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Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, re-unite to search for their missing father. They travel the country following clues from his journal, stopping where needed to fight demons and other evil creatures, like they were trained to do ever since their mother was killed by one.

Season One: 22 episodes
1475285Sep 13/05Pilot
22T6901Sep 20/05Wendigo
32T6903Sep 27/05Dead in the Water
42T6904Oct 04/05Phantom Traveler
52T6905Oct 11/05Bloody Mary
62T6906Oct 18/05Skin
72T6902Oct 25/05Hook Man
Nov 11/05Supernatural: Behind the Scenes (special)
82T6907Nov 08/05Bugs
92T6908Nov 15/05The Journey Home
102T6909Nov 22/05Asylum
112T6911Jan 10/06Scarecrow
122T6910Jan 17/06Faith
132T6912Jan 31/06Route 666
142T6913Feb 07/06Nightmare
152T6914Feb 14/06The Benders
162T6915Feb 28/06Shadow
172T6916Mar 30/06Hell House
182T6917Apr 06/06Something Wicked
192T6918Apr 13/06Provenance
202T6919Apr 20/06Dead Man's Blood
212T6920Apr 27/06Salvation (part 1)
222T6921May 04/06Devil's Trap (part 2)

Season Two: 22 episodes
233T5501Sep 28/06In My Time of Dying
243T5502Oct 05/06Everybody Loves a Clown
253T5503Oct 12/06Bloodlust
263T5504Oct 19/06Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
273T5505Oct 26/06Simon Said
283T5506Nov 02/06No Exit
293T5507Nov 09/06The Usual Suspects
303T5508Nov 16/06Crossroad Blues
313T5509Dec 07/06Croatoan
323T5510Jan 11/07Hunted
333T5511Jan 18/07Playthings
343T5512Jan 25/07Nightshifter
353T5513Feb 01/07Houses of the Holy
363T5514Feb 08/07Born Under a Bad Sign
373T5515Feb 15/07Tall Tales
383T5516Mar 15/07Roadkill
393T5517Mar 22/07Heart
403T5518Apr 19/07Hollywood Babylon
413T5519Apr 26/07Folsom Prison Blues
423T5520May 03/07What is and What Should Never Be
433T5521May 10/07All Hell Breaks Loose
443T5522May 17/07All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2

Season Three: 16 episodes
453T6901Oct 04/07The Magnificent Seven
463T6902Oct 11/07The Kids Are Alright
473T6903Oct 18/07Bad Day at Black Rock
483T6904Oct 25/07Sin City
493T6905Nov 01/07Bedtime Stories
503T6906Nov 08/07Red Sky at Morning
513T6907Nov 15/07Fresh Blood
523T6908Dec 13/07A Very Supernatural Christmas
533T6909Jan 31/08Malleus Maleficarum
543T6910Feb 07/08Dream a Little Dream of Me
553T6912Feb 14/08Mystery Spot
563T6911Feb 21/08Jus In Bello
573T6913Apr 24/08Ghostfacers
583T6914May 01/08Long-Distance Call
593T6915May 08/08Time is on My Side
603T6916May 15/08No Rest For the Wicked

Season Four: 22 episodes
613T7501Sep 18/08Lazarus Rising
623T7502Sep 25/08Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
633T7504Oct 02/08In the Beginning (part 1)
643T7505Oct 09/08Metamorphosis (part 2)
653T7503Oct 16/08Monster Movie
663T7506Oct 23/08Yellow Fever
673T7507Oct 30/08It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
683T7508Nov 06/08Wishful Thinking
693T7509Nov 13/08I Know What You Did Last Summer (part 1)
703T7510Nov 20/08Heaven and Hell (part 2)
713T7511Jan 15/09Family Remains
723T7512Jan 22/09Criss Angel is a Douchebag
733T7513Jan 29/09After School Special
743T7514Feb 05/09Sex and Violence
753T7515Mar 12/09Death Takes a Holiday
763T7516Mar 19/09On the Head of a Pin
773T7517Mar 26/09It's a Terrible Life
783T7518Apr 02/09The Monster at the End of This Book
793T7519Apr 23/09Jump the Shark
803T7520Apr 30/09The Rapture
813T7521May 07/09When the Levee Breaks
823T7522May 14/09Lucifer Rising

