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In the Office of Special Projects division of NCIS, agents use the latest technology in their surveillance and undercover work to apprehend dangerous criminals that pose a threat to the nation's security.

Season Fourteen: ?? episodes
303Oct 09/22Game of Drones
304Oct 16/22Of Value
305Oct 23/22The Body Stitchers
306Oct 30/22Dead Stick
307Nov 06/22Flesh & Blood
308Nov 13/22Glory of the Sea
309Nov 20/22Survival of The Fittest
310Nov 27/22Let it Burn
311Jan 08/23Blood Bank
Jan 09/23Too Many Cooks (part 1 - NCIS episode)
Jan 09/23Deep Fake (part 2 - NCIS: Hawai'i episode)
312Jan 09/23A Long Time Coming (part 3 - NCIS: Los Angeles episode)
313Jan 15/23Best Seller
314In the Name of Honor

Season One: 24 episodes
Apr 28/09Legend (NCIS episode)
May 05/09Legend, Part 2 (NCIS episode)
1101Sep 22/09Identity
2103Sep 29/09The Only Easy Day
3104Oct 06/09Predator
4105Oct 13/09Search and Destroy
5102Oct 20/09Killshot
6106Nov 03/09Keepin' it Real
7107Nov 10/09Pushback
8108Nov 17/09Ambush
9109Nov 24/09Random on Purpose
10110Dec 15/09Brimstone
11111Jan 05/10Breach
12112Jan 12/10Past Lives
13113Jan 26/10Missing
14114Feb 02/10LD50
15115Feb 09/10The Bank Job
16116Mar 02/10Chinatown
17117Mar 09/10Full Throttle
18118Mar 16/10Blood Brothers
19119Apr 06/10Hand-to-Hand
20120Apr 27/10Fame
21121May 04/10Found
22122May 11/10Hunted
23123May 18/10Burned (part 1)
24124May 25/10Callen, G. (part 2)

Season Two: 24 episodes
25201Sep 21/10Human Traffic
26202Sep 21/10Black Widow
27203Sep 28/10Borderline
28204Oct 05/10Special Delivery
29205Oct 12/10Little Angels
30206Oct 19/10Standoff
31207Oct 26/10Anonymous
32208Nov 09/10Bounty
33209Nov 16/10Absolution (part 1)
34210Nov 23/10Deliverance (part 2)
35211Dec 14/10Disorder
36212Jan 11/11Overwatch
37213Jan 18/11Archangel
38214Feb 01/11Lockup
39215Feb 08/11Tin Soldiers
40216Feb 15/11Empty Quiver
41217Feb 22/11Personal
42218Mar 01/11Harm's Way
43219Mar 22/11Enemy Within
44220Mar 29/11The Job
45221Apr 12/11Rocket Man
46222May 03/11Plan B
47223May 10/11Imposters (part 1)
48224May 17/11Familia (part 2)

Season Three: 24 episodes
49301Sep 20/11Lange, H.
50302Sep 27/11Cyber Threat
51303Oct 04/11Backstopped
52304Oct 11/11Deadline
53305Oct 18/11Sacrifice
Oct 24/11Ka Hakaka Maika'I (Hawaii Five-0 episode)
54306Oct 25/11Lone Wolf
55307Nov 01/11Honor
56308Nov 08/11Greed
57309Nov 15/11Betrayal
58310Nov 22/11The Debt
59311Dec 13/11Higher Power
60312Jan 03/12The Watchers
61313Jan 10/12Exit Strategy
62314Feb 07/12Partners
63315Feb 14/12Crimeleon
64316Feb 21/12Blye, K.
65317Feb 28/12Blye, K., Part 2
66318Mar 20/12The Dragon and the Fairy
67319Mar 27/12Vengeance
68320Apr 10/12Patriot Acts
Apr 30/12Pa Make Loa (Touch of Death) (part 1 - Hawaii Five-0 episode)
69321May 01/12Touch of Death (part 2 - Hawaii Five-0 crossover)
70322May 08/12Neighborhood Watch
71323May 15/12Sans Voir, Part 1
72324May 15/12Sans Voir, Part 2

Season Four: 24 episodes
73401Sep 25/12Endgame
74402Oct 02/12Recruit
75403Oct 09/12The Fifth Man
76404Oct 23/12Dead Body Politic
77405Oct 30/12Out of the Past (part 1)
78406Nov 13/12Rude Awakenings (part 2)
79407Nov 20/12Skin Deep
80408Nov 27/12Collateral
81409Dec 11/12The Gold Standard
82410Dec 18/13Free Ride
83411Jan 08/13Drive
84413Jan 15/13Paper Soldiers
85414Jan 29/13The Chosen One
86412Feb 05/13Kill House
87415Feb 19/13History
88416Feb 26/13Lokhay
89417Mar 05/13Wanted
90418Mar 19/13Red (pilot for spinoff series)
91419Mar 26/13Red-2
92420Apr 09/13Purity
93421Apr 23/13Resurrection
94422Apr 30/13Raven and the Swans
95423May 07/13Parley
96424May 14/13Descent (part 1)

