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Season Five
Ray Bradbury ... Host
  • Ep: 43
  • The Earthmen
  • Starring: David Birney (Captain Williams), Gordon Pinsent (Mr. X)
  • Supporting Cast: Larry Musser (Lieutenant Wilson), David Sivertsen (Lieutenant Young), Patricia Phillips (Mrs. TH), Jim Shepard (Mr. Aaa), Raul Tome (Mr. Iii)
  • Directed By: Graeme Campbell
  • Ep: 44
  • Zero Hour
  • Starring: Sally Kirkland (Mary Morris), Katharine Isobel Murray (Meg)
  • Supporting Cast: Jill Dyck (Helen), Brian Taylor (Henry Morris), Kurtis Brown (Eddie), Ronan Cahill (Joseph)
  • Directed By: Don McBrearty
  • Ep: 45
  • The Jar
  • Starring: Paul Le Mat (Charlie), Jennifer Dale (Thedy)
  • Supporting Cast: Earl Pastko (Tom Carmody), John Dee (Gramps Medknowe), Billy Morton (Juke Marmer), Bill Meilen (Jahdoo), Randall Payne (Carney Boss)
  • Directed By: Randy Bradshaw
  • Ep: 46
  • Colonel Stonesteel and the "Desperate Empties"
  • Starring: Harold Gould (Colonel Stonesteel), Shawn Ashmore (Charlie), Wayne Robson (Sheriff)
  • Supporting Cast: Walter Kaasa (Mayor)
  • Directed By: Randy Bradshaw
  • Ep: 47
  • The Concrete Mixer
  • Starring: Ben Cross (Ettil Vyre), Howard Jerome (Van Plank), John Gilbert (Assignor)
  • Supporting Cast: Jan Smith (Tylla), Grant Reddick (Mayor)
  • Directed By: Eleanore Lindo
  • Ep: 48
  • The Utterly Perfect Murder
  • Starring: Richard Kiley (Doug), Robert Clothier (Ralph)
  • Supporting Cast: David Turri (Young Doug), Eric J. Johnson (Young Ralph)
  • Directed By: Stuart Margolin
  • Ep: 49
  • Let's Play Poison
  • Starring: Richard Benjamin (Mr. Howard)
  • Supporting Cast: Shane Meier (Michael), Adam Derges (Charles), Warren Graves (Donald)
  • Directed By: Bruce Pittman
  • Ep: 50
  • The Martian
  • Starring: John