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Season One: 23 episodes
Mar 25/14Crescent City, Part 1 (NCIS episode)
Apr 01/14Crescent City, Part 2 (NCIS episode)
1101Sep 23/14Musician Heal Thyself
2103Sep 30/14Carrier
3Oct 07/14Breaking Brig
4105Oct 14/14The Recruits
5102Oct 21/14It Happened Last Night
6106Oct 28/14Master of Horror
7107Nov 11/14Watch Over Me
8108Nov 18/14Love Hurts
9109Nov 25/14Chasing Ghosts
10110Dec 16/14Stolen Valor
11111Jan 06/15Baitfish
12112Jan 13/15The Abyss
13113Feb 03/15The Walking Dead
14114Feb 10/15Careful What You Wish For
15115Feb 17/15Le Carnivale de la Mort
16116Feb 24/15My Brother's Keeper
17117Mar 10/15More Now
18118Mar 24/15The List
19119Apr 07/15The Insider
20120Apr 14/15Rock-a-Bye-Baby
21Apr 28/15You'll Do
22May 05/15How Much Pain Can You Take
23May 12/15My City

Season Two: 24 episodes
24Sep 22/15Sic Semper Tyrannis
25Sep 29/15Shadow Unit
26Oct 06/15Touched by the Sun
27Oct 13/15I Do
28Oct 20/15Foreign Affairs
29Oct 27/15Insane in the Membrane
30Nov 03/15Broken Hearted
31Nov 10/15Confluence
32Nov 17/15Darkest Hour
33Nov 24/15Billy and the Kid
34Dec 15/15Blue Christmas
Jan 05/16Sister City, Part 1 (NCIS episode)
35Jan 05/16Sister City, Part 2 (NCIS crossover)
36Jan 19/16Undocumented
37Feb 09/16Father's Day
38Feb 16/16No Man's Land
39Feb 23/16Second Chances
40Mar 01/16Radio Silence
41Mar 15/16If it Bleeds, it Leads
42Mar 22/16Means to an End
43Apr 05/16Second Line
44Apr 19/16Collateral Damage
45May 03/16Help Wanted
46May 10/16The Third Man
47May 17/16Sleeping With the Enemy

Season Three: 24 episodes
48Sep 20/16Aftershocks
49Sep 27/16Suspicious Minds
50Oct 11/16Man on Fire
51Oct 18/16Escape Plan
52Oct 25/16Course Correction
53Nov 15/16One Good Man
54Nov 22/16Outlaws
55Dec 06/16Music to My Ears
56Dec 13/16Overdrive
57Jan 03/17Follow the Money
58Jan 17/17Let it Ride
59Jan 24/17Hell on the High Water
60Feb 07/17Return of the King
Feb 14/17Pandora's Box, Part 1 (NCIS episode)
61Feb 14/17Pandora's Box, Part 2 (NCIS crossover)
62Feb 21/17End of the Line
63Mar 07/17The Last Stand
64Mar 14/17Swift, Silent, Deadly
65Mar 14/17Slay the Dragon
66Mar 28/17Quid Pro Quo
67Apr 04/17NOLA Confidential
68Apr 18/17Krewe
69May 02/17Knockout
70May 09/17Down the Rabbit Hole
71May 16/17Poetic Justice

Season Four: 24 episodes
72Sep 26/17Rogue Nation
73Oct 03/17#1 Fan
74Oct 10/17The Asset
75Oct 17/17Dead Man Calling
76Oct 24/17Viral
77Oct 31/17Acceptable Loss
78Nov 07/17The Accident
79Nov 14/17Sins of the Father
80Nov 21/17Hard Knock Life
81Dec 12/17Mirror, Mirror
82Jan 02/18Monster
83Jan 09/18Identity Crisis
84Jan 23/18Ties That Bind
85Feb 06/18A New Dawn
86Feb 27/18The Last Mile
87Mar 06/18Empathy
88Mar 13/18Treasure Hunt
89Mar 27/18Welcome to the Jungle
90Apr 03/18High Stakes
91Apr 17/18Powder Keg
92May 01/18Mind Games
93May 08/18The Assassination of Dwayne Pride
94May 15/18Checkmate, Part 1
95May 15/18Checkmate, Part 2

Season Five: 24 episodes
96Sep 25/18See You Soon (NCIS crossover)
97Oct 02/18Inside Out
98Oct 09/18Diplomatic Immunity
99Oct 16/18Legacy
100Oct 23/18In the Blood
101Oct 30/18Pound of Flesh
102Nov 13/18Sheepdogs
103Nov 20/18Close to Home
104Dec 04/18Risk Assessment
105Dec 11/18Tick Tock
106Jan 15/19Vindicta
107Jan 22/19Desperate Navy Wives
108Feb 12/19X
109Feb 19/19Conspiracy Theories
110Feb 26/19Crab Mentality
111Mar 12/19Survivor
112Mar 26/19Reckoning
113Apr 02/19In Plain Sight
114Apr 09/19A House Divided
115Apr 16/19Jackpot
116Apr 23/19Trust Me
117Apr 30/19Chaos Theory
118May 07/19The River Styx, Part 1
119May 14/19The River Styx, Part 2

Season Six: 20 episodes
120Sep 24/19Judgement Call
121Oct 01/19The Terminator Conundrum
122Oct 08/19Bad Apple
123Oct 15/19Overlooked
124Oct 22/19Spies & Lies
125Nov 05/19Matthew 5:9
126Nov 12/19Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom
127Nov 19/19The Order of the Mongoose
128Nov 26/19Convicted (part 1)
129Dec 17/19Requital (part 2)
130Feb 16/20Bad Moon Rising
131Feb 23/20Waiting For Monroe
132Mar 01/20The Root of All Evil
133Mar 08/20The Man in the Red Suit
134Mar 15/20Relentless
135Mar 15/20Pride and Prejudice
136Mar 22/20Biased
137Mar 29/20A Changed Woman
138Apr 12/20Monolith
139Apr 19/20Predators

Season Seven: 16 episodes
140Nov 08/20Something in the Air, Part 1
141Nov 15/20Something in the Air, Part 2
142Nov 22/20One of Our Own (part 1)
143Dec 13/20We All Fall... (part 2)
144Jan 03/21Operation Drano, Part 1
145Jan 10/21Operation Drano, Part 2
146Jan 17/21Leda and the Swan, Part 1
147Feb 14/21Leda and the Swan, Part 2
148Feb 21/21Into Thin Air
149Feb 28/21Homeward Bound
150Mar 28/21Stashed
151Apr 04/21Once Upon a Time (part 1)
152May 02/21Choices (part 2)
153May 09/21Illusions
154May 16/21Runs in the Family (part 1)
155May 16/21Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (part 2)
NCIS: New Orleans
Genre: crime, action, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 155
Broadcast Run: 2014 - 2021
Starring: Scott Bakula
Rob Kerkovich
CCH Pounder
Charles Michael Davis (season 6-7)
Necar Zadegan (season 5-7)
Vanessa Ferlito (season 3-7)
Daryl Mitchell (season 2-7)
Shalita Grant (season 2-4)
Lucas Black (season 1-6)
Zoe McLellan (season 1-2)
Created By: Gary Glasberg
Showrunner: Jeffrey Lieber (season 1-2)
Gary Glasberg (season 1-3)
Brad Kern (season 2-4)
Adam Targum (season 5)
Christopher Silber (season 5-7)
Jan Nash (season 6-7)
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Wings Productions
When Pigs Fly Incorporated
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: NCIS: New Orleans
See Also: NCIS (2003)
NCIS: Los Angeles (2009)
IMDb: NCIS: New Orleans