Season Five: 22 episodes
833X5201Sep 10/09Sympathy For the Devil
843X5202Sep 17/09Good God, Y'All
853X5203Sep 24/09Free to Be You and Me
863X5204Oct 01/09The End
873X5205Oct 08/09Fallen Idol
883X5206Oct 15/09I Believe the Children Are Our Future
893X5207Oct 29/09The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
903X5208Nov 05/09Changing Channels
913X5209Nov 12/09The Real Ghostbusters
923X5210Nov 19/09Abandon All Hope
933X5211Jan 21/10Sam, Interrupted
943X5212Jan 28/10Swap Meat
953X5213Feb 05/10The Song Remains the Same
963X5215Feb 11/10My Bloody Valentine
973X5214Mar 25/10Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
983X5216Apr 01/10Dark Side of the Moon
993X5217Apr 08/1099 Problems
1003X5218Apr 15/10Point of No Return
1013X5219Apr 22/10Hammer of the Gods
1023X5220Apr 29/10The Devil You Know
1033X5221May 06/10Two Minutes to Midnight
1043X5222May 13/10Swan Song

Season Six: 22 episodes
1053X6052Sep 24/10Exile on Main Street
1063X6053Oct 01/10Two and a Half Men
1073X6054Oct 08/10The Third Man
1083X6051Oct 15/10Weekend at Bobby's
1093X6056Oct 22/10Live Free or TwiHard
1103X6055Oct 29/10You Can't Handle the Truth
1113X6057Nov 05/10Family Matters
1123X6058Nov 12/10All Dogs Go to Heaven
1133X6059Nov 19/10Clap Your Hands if You Believe
1143X6060Dec 03/10Caged Heat
1153X6061Dec 10/10Appointment in Samarra
1163X6062Feb 04/11Like a Virgin
1173X6063Feb 11/11Unforgiven
1183X6064Feb 18/11Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
1193X6065Feb 25/11The French Mistake
1203X6066Mar 04/11...And Then There Were None
1213X6068Apr 15/11My Heart Will Go On
1223X6067Apr 22/11Frontierland
1233X6069Apr 29/11Mommy Dearest
1243X6070May 06/11The Man Who Would Be King
1253X6071May 20/11Let it Bleed
1263X6072May 20/11The Man Who Knew Too Much

Season Seven: 23 episodes
1273X7052Sep 23/11Meet the New Boss
1283X7053Sep 30/11Hello, Cruel World
1293X7051Oct 07/11The Girl Next Door
1303X7054Oct 14/11Defending Your Life
1313X7055Oct 21/11Shut Up, Dr. Phil
1323X7056Oct 28/11Slash Fiction
1333X7057Nov 04/11The Mentalists
1343X7058Nov 11/11Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
1353X7059Nov 18/11How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters
1363X7060Dec 02/11Death's Door
1373X7061Jan 06/12Adventures in Babysitting
1383X7062Jan 13/12Time After Time
1393X7063Feb 03/12The Slice Girls
1403X7064Feb 10/12Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
1413X7065Feb 17/12Repo Man
1423X7066Mar 16/12Out With the Old
1433X7067Mar 23/12The Born-Again Identity
1443X7068Mar 30/12Party on, Garth
1453X7069Apr 20/12Of Grave Importance
1463X7070Apr 27/12The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
1473X7071May 04/12Reading is Fundamental
1483X7072May 11/12There Will Be Blood
1493X7073May 18/12Survival of the Fittest

Season Eight: 23 episodes
1503X7802Oct 03/12We Need to Talk About Kevin
1513X7803Oct 10/12What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
1523X7801Oct 17/12Heartache
1533X7804Oct 24/12Bitten
1543X7805Oct 31/12Blood Brother
1553X7806Nov 07/12Southern Comfort
1563X7807Nov 14/12A Little Slice of Kevin
1573X7808Nov 28/12Hunteri Heroici
1583X7809Dec 05/12Citizen Fang
1593X7810Jan 16/13Torn and Frayed
1603X7811Jan 23/13LARP and the Real Girl
1613X7812Jan 30/13As Time Goes By
1623X7814Feb 06/13Everybody Hates Hitler
1633X7813Feb 13/13Trial and Error
1643X7815Feb 20/13Man's Best Friend With Benefits
1653X7816Feb 27/13Remember the Titans
1663X7817Mar 20/13Goodbye Stranger
1673X7818Mar 27/13Freaks and Geeks
1683X7819Apr 03/13Taxi Driver
1693X7820Apr 24/13Pac-Man Fever
1703X7821May 01/13The Great Escapist
1713X7822May 08/13Clip Show
1723X7823May 15/13Sacrifice