Season Five: 24 episodes
97501Sep 24/13Ascension (part 2)
98502Oct 01/13Impact
99503Oct 08/13Omni
100504Oct 15/13Reznikov, N.
101425Oct 22/13Unwritten Rule
102506Oct 29/13Big Brother
103505Nov 05/13The Livelong Day
104507Nov 12/13Fallout
105508Nov 19/13Recovery
106509Nov 26/13The Frozen Lake
107510Dec 10/13Iron Curtain Rising
108511Dec 17/13Merry Evasion
109512Jan 14/14Allegiance
110513Feb 04/14War Cries
111514Feb 25/14Tuhon
112515Mar 04/14Fish Out of Water
113516Mar 18/14Between the Lines
114517Mar 25/14Zero Days
115518Apr 01/14Spoils of War
116519Apr 08/14Windfall
117520Apr 15/14Three Hearts
118521Apr 29/14One More Chance
119522May 06/14Exposure
120523May 13/14Deep Trouble, Part 1

Season Six: 24 episodes
121524Sep 29/14Deep Trouble, Part 2
122601Oct 06/14Inelegant Heart (part 1)
123602Oct 13/14Praesidium (part 2)
124603Oct 20/14The 3rd Choir
125604Oct 27/14Black Budget
Oct 27/14True Colors (Scorpion episode)
126525Nov 03/14SEAL Hunter
127605Nov 10/14Leipei
128606Nov 17/14The Grey Man
129607Nov 24/14Traitor
130608Dec 08/14Reign Fall
131610Dec 15/14Humbug
132609Jan 05/15Spiral
133611Jan 19/15In the Line of Duty
134612Feb 02/15Black Wind
135613Feb 09/15Forest For the Trees
136614Feb 23/15Expiration Date
137615Mar 09/15Savoir Faire
138616Mar 23/15Fighting Shadows
139617Mar 30/15Blaze of Glory
140618Apr 13/15Rage
141619Apr 20/15Beacon
142Apr 27/15Field of Fire
143May 11/15Kolcheck, A. (part 1)
144May 18/15Chernoff, K. (part 2)

Season Seven: 24 episodes
145Sep 21/15Active Measures
146Sep 28/15Citadel
147Oct 05/15Driving Miss Diaz
148Oct 12/15Command and Control
149Oct 19/15Blame it on Rio (NCIS crossover)
150Nov 02/15Unspoken
151Nov 09/15An Unlocked Mind
152Nov 16/15The Long Goodbye
153Nov 23/15Defectors
154Dec 07/15Internal Affairs
155Dec 14/15Cancel Christmas
156Jan 04/16Core Values
157Jan 18/16Angels and Daemons
158Jan 25/16Come Back
159Feb 08/16Matryoshka
160Feb 22/16Matryoshka, Part 2
161Feb 29/16Revenge Deferred
162Mar 14/16Exchange Rate
163Mar 21/16The Seventh Child
164Mar 28/16Seoul Man
165Apr 11/16Head of the Snake
166Apr 18/16Granger, O.
167Apr 25/16Where There's Smoke...
168May 02/16Talion

Season Eight: 24 episodes
169Sep 25/16High-Value Target
170Sep 25/16Belly of the Beast
171Oct 02/16The Queen's Gambit
172Oct 16/16Black Market
173Oct 23/16Ghost Gun
174Oct 30/16Home is Where the Heart Is
175Nov 06/16Crazy Train
176Nov 13/16Parallel Resistors
177Nov 20/16Glasnost
178Nov 27/16Sirens
179Dec 18/16Tidings We Bring
180Jan 08/17Kulinda
181Jan 15/17Hot Water (part 1)
182Jan 29/17Under Siege (part 2)
183Feb 19/17Payback
184Mar 05/17Old Tricks
185Mar 12/17Queen Pin
186Mar 19/17Getaway
187Mar 26/17767
188Apr 09/17From Havana With Love
189Apr 23/17Battle Scars (part 1)
190Apr 30/17Golden Days (part 2)
191May 07/17Uncaged
192May 14/17Unleashed

Season Nine: 24 episodes
193Oct 01/17Party Crashers
194Oct 08/17Se Murio El Payaso
195Oct 15/17Assets
196Oct 22/17Plain Sight
197Oct 29/17Mountebank
198Nov 05/17Can I Get a Witness?
199Nov 12/17The Silo
200Nov 19/17This is What We Do
201Nov 26/17Fool Me Twice
202Dec 10/17Forasteira
203Dec 17/17All is Bright
204Jan 07/18Under Pressure
205Jan 14/18Các Tù Nhân (part 1)
206Mar 11/18Goodbye, Vietnam (part 2)
207Mar 18/18Liabilities
208Mar 25/18Warriors of Peace
209Apr 01/18The Monster
210Apr 08/18Vendetta
211Apr 22/18Outside the Lines
212Apr 29/18Reentry
213May 06/18Where Everybody Knows Your Name
214May 13/18Venganza
215May 20/18A Line in the Sand (part 1)
216May 20/18Ninguna Salida (part 2)

