
32166217Feb 14/74Night of the Owls, Day of the Doves
33166218Feb 21/74Crossties
34166219Feb 28/74The Passion of Chen Yi
35166220Mar 14/74Arrogant Dragon
36166221Mar 21/74The Nature of Evil
37166222Apr 04/74The Cenotaph, Part I
38166223Apr 11/74The Cenotaph, Part II

Season Three: 24 episodes
39166251Oct 19/74Cry of the Night Beast
40166252Oct 12/74My Brother, My Executioner
41166253Sep 28/74This Valley of Terror
42166254Sep 21/74A Small Beheading
43166255Oct 05/74The Predators
44166256Dec 20/74The Vanishing Image
45/46166257/58Sep 14/74Blood of the Dragon (two hours)
47166259Dec 12/74The Demon God
48166260Nov 01/74The Devil's Champion
49166261Nov 08/74The Garments of Rage
50166262Nov 15/74Besieged: Death on Cold Mountain (part 1)
51166263Nov 22/74Besieged: Cannon at the Gates (part 2)
52166264Jan 11/75A Lamb to the Slaughter
53166265Jan 25/75One Step to Darkness
54166266Mar 29/75The Thief of Chendo
55166267Feb 08/75Battle Hymn
56166268Jan 18/75The Forbidden Kingdom
57166271Apr 26/75The Last Raid
58166272Apr 12/75Ambush
59166269Feb 15/75Barbary House (part 1)
60166270Feb 22/75Flight to Orion (part 2)
61166273Mar 01/75The Brothers Caine (part 3)
62166274Mar 15/75Full Circle (part 4)
Jan 10/86Kung Fu: The Movie (105 mins)
Apr 28/87Kung Fu: The Next Generation - Way of the Dragon (118 mins)
Kung Fu
Genre: western, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 62
Broadcast Run: 1972 - 1975
Starring: David Carradine
Philip Ahn
Keye Luke
Radames Pera
Created By: Ed Spielman
Broadcast Network: ABC
Production Company: Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993)
Kung Fu (2021)
IMDb: Kung Fu