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The Tomorrow People
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Homo Superior.

With psionic powers such as telepathy, telekinesis and even teleportation, they are the next stage of our evolution and the future of the human race.

Season One: 5 episodes
unairedA Bad Dream Gets Real
1Nov 18/92(UK)The Origin Story, Part 1
2Nov 25/92(UK)The Origin Story, Part 2
3Dec 02/92(UK)The Origin Story, Part 3
4Dec 09/92(UK)The Origin Story, Part 4
5Dec 16/92(UK)The Origin Story, Part 5

Season Two: 10 episodes
6Jan 04/94(UK)The Culex Experiment, Part 1
7Jan 11/94(UK)The Culex Experiment, Part 2
8Jan 18/94(UK)The Culex Experiment, Part 3
9Jan 25/94(UK)The Culex Experiment, Part 4
10Feb 01/94(UK)The Culex Experiment, Part 5
11Feb 08/94(UK)Monsoon Man, Part 1
12Feb 15/94(UK)Monsoon Man, Part 2
13Feb 22/94(UK)Monsoon Man, Part 3
14Mar 01/94(UK)Monsoon Man, Part 4
15Mar 08/94(UK)Monsoon Man, Part 5

Season Three: 10 episodes
16Jan 04/95(UK)The Rameses Connection, Part 1
17Jan 11/95(UK)The Rameses Connection, Part 2
18Jan 18/95(UK)The Rameses Connection, Part 3
19Jan 25/95(UK)The Rameses Connection, Part 4
20Feb 01/95(UK)The Rameses Connection, Part 5
21Feb 08/95(UK)The Living Stones, Part 1
22Feb 15/95(UK)The Living Stones, Part 2
23Feb 22/95(UK)The Living Stones, Part 3
24Mar 01/95(UK)The Living Stones, Part 4
25Mar 08/95(UK)The Living Stones, Part 5
The Tomorrow People
Genre: drama, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 25
Broadcast Run: 1992 - 1995
Starring: Kristian Schmid
Christian Tessier
Alexandra Milman (season 3)
Naomie Harris (season 2-3)
Adam Pearce (season 1-2)
Kristen Ariza (season 1)
Created By: Roger Damon Price
Broadcast Network: ITV
Production Company: Tetra Films
Thames Television
Reeves Entertainment (season 1)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
See Also: The Tomorrow People (1973)
The Tomorrow People (2013)
IMDb: The Tomorrow People