Season Nine: 23 episodes
1734X5052Oct 08/13I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here
1744X5051Oct 15/13Devil May Care
1754X5053Oct 22/13I'm No Angel
1764X5054Oct 29/13Slumber Party
1774X5056Nov 05/13Dog Dean Afternoon
1784X5057Nov 12/13Heaven Can't Wait
1794X5055Nov 19/13Bad Boys
1804X5058Nov 26/13Rock and a Hard Place
1814X5059Dec 03/13Holy Terror
1824X5060Jan 14/14Road Trip
1834X5061Jan 21/14First Born
1844X5062Jan 28/14Sharp Teeth
1854X5063Feb 04/14The Purge
1864X5064Feb 25/14Captives
1874X5066Mar 04/14#Thinman
1884X5065Mar 18/14Blade Runners
1894X5067Mar 25/14Mother's Little Helper
1904X5068Apr 15/14Meta Fiction
1914X5069Apr 22/14Alex Annie Alexis Ann
1924X5070Apr 29/14Bloodlines (spinoff declined)
1934X5071May 06/14King of the Damned
1944X5072May 13/14Stairway to Heaven
1954X5073May 20/14Do You Believe in Miracles

Season Ten: 23 episodes
Oct 06/14A Very Special Supernatural Special
1964X5802/T13.18802Oct 07/14Black
1974X5803/T13.18803Oct 14/14Reichenbach
1984X5801/T13.18801Oct 21/14Soul Survivor
1994X5804/T13.18804Oct 28/14Paper Moon
2004X5805/T13.18805Nov 11/14Fan Fiction
2014X5806/T13.18806Nov 18/14Ask Jeeves
2024X5807/T13.18807Nov 25/14Girls, Girls, Girls
2034X5808/T13.18808Dec 02/14Hibbing 911
2044X5809/T13.18809Dec 09/14The Things We Left Behind
2054X5811/T13.18811Jan 20/15The Hunter Games
2064X5810/T13.18810Jan 27/15There's No Place Like Home
2074X5812/T13.18812Feb 03/15About a Boy
2084X5813/T13.18813Feb 10/15Halt and Catch Fire
2094X5814/T13.18814Feb 17/15The Executioner's Song
2104X5815/T13.18815Mar 18/15The Things They Carried
2114X5816/T13.18816Mar 25/15Paint it Black
2124X5817/T13.18817Apr 01/15Inside Man
2134X5818/T13.18818Apr 15/15Book of the Damned
2144X5819/T13.18819Apr 22/15The Werther Project
2154X5820/T13.18820Apr 29/15Angel Heart
2164X5823/T13.18823May 06/15Dark Dynasty
2174X5821/T13.18821May 13/15The Prisoner
2184X5822/T13.18822May 20/15My Brother's Keeper

Season Eleven: 23 episodes
2194X6252/T13.19252Oct 07/15Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
2204X6253/T13.19253Oct 14/15Form and Void
2214X6251/T13.19251Oct 21/15The Bad Seed
2224X6254/T13.19254Oct 28/15Baby
2234X6255/T13.19255Nov 04/15Thin Lizzie
2244X6256/T13.19256Nov 11/15Our Little World
2254X6257/T13.19257Nov 18/15Plush
2264X6258/T13.19258Dec 02/15Just My Imagination
2274X6259/T13.19259Dec 09/15O Brother Where Art Thou?
2284X6260/T13.19260Jan 20/16The Devil in the Details
2294X6261/T13.19261Jan 27/16Into the Mystic
2304X6262/T13.19262Feb 03/16Don't You Forget About Me
2314X6263/T13.19263Feb 10/16Love Hurts
2324X6264/T13.19264Feb 17/16The Vessel
2334X6265/T13.19265Feb 24/16Beyond the Mat
2344X6266/T13.19266Mar 23/16Safe House
2354X6267/T13.19267Mar 30/16Red Meat
2364X6268/T13.19268Apr 06/16Hell's Angel
2374X6269/T13.19269Apr 27/16The Chitters
2384X6270/T13.19270May 04/16Don't Call Me Shurley
2394X6271/T13.19271May 11/16All in the Family
2404X6272/T13.19272May 18/16We Happy Few
2414X6273/T13.19273May 25/16Alpha and Omega

Season Twelve: 23 episodes
242T13.19951Oct 13/16Keep Calm and Carry On
243T13.19952Oct 20/16Mamma Mia
244T13.19953Oct 27/16The Foundry
245T13.19954Nov 03/16American Nightmare
246T13.19955Nov 10/16The One You've Been Waiting For
247T13.19956Nov 17/16Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
248T13.19957Dec 01/16Rock Never Dies
249T13.19958Dec 08/16Lotus
250T13.19959Jan 26/17First Blood
251T13.19960Feb 02/17Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets
252T13.19961Feb 09/17Regarding Dean
253T13.19962Feb 16/17Stuck in the Middle (With You)
254T13.19963Feb 23/17Family Feud
255T13.19964Mar 02/17The Raid
256T13.19965Mar 09/17Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
257T13.19966Mar 30/17Ladies Drink Free
258T13.19967Apr 06/17The British Invasion
259T13.19968Apr 13/17The Memory Remains
260T13.19969Apr 27/17The Future
261T13.19970May 04/17Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes
262T13.19971May 11/17There's Something About Mary
263T13.19972May 18/17Who We Are
264T13.19973May 18/17All Along the Watchtower

