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Rocketed from a distant planet to a bold new destiny on Earth, found by a Kansas family and raised as Clark Kent, he learned he possessed the strength of steel, the speed of light, and the desire to help all mankind. He is -- Superboy!

Season One: 26 episodes
18802Oct 08/88The Jewel of Techacal
28803Oct 15/88A Kind of Princess
38804Oct 22/88Back to Oblivion
48805Oct 29/88The Russian Exchange Student
58801Nov 05/88Countdown to Nowhere
68806Nov 12/88Bringing Down the House
78807Nov 19/88The Beast and Beauty
88808Nov 26/88The Fixer
98809Dec 03/88The Alien Solution
108810Dec 10/88Troubled Waters
118811Jan 21/89The Invisible People
128812Jan 28/89Kryptonite Kills
138814Feb 04/89Revenge of the Alien, Part One
148815Feb 11/89Revenge of the Alien, Part Two
158816Feb 18/89Stand Up and Get Knocked Down
16Feb 25/89Meet Mr. Mxyzptlk
178813Mar 04/89Birdwoman of the Swamps
18Mar 11/89Terror From the Blue
19Mar 18/89War of the Species
20Apr 15/89Little Hercules
21Apr 22/89Mutant
22Apr 29/89The Phantom of the Third Division
23May 06/89Black Flamingo
24May 13/89Hollywood
25May 20/89Succubus
26May 27/89Luthor Unleashed

Season Two: 26 episodes
27Oct 07/89With This Ring I Thee Kill (part 1)
28Oct 14/89Lex Luthor, Sentenced to Death (part 2)
298927Oct 21/89Metallo
30Oct 28/89Young Dracula
31Nov 04/89Nightmare Island
32Nov 11/89Bizarro... The Thing of Steel (part 1)
33Nov 18/89The Battle With Bizarro (part 2)
34Nov 25/89Mr. and Mrs. Superboy
35Dec 02/89Programmed For Death
36Dec 09/89Superboy's Deadly Touch
37Dec 16/89The Power of Evil
38Jan 06/90Superboy... Rest in Peace
39Jan 13/90Super Menace!
40Jan 20/90Yellow Peri's Spell of Doom
41Jan 27/90Microboy
42Feb 03/90Run, Dracula, Run
43Feb 10/90Brimstone
44Feb 17/90Abandon Earth (part 1)
45Feb 24/90Escape to Earth (part 2)
46Mar 03/90Superstar
47Apr 21/90The Woman Called Tiger Eye
48Apr 28/90Revenge From the Deep
49May 05/90The Haunting of Andy McAlister
50May 12/90Nick Knack
51May 19/90The Secrets of Superboy (clip show)
52May 26/90Johnny Casanova and the Case of the Secret Serum

Season Three: 26 episodes
The Adventures of Superboy
53Oct 04/90The Bride of Bizarro, Part One
54Oct 11/90The Bride of Bizarro, Part Two
55Oct 18/90The Lair
56Oct 25/90Neila
57Nov 01/90Roads Not Taken, Part One
58Nov 08/90Roads Not Taken, Part Two
59Nov 15/90The Sons of Icarus
60Nov 22/90Carnival
61Nov 29/90Test of Time
62Dec 03/90Mindscape
63Dec 10/90Superboy... Lost
64Dec 31/90Special Effects
65Jan 07/91Neila and the Beast
66Jan 14/91Golem
67Jan 21/91A Day in the Double Life
68Jan 28/91Bodyswap
69Feb 04/91Rebirth, Part One
70Feb 18/91Rebirth, Part Two
71Feb 25/91Werewolf
72Apr 08/91People vs Metallo
73Apr 15/91Jackson and Hyde
74Apr 22/91Mine Games
75Apr 29/91Wish For Armageddon
76May 06/91Standoff
77May 13/91The Road to Hell, Part One
78May 20/91The Road to Hell, Part Two

Season Four: 22 episodes
79Sep 30/91A Change of the Heart, Part One
80Oct 07/91A Change of the Heart, Part Two
81Oct 14/91Kryptonite Kid
82Oct 21/91The Basement
83Oct 28/91Darla Goes Ballistic
84Nov 04/91Paranoia
85Nov 11/91Know Thine Enemy, Part One
86Nov 18/91Know Thine Enemy, Part Two
87Nov 25/91Hell Breaks Loose
88Dec 02/91Into the Mystery
89Jan 13/92To Be Human, Part One
90Jan 20/92To Be Human, Part Two
91Jan 27/92West of Alpha Centauri
92Feb 03/92Threesome, Part One
93Feb 10/92Threesome, Part Two
94Feb 17/92Out of Luck
95Feb 24/92Who is Superboy? (clip show)
96Apr 13/92Cat and Mouse
97Apr 20/92Obituary For a Super Hero
98Apr 27/92Metamorphosis
99May 04/92Rites of Passage, Part One
100May 11/92Rites of Passage, Part Two
Superboy / The Adventures of Superboy
Genre: adventure, science fiction, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 100
Broadcast Run: 1988 - 1992
Starring: Stacy Haiduk
Peter Jay Fernandez (season 3-4)
Robert Levine (season 3-4)
Gerard Christopher (season 2-4)
Ilan Mitchell-Smith (season 2)
John Haymes Newton (season 1)
Jim Calvert (season 1)
Superman Created By: Jerry Siegel
Joe Shuster
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Alexander and Ilya Salkind Productions
Lowry Productions
Copyright: © 1988-1991 Cantharus Productions N.V.
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993)
Superman: The Animated Series (1996)
Smallville (2001)
IMDb: Superboy / The Adventures of Superboy