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In Smallville, Kansa, a young Clark Kent is learning to secretly use his developing powers for good while searching for clues about his alien heritage and trying to maintain a normal teenage life.

Season One: 21 episodes
1475165Oct 16/01(US)Pilot
2227601Oct 23/01(US)Metamorphosis
3227603Oct 30/01(US)Hothead
4227604Nov 06/01(US)X-Ray
5227605Nov 13/01(US)Cool
6227606Nov 20/01(US)Hourglass
7227607Nov 27/01(US)Craving
8227602Dec 11/01(US)Jitters
9227608Jan 15/02(US)Rogue
10227609Jan 29/02(US)Shimmer
11227610Feb 05/02(US)Hug
12227611Feb 12/02(US)Leech
13227612Feb 26/02(US)Kinetic
14227613Mar 12/02(US)Zero
15227614Mar 19/02(US)Nicodemus
16227615Apr 16/02(US)Stray
17227616Apr 23/02(US)Reaper
18227617Apr 30/02(US)Drone
19227618May 07/02(US)Crush
20227619May 14/02(US)Obscura
21227620May 21/02(US)Tempest

Season Two: 23 episodes
22175051Sep 24/02(US)Vortex
23175052Oct 01/02(US)Heat
24175053Oct 08/02(US)Duplicity
25175054Oct 15/02(US)Red
26175055Oct 22/02(US)Nocturne
27227621Oct 29/02(US)Redux
28175056Nov 05/02(US)Lineage
29175057Nov 12/02(US)Ryan
30175058Nov 19/02(US)Dichotic
31175059Nov 26/02(US)Skinwalker
32175060Jan 14/03(US)Visage
33175062Jan 21/03(US)Insurgence
34175061Jan 28/03(US)Suspect
35175063Feb 04/03(US)Rush
36175064Feb 11/03(US)Prodigal
37175065Feb 18/03(US)Fever
38175066Feb 25/03(US)Rosetta
39175067Apr 15/03(US)Visitor
40175068Apr 22/03(US)Precipice
41175069Apr 29/03(US)Witness
42175070May 06/03(US)Accelerate
43175071May 13/03(US)Calling (part 1)
44175072May 20/03(US)Exodus (part 2)

Season Three: 22 episodes
45176201Oct 01/03(US)Exile (part 3)
46176202Oct 08/03(US)Phoenix (part 4)
47176203Oct 15/03(US)Extinction
48176204Oct 22/03(US)Slumber
49176205Oct 29/03(US)Perry
50176206Nov 05/03(US)Relic
51176207Nov 12/03(US)Magnetic
52176208Nov 19/03(US)Shattered
53176209Jan 14/04(US)Asylum
54176210Jan 21/04(US)Whisper
55176211Jan 28/04(US)Delete
56176212Feb 04/04(US)Hereafter
57176213Feb 11/04(US)Velocity
58176214Feb 18/04(US)Obsession
59176215Feb 25/04(US)Resurrection
60176216Mar 03/04(US)Crisis
61176217Apr 14/04(US)Legacy
62176218Apr 21/04(US)Truth
63176219Apr 28/04(US)Memoria
64176220May 05/04(US)Talisman
65176221May 12/04(US)Forsaken
66176222May 19/04(US)Covenant

Season Four: 22 episodes
672T5201Sep 22/04Crusade
682T5202Sep 29/04Gone
692T5204Oct 06/04Facade
702T5203Oct 13/04Devoted
712T5205Oct 20/04Run
722T5206Oct 27/04Transference
732T5207Nov 03/04Jinx
742T5208Nov 10/04Spell
752T5209Nov 17/04Bound
762T5210Dec 01/04Scare
772T5211Jan 26/05Unsafe
782T5212Feb 02/05Pariah
792T5213Feb 09/05Recruit
802T5214Feb 16/05Krypto
812T5215Feb 23/05Sacred
822T5216Mar 02/05Lucy
832T5217Apr 13/05Onyx
842T5218Apr 20/05Spirit
852T5219Apr 27/05Blank
862T5220May 04/05Ageless
872T5221May 11/05Forever
882T5222May 18/05Commencement (part 1)

Season Five: 22 episodes
892T6401Sep 29/05Arrival (part 2)
902T6402Oct 06/05Mortal
912T6403Oct 13/05Hidden
922T6406Oct 20/05Aqua
932T6404Oct 27/05Thirst
942T6405Nov 03/05Exposed
952T6408Nov 10/05Splinter
962T6407Nov 17/05Solitude
972T6409Dec 08/05Lexmas
982T6410Jan 12/06Fanatic
992T6411Jan 19/06Lockdown
1002T6412Jan 26/06Reckoning
1012T6413Feb 02/06Vengeance
1022T6414Feb 09/06Tomb
1032T6415Feb 16/06Cyborg
1042T6416Mar 30/06Hypnotic
1052T6417Apr 06/06Void
1062T6418Apr 13/06Fragile
1072T6419Apr 20/06Mercy
1082T6421Apr 27/06Fade
1092T6420May 04/06Oracle (part 1)
1102T6422May 11/06Vessel (part 2)

Season Six: 22 episodes
1112T7701Sep 28/06Zod (part 3)
1122T7702Oct 05/06Sneeze
1132T7703Oct 12/06Wither
1142T7704Oct 19/06Arrow
1152T7706Oct 26/06Reunion
1162T7707Nov 02/06Fallout
1172T7708Nov 09/06Rage
1182T7709Nov 16/06Static
1192T7705Dec 07/06Subterranean
1202T7710Jan 11/07Hydro
1212T7711Jan 18/07Justice
1222T7712Jan 25/07Labyrinth
1232T7713Feb 01/07Crimson
1242T7714Feb 08/07Trespass
1252T7715Feb 15/07Freak
1262T7716Mar 15/07Promise
1272T7717Mar 22/07Combat
1282T7718Apr 19/07Progeny
1292T7719Apr 26/07Nemesis
1302T7721May 03/07Noir
1312T7720May 10/07Prototype
1322T7722May 17/07Phantom

