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The Tomorrow People
Season One - 13 episodes
1Apr 30/73(UK)The Slaves of Jedikiah: Episode One
2May 07/73(UK)The Slaves of Jedikiah: Episode Two
3May 14/73(UK)The Slaves of Jedikiah: Episode Three
4May 21/73(UK)The Slaves of Jedikiah: Episode Four
5May 28/73(UK)The Slaves of Jedikiah: Episode Five
6Jun 11/73(UK)The Medusa Strain, Episode One
7Jun 18/73(UK)The Medusa Strain, Episode Two
8Jun 25/73(UK)The Medusa Strain, Episode Three
9Jul 02/73(UK)The Medusa Strain, Episode Four
10Jul 09/73(UK)The Vanishing Earth, Episode One
11Jul 16/73(UK)The Vanishing Earth, Episode Two
12Jul 23/73(UK)The Vanishing Earth, Episode Three
13Jul 30/73(UK)The Vanishing Earth, Episode Four

Season Two - 13 episodes
14Feb 04/74(UK)The Blue and the Green, Episode One: An Apple For Teacher
15Feb 11/74(UK)The Blue and the Green, Episode Two: A Changing Picture
16Feb 18/74(UK)The Blue and the Green, Episode Three: The Trojan Horse
17Feb 25/74(UK)The Blue and the Green, Episode Four: Cuckoo in the Nest
18Mar 04/74(UK)The Blue and the Green, Episode Five: The Swarming Season
19Mar 11/74(UK)A Rift in Time, Episode One: Vase of Mystery
20Mar 18/74(UK)A Rift in Time, Episode Two: Turn of the Thumb
21Mar 25/74(UK)A Rift in Time, Episode Three: From Little Acorns...
22Apr 01/74(UK)A Rift in Time, Episode Four: Rise of the Roman Empire
23Apr 08/74(UK)The Doomsday Men, Episode One: Dressed to Kill
24Apr 15/74(UK)The Doomsday Men, Episode Two: The Burning Sword
25Apr 22/74(UK)The Doomsday Men, Episode Three: Run Rabbit Run
26May 06/74(UK)The Doomsday Men, Episode Four: The Shuttlecock

Season Three - 13 episodes
27Feb 26/75(UK)Secret Weapon, Episode One: Lost & Found
28Mar 05/75(UK)Secret Weapon, Episode Two: Not Quite a Sleeping Beauty
29Mar 12/75(UK)Secret Weapon, Episode Three: Whose Side Are You On Professor
30Mar 19/75(UK)Secret Weapon, Episode Four: A Present From Russia
31Mar 26/75(UK)Worlds Away, Episode One: Secret of the Pyramid
32Apr 02/75(UK)Worlds Away, Episode Two: Hound of the Night
33Apr 09/75(UK)Worlds Away, Episode Three: More For the Burning
34Apr 16/75(UK)A Man For Emily, Episode One: The Fastest Gun
35Apr 23/75(UK)A Man For Emily, Episode Two: Here We Go Round the Doozlum
36Apr 30/75(UK)A Man For Emily, Episode Three: Shotgun Wedding
37May 07/75(UK)The Revenge of Jedikiah, Episode One: Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
38May 14/75(UK)The Revenge of Jedikiah, Episode Two: Last Chance
39May 21/75(UK)The Revenge of Jedikiah, Episode Three: Farewell Performance

Season Four - 7 episodes
40Oct 21/75(UK)One Law, Episode One: One Law For the Poor
41Oct 28/75(UK)One Law, Episode Two: Another For the Rich
42Nov 05/75(UK)One Law, Episode Three: Which Prohibits Them Equally From Stealing Bread
43Jan 07/76(UK)Into the Unknown, Episode One: The Visitor
44Jan 14/76(UK)Into the Unknown, Episode Two: The Father-Ship
45Jan 21/76(UK)Into the Unknown, Episode Three: The Tunnel
46Jan 28/76(UK)Into the Unknown, Episode Four: The Circle

Season Five - 6 episodes
47Feb 28/77(UK)The Dirtiest Business, Episode One: A Spy is Born
48Mar 07/77(UK)The Dirtiest Business, Episode Two: A Spy Dies....
49Mar 14/77(UK)A Much Needed Holiday, Episode One: Spilled Porridge
50Mar 21/77(UK)A Much Needed Holiday, Episode Two: Just Desserts
51Mar 28/77(UK)The Heart of Sogguth, Episode One: Beat the Drum
52Apr 04/77(UK)The Heart of Sogguth, Episode Two: Devil in Disguise

Season Six - 6 episodes
53May 15/78(UK)The Lost Gods, Episode One: Flight of Fancy
54May 22/78(UK)The Lost Gods, Episode Two: Life Before Death
55Jun 05/78(UK)Hitler's Last Secret, Episode One: Men Like Rats
56Jun 12/78(UK)Hitler's Last Secret, Episode Two: Seeds of Destruction
57Jun 19/78(UK)The Thargon Menace, Episode One: Unexpected Guests
58Jun 26/78(UK)The Thargon Menace, Episode Two: Playing With Fire

Season Seven - 6 episodes
59Oct 09/78(UK)Castle of Fear, Episode One: Ghosts and Monsters
60Oct 16/78(UK)Castle of Fear, Episode Two: Fighting Spirit
61Oct 23/78(UK)Achilles Heel, Episode One: A Room at the Inn
62Oct 30/78(UK)Achilles Heel, Episode Two: Everything to Lose
63Nov 06/78(UK)The Living Skins, Episode One: A Harmless Fashion
64Nov 13/78(UK)The Living Skins, Episode Two: Cold War

Season Eight - 4 episodes
65Jan 29/79(UK)War of the Empires, Episode One: Close Encounter
66Feb 05/79(UK)War of the Empires, Episode Two: Contact!
67Feb 12/79(UK)War of the Empires, Episode Three: Standing Alone
68Feb 19/79(UK)War of the Empires, Episode Four: All in the Mind

Homo Superior.

With psionic powers such as telepathy, telekinesis and even teleportation, they are the next stage of our evolution and the future of the human race.

The Tomorrow People
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 8
Number of Episodes: 68
Broadcast Run: 1973 - 1979
Starring: Nicholas Young
Philip Gilbert
Elizabeth Adare (season 2-5, 7-8)
Nigel Rhodes (season 7-8)
Misako Koba (season 6-8)
Mike Holoway (season 4-8)
Dean Lawrence (season 3-4)
Peter Vaughan Clarke (season 1-4)
Chris Chittell (season 2)
Sammie Winmill (season 1)
Stephen Salmon (season 1)
Created By: Roger Price
Broadcast Network: ITV
Production Company: Thames Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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The Tomorrow People (2013)
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