Season Thirteen: 23 episodes
265T13.20551Oct 12/17Lost and Found
266T13.20552Oct 19/17The Rising Son
267T13.20553Oct 26/17Patience
268T13.20554Nov 02/17The Big Empty
269T13.20555Nov 09/17Advanced Thanatology
270T13.20556Nov 16/17Tombstone
271T13.20557Nov 23/17War of the Worlds
272T13.20558Nov 30/17The Scorpion and the Frog
273T13.20559Dec 07/17The Bad Place
274T13.20560Jan 18/18Wayward Sisters (spinoff declined)
275T13.20561Jan 25/18Breakdown
276T13.20562Feb 01/18Various and Sundry Villains
277T13.20563Feb 08/18Devil's Bargain
278T13.20564Mar 01/18Good Intentions
279T13.20565Mar 08/18A Most Holy Man
280T13.20566Mar 29/18ScoobyNatural
281T13.20567Apr 05/18The Thing
282T13.20568Apr 12/18Bring 'em Back Alive
283T13.20569Apr 19/18Funeralia
284T13.20570Apr 26/18Unfinished Business
285T13.20571May 03/18Beat the Devil
286T13.20572May 10/18Exodus
287T13.20573May 17/18Let the Good Times Roll

Season Fourteen: 20 episodes
288T13.21151Oct 11/18Stranger in a Strange Land
289T13.21152Oct 18/18Gods and Monsters
290T13.21153Oct 25/18The Scar
291T13.21154Nov 01/18Mint Condition
292T13.21155Nov 08/18Nightmare Logic
293T13.21156Nov 15/18Optimism
294T13.21157Nov 29/18Unhuman Nature
295T13.21158Dec 06/18Byzantium
296T13.21159Dec 13/18The Spear
297T13.21160Jan 17/19Nihilism
298T13.21161Jan 24/19Damaged Goods
299T13.21162Jan 31/19Prophet and Loss
300T13.21163Feb 07/19Lebanon
301T13.21164Mar 07/19Ouroboros
302T13.21166Mar 14/19Peace of Mind
303T13.21165Mar 21/19Don't Go in the Woods
304T13.21167Apr 04/19Game Night
305T13.21168Apr 11/19Absence
306T13.21169Apr 18/19Jack in the Box
307T13.21170Apr 25/19Moriah

Season Fifteen: 20 episodes
308T13.21752Oct 10/19Back and to the Future
309T13.21753Oct 17/19Raising Hell
310T13.21754Oct 24/19The Rupture
311T13.21751Nov 07/19Atomic Monsters
312T13.21755Nov 14/19Proverbs 17:3
313T13.21756Nov 21/19Golden Time
314T13.21757Dec 05/19Last Call
315T13.21758Dec 12/19Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven
316T13.21759Jan 16/20The Trap
317T13.21760Jan 23/20The Heroes' Journey
318T13.21761Jan 30/20The Gamblers
319T13.21762Mar 16/20Galaxy Brain
320T13.21763Mar 23/20Destiny's Child
321T13.21764Oct 08/20Last Holiday
322T13.21765Oct 15/20Gimme Shelter
323T13.21766Oct 22/20Drag Me Away (From You)
324T13.21767Oct 29/20Unity
325T13.21768Nov 05/20Despair
326T13.21769Nov 12/20Inherit the Earth
327T13.21770Nov 19/20Carry On
Genre: fantasy, horror
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended (resolved)
Number of Seasons: 15
Number of Episodes: 327
Broadcast Run: 2005 - 2020
Starring: Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles
Alexander Calvert (season 13-15)
Misha Collins (season 5-6,9-15)
Mark Pellegrino (season 12-14)
Mark A. Sheppard (season 10-12)
Katie Cassidy (season 3)
Lauren Cohan (season 3)
Created By: Eric Kripke
Showrunner: Eric Kripke (season 1-5)
Sera Gamble (season 6-7)
Jeremy Carver (season 8-11)
Andrew Dabb (season 12-15)
Robert Singer (season 12-15)
Broadcast Network: WB (season 1)
CW (season 2-15)
Production Company: Kripke Enterprises
Warner Bros. Television
Wonderland Sound and Vision
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Supernatural
See Also: The Winchesters (2022)
IMDb: Supernatural