Season Seven: 20 episodes
1333T6301Sep 27/07Bizarro
1343T6302Oct 04/07Kara
1353T6303Oct 11/07Fierce
1363T6304Oct 18/07Cure
1373T6306Oct 25/07Action
1383T6305Nov 01/07Lara
1393T6307Nov 08/07Wrath
1403T6308Nov 15/07Blue
1413T6309Dec 13/07Gemini
1423T6310Jan 31/08Persona
1433T6311Feb 07/08Siren
1443T6312Feb 14/08Fracture
1453T6313Mar 13/08Hero
1463T6314Mar 20/08Traveler
1473T6315Mar 27/08Veritas
1483T6316Apr 17/08Descent
1493T6317Apr 24/08Sleeper
1503T6318May 01/08Apocalypse
1513T6319May 08/08Quest
1523T6320May 15/08Arctic

Season Eight: 22 episodes
1533T7451Sep 18/08Odyssey
1543T7452Sep 25/08Plastique
1553T7453Oct 02/08Toxic
1563T7454Oct 09/08Instinct
1573T7455Oct 16/08Committed
1583T7456Oct 23/08Prey
1593T7457Oct 30/08Identity
1603T7459Nov 06/08Bloodline
1613T7458Nov 13/08Abyss
1623T7460Nov 20/08Bride
1633T7461Jan 15/09Legion
1643T7462Jan 22/09Bulletproof
1653T7463Jan 29/09Power
1663T7464Feb 05/09Requiem
1673T7465Mar 12/09Infamous
1683T7466Mar 19/09Turbulence
1693T7467Mar 26/09Hex
1703T7468Apr 02/09Eternal
1713T7469Apr 23/09Stiletto
1723T7470Apr 30/09Beast
1733T7471May 07/09Injustice
1743T7472May 14/09Doomsday

Season Nine: 22 episodes
1753X5251Sep 25/09Savior
1763X5252Oct 02/09Metallo
1773X5253Oct 09/09Rabid
1783X5254Oct 16/09Echo
1793X5256Oct 23/09Roulette
1803X5257Oct 30/09Crossfire
1813X5258Nov 06/09Kandor
1823X5255Nov 13/09Idol
1833X5259Nov 20/09Pandora
1843X5260Jan 29/10Disciple
185/1863X5261/3X5262Feb 05/10Absolute Justice
1873X5263Feb 12/10Warrior
1883X5265Feb 19/10Persuasion
1893X5264Feb 26/10Conspiracy
1903X5266Apr 02/10Escape
1913X5267Apr 09/10Checkmate
1923X5268Apr 16/10Upgrade
1933X5269Apr 23/10Charade
1943X5270Apr 30/10Sacrifice
1953X5271May 07/10Hostage
1963X5272May 14/10Salvation (part 1)

Season Ten: 22 episodes
1973X6001Sep 24/10Lazarus (part 2)
1983X6002Oct 01/10Shield
1993X6003Oct 08/10Supergirl
2003X6004Oct 15/10Homecoming
2013X6005Oct 22/10Isis
2023X6007Oct 29/10Harvest
2033X6006Nov 05/10Ambush
2043X6008Nov 12/10Abandoned
2053X6009Nov 19/10Patriot
2063X6010Dec 03/10Luthor
2073X6011Dec 10/10Icarus
2083X6012Feb 04/11Collateral
2093X6013Feb 11/11Beacon
2103X6014Feb 18/11Masquerade
2113X6015Feb 25/11Fortune
2123X6016Mar 04/11Scion
2133X6018Apr 15/11Kent
2143X6017Apr 22/11Booster
2153X6021Apr 29/11Dominion
2163X6019May 06/11Prophecy
2173X6020May 13/11Finale
2183X6022May 13/11Finale, Part 2
Dec 09/19Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 2 (Arrowverse crossover)
Genre: science fiction, adventure, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 10
Number of Episodes: 218
Broadcast Run: 2001 - 2011
Starring: Tom Welling
Allison Mack
Erica Durance (season 5-10)
Cassidy Freeman (season 8-10)
Justin Hartley (season 8-10)
Callum Blue (season 9)
Aaron Ashmore (season 7-8)
Sam Witwer (season 8)
Kristin Kreuk (season 1-7)
Michael Rosenbaum (season 1-7)
John Glover (season 2-7)
Laura Vandervoort (season 7)
Annette O'Toole (season 1-6)
John Schneider (season 1-5)
Jensen Ackles (season 4)
Sam Jones III (season 1-3)
Eric Johnson (season 1)
Developed By: Alfred Gough
Miles Millar
Superman Created By: Jerry Siegel
Joe Shuster
Showrunner: Alfred Gough (season 1-7)
Miles Millar (season 1-7)
Darren Swimmer (season 8)
Todd Slavkin (season 8)
Kelly Souders (season 8-10)
Brian Peterson (season 8-10)
Broadcast Network: WB (season 1-5)
CW (season 6-10)
Production Company: Tollin / Robbins Productions
Millar Gough Ink
Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Superboy / The Adventures of Superboy (1988)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993)
Superman: The Animated Series (1996)
Supergirl (2015)
Superman & Lois (2021)
IMDb: Smallville