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Season Three
Ray Bradbury ... Host
  • Ep: 19
  • The Dwarf
  • Starring: Megan Follows (Aimee), Miguel Fernandes (Ralph Banghart), Machs Colombani (Mr. Bigelow)
  • Supporting Cast: David Cameron (Magazine Vendor)
  • Directed By: Costa Botes
  • Ep: 20
  • A Miracle of Rare Device
  • Starring: Pat Harrington, Jr. (Robert), Wayne Robson (William)
  • Supporting Cast: William Kircher (Ned Bantlin), Des Kelly (Old Man), Barbara Laurenson (Old Woman), Helen Jarroe (Woman), Ben Vere-Jones (Young Man), Roy Wesney (Old Man #2), Stephen Lovatt (Xanadu Young Man), Peter Dennett (Farmer), Annie Ruth (Farmer's Wife), Baden Campbell (Farmer's Son), Sarah McLaughlin (Farmer's Daughter)
  • Directed By: Roger Tompkins
  • Ep: 21
  • The Lake
  • Starring: Gordon Thomson (Douglas), Eli Sharplin (Young Douglas), Jessica Billingsley (Young Tally), Sylvia Rands (Tally's Mother), Prue Langbein (Douglas' Mother), Tina Regtien (Margaret)
  • Supporting Cast: Jim Moriarty (Lifeguard)
  • Directed By: Pat Robins
  • Ep: 22
  • The Wind
  • Starring: Michael Sarrazin (John Colt), Ray Henwood (Herb Thompson)
  • Supporting Cast: Vivienne Labone (Susan Thompson), Keith Richardson (Keith Parkinson), Anne Pacey (Anne Parkinson)
  • Directed By: Grahame McLean
  • Ep: 23
  • The Pedestrian
  • Starring: David Ogden Stiers (Leonard Mead), Grant Tilly (Stockwell)
  • Supporting Cast: Stig Eldred (Voice), Matt Murphy (Man on Television)
  • Directed By: Alin Bollinger
  • Ep: 24
  • A Sound of Thunder
  • Starring: Kiel Martin (Eckles), John Bach (Travis)
  • Supporting Cast: Michael McLeod (Agent), Michael Batley (Hunter), John McDavitt (Hunter)
  • Directed By: Costa Botes
  • Ep: 25
  • The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone
  • Starring: John Saxon (Dudley Stone), Alan Scarfe (John Oatis Kendall)
  • Supporting Cast: Susan Wilson (Sara Stone), Lewis Rowe (Dudley Stone's Publisher)
  • Directed By: David Copeland
  • Ep: 26
  • The Haunting of the New
  • Starring: Susannah York (Nora), Richard Comar (Charles)
  • Supporting Cast: Sheila Hammond (Duchess)
  • Directed By: Roger Tompkins
  • Ep: 27
  • To the Chicago Abyss
  • Starring: Harold Gould (Old Man), Neil Munro (The Stranger)
  • Supporting Cast: Doreen Ibsen (Woman in Park), Arne MacPherson (Young Man in Park), Linda Ravinovitch (Stranger's Wife), Bill Meilen (The Policeman), Ronald Rault (The Betrayer), Chad Krowchuk (Joseph)
  • Directed By: Randy Bradshaw
  • Ep: 28
  • Hail and Farewell
  • Starring: Josh Saviano (Willie)
  • Supporting Cast: Georgie Collins (Old Woman), Trevor McCarthy (The Bully), Mary Day (Charlotte), Christine McInnis (Charlotte's Mother), Judith Haynes (Emma Webley), Frank C. Turner (John Webley), Mark Parr (Tiny Tim), Frank Bueckert (Ice Cream Man), Ann Allen (Little Woman), Chad Cole (Big Kid at Orphanage), Joel Dacks (Second Kid at Orphanage), Donovan Workun (Bully's Sidekick)
  • Directed By: Alan Kroeker
  • Ep: 29
  • The Veldt
  • Starring: Linda Kelsey (Lydia Hadley), Malcolm Stewart (George Hadley), Thomas Peacocke (David McLean)
  • Supporting Cast: Damien Atkins (Peter Hadley), Shana Alexander (Wendy Hadley), Del Mehes (Mechanical Voice)
  • Directed By: Brad Turner
  • Ep: 30
  • Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!
  • Starring: Charles Martin Smith (Hugh Fortnum)
  • Supporting Cast: Marc Reid (Tom Fortnum), Patricia Phillips (Cynthia Fortnum), Judy Mahbey (Mrs. Goodbody), Frank C. Turner (Roger Willis), Dorothy Anne Haug (Dorothy Willis), Michael Leskow (Joe Willis), David Mann (Mailman)
  • Directed By: David Brandes