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Season Six
Ray Bradbury ... Host
  • Ep: 51
  • The Lonely One
  • Starring: Joanna Cassidy (Lavinia), Sheila McCarthy (Francine)
  • Supporting Cast: Maggie Harper (Helen), Stephen O'Rourke (Officer Kennedy), Peter Rowley (Druggist), David Perret (Frank Dillon), Chic Littlewood (Theatre Manager), Patrick Smith (Pale Man), Elizabeth Pendergrast (Miss Roberts), Kathleen Kelly (Miss Fern)
  • Directed By: Ian Mune
  • Ep: 52
  • The Happiness Machine
  • Starring: Elliott Gould (Leo), Mimi Kuzyk (Lena)
  • Supporting Cast: Paul McIvor (Saul Affmann), Tania Mason (Naomi Affmann), Matthew Brennan (Aaron Affmann), Claire Chitham (Rosalyn Affmann)
  • Directed By: John Laing
  • Ep: 53
  • Tomorrow's Child
  • Starring: Carol Kane (Polly), Michael Sarrazin (Peter)
  • Supporting Cast: Peter Bland (Dr. Wolcott), Mark Clare (Workman), Lisa Tapley-Bale (Mary), Mike Daly (Bill), Mandy McMullin (Sheila), John Kerr (Don)
  • Directed By: Costa Botes
  • Ep: 54
  • The Handler
  • Starring: Michael J. Pollard (Mr. Benedict), Henry Beckman (Mr. Merriwell Blythe)
  • Supporting Cast: John Sumner (Mr. Stuyvesant), Pete Rowley (Mr. Flinger), Lee Grant (Mrs. Rogers), Lynne Skinner (Mrs. Shellmund), Johnny Crews (Mr. Wren), Steve Cleary (Edmund Worth), Casey Anstiss (Small Boy), Christopher Brodeur (Skateboarding Boy), Jocelyn Brodeur (Mrs. McNamara)
  • Directed By: Peter Sharp
  • Ep: 55
  • Great Wide World Over There
  • Starring: Tyne Daly (Cora Gibbs), David Orth (Benjy)
  • Supporting Cast: Bill Johnson (Tom Gibbs), Helen Moulder (Mrs. Brabbam), Frank Whitten (Mailman)
  • Directed By: Ian Mune
  • Ep: 56
  • Fee Fie Foe Fum
  • Starring: Jean Stapleton (Grandma), Robert Morelli (Tom)
  • Supporting Cast: Lucy Lawless (Liddy Barton), Patrick Smith (Postman)
  • Directed By: John Reid
  • Ep: 57
  • The Anthem Sprinters
  • Starring: Len Cariou (Douglas), Robert Ball (Doone)
  • Supporting Cast: Ken Blackburn (Timulty), Ian Watkin (Heeber Finn), Terry Hayman (Fogarty), Bruce Allpress (O'Gavin), Karl Bradley (Cinema Manager), Grant Bridger (Phil the Projectionist), Alister Babbage (Nolan), David Baxter (Kelly), Maurice Keene (Book Store Owner)
  • Directed By: Wayne Tourell
  • Ep: 58
  • By the Numbers
  • Starring: Ray Sharkey (The Father), Geordie Johnson (Douglas)
  • Supporting Cast: Ciaran Pennington (The Boy), Marton Csokas (Sid), Erik Thomson (Young Man), Bruce Tegart (Hotel Waiter), Nii Hammond (Train Waiter)
  • Directed By: Wayne Tourell
  • Ep: 59
  • The Long Rain
  • Starring: Marc Singer (Commander Trask), Michael Hurst (Lieutenant Simmons)
  • Supporting Cast: Brian Sergent (Boltz), Mark Rafferty (Cooper)
  • Directed By: Lee Tamahori
  • Ep: 60
  • The Dead Man
  • Starring: Louise Fletcher (Miss Weldon), Frank Whitten (Odd)
  • Supporting Cast: Ross Duncan (Mr. Simpson), Gilbert Goldie (Mr. Gilpatrick), Peter McCauley (Sheriff), David Taylor (Radney Bellows), Irene Drake (Mrs. Bellows), Alistair Douglas (Customer), Peter Morgan (Reverend Polk), David Telford (Henry Scott)
  • Directed By: Costa Botes
  • Ep: 61
  • Sun and Shadow
  • Starring: Gregory Sierra (Ricardo Reyes), John Bach (Lazlo), Stuart Margolin (Vincent)
  • Supporting Cast: Vicky Haughton (Maria Reyes), Ken Blackburn (Policeman), Lee Mete Kingi (Tomas Reyes), Jose Bribiesca (Jorge), James Roberts (Andrew)
  • Directed By: Larry Parr
  • Ep: 62
  • Silent Towns
  • Starring: John Glover (Walter), Monica Parker (Genevieve)
  • Directed By: Lee Tamahori
  • Ep: 63
  • Downwind From Gettysburg
  • Starring: Howard Hesseman (Bayes), Robert Joy (Booth)
  • Supporting Cast: Kelly Johnson (Phipps), Roy Bonnell (Lincoln), Jim Rawdon (Attendant), Timothy Dale (Boy)
  • Directed By: Chris Bailey
  • Ep: 64
  • Some Live Like Lazarus
  • Starring: Janice Rule (Anna), Yannick Bisson (Roger)
  • Supporting Cast: Yvonne Lawley (Mother), Noel Travarthen (Roger at age 60), Katie Wolfe (Anna at age 18 to 22), Kristin Darragh (Anna at age 10 to 12), Leon Woods (Roger at age 10 to 12), Andrew Thurtell (Paul), Greer Robson (Carol), Deborah Katherine (Hotel Maid)
  • Directed By: Peter Sharp
  • Ep: 65
  • The Tombstone
  • Starring: Shelly Duvall (Leoth Bean), Ron White (Walter Bean)
  • Supporting Cast: Desmond Kelly (The Landlord), John Smythe (Mr. Whetmore), June Bishop (The Woman), Paul Royce (The Couch Potato), Lyndon Peoples (The Man), Jocelyn Brodeur (The Young Lady)
  • Directed By: Warrick Attewell