Season Ten: 24 episodes
217Sep 30/18To Live and Die in Mexico
218Oct 07/18Superhuman
219Oct 14/18The Prince
220Oct 21/18Hit List
221Oct 28/18Pro Se
222Nov 04/18Asesinos
223Nov 11/18One of Us
224Nov 18/18The Patton Project
225Nov 25/18A Diamond in the Rough
226Dec 09/18Heist
227Dec 16/18Joyride
228Jan 06/19The Sound of Silence
229Jan 13/19Better Angels
230Jan 27/19Smokescreen
231Feb 17/19Smokescreen, Part 2
232Mar 03/19Into the Breach
233Mar 17/19Till Death Do Us Part
234Mar 24/19Born to Run
235Mar 31/19Searching
236Apr 14/19Choke Point
237Apr 28/19The One That Got Away (part 1)
238May 05/19No More Secrets (part 2)
239May 12/19The Guardian (part 1)
240May 19/19False Flag (part 2)

Season Eleven: 22 episodes
241Sep 29/19Let Fate Decide
242Oct 06/19Decoy
243Oct 13/19Hail Mary
244Oct 20/19Yellow Jack
245Oct 27/19Provenance
246Nov 03/19A Bloody Brilliant Plan
247Nov 10/19Concours D'Elegance
248Nov 17/19Human Resources
249Nov 24/19Kill Beale: Vol. 1
250Dec 01/19Mother
251Dec 08/19Answers
252Jan 05/20Groundwork
253Jan 12/20High Society
254Feb 16/20Commitment Issues
255Feb 23/20The Circle
256Mar 01/20Alsiyadun
257Mar 08/20Watch Over Me
258Mar 22/20Missing Time
259Mar 29/20Fortune Favors the Brave
260Apr 12/20Knock Down
261Apr 19/20Murder of Crows
262Apr 26/20Code of Conduct

Season Twelve: 18 episodes
263Nov 08/20The Bear
264Nov 15/20War Crimes
265Nov 22/20Angry Karen
266Dec 06/20Cash Flow
267Dec 06/20Raising the Dead
268Dec 13/20If the Fates Allow
269Jan 03/21Overdue
270Jan 10/21Love Kills (part 1)
271Jan 17/21A Fait Accompli (part 2)
272Feb 14/21The Frogman's Daughter
273Feb 21/21Russia, Russia, Russia
274Feb 28/21Can't Take My Eyes Off You (part 1)
275Mar 28/21Red Rover, Red Rover (part 2)
276Apr 04/21The Noble Maidens
277May 02/21Imposter Syndrome
278May 09/21Signs of Change
279May 16/21Through the Looking Glass
280May 23/21A Tale of Two Igors

Season Thirteen: 22 episodes
281Oct 10/21Subject 17
282Oct 17/21Fukushu
283Oct 24/21Indentured
284Oct 31/21Sorry For Your Loss
285Nov 07/21Divided We Fall
286Nov 21/21Sundown
287Jan 02/22Lost Soldier Down
288Jan 09/22A Land of Wolves
289Feb 27/22Under the Influence
290Mar 06/22Where Loyalties Lie
291Mar 13/22All the Little Things
292Mar 20/22Murmuration
293Mar 27/22Bonafides
294Mar 27/22Pandora's Box
295Apr 10/22Perception
296Apr 17/22MWD
297Apr 24/22Genesis
298May 01/22Hard For the Money
299May 01/22Live Free or Die Standing
300May 08/22Work & Family
301May 15/22Down the Rabbit Hole
302May 22/22Come Together
NCIS: Los Angeles
Genre: crime, action, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 14
Number of Episodes: 314
Broadcast Run: 2009 - present
Starring: Chris O'Donnell
Daniela Ruah
LL Cool J
Gerald McRaney (season 13-)
Caleb Castille (season 12-)
Medalion Rahimi (season 11-)
Eric Christian Olsen (season 2-)
Nia Long (season 9-10)
Miguel Ferrer (season 5-8)
Renée Felice Smith (season 2-12)
Barrett Foa (season 1-12)
Linda Hunt (season 1-12)
Peter Cambor (season 1)
Adam Jamal Craig (season 1)
Created By: Shane Brennan
Showrunner: Shane Brennan (season 1-7)
R. Scott Gemmill (season 8-)
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Shane Brennan Productions
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: NCIS: Los Angeles
See Also: JAG (1995)
NCIS (2003)
NCIS: New Orleans (2014)
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Scorpion (2014)
IMDb: NCIS: Los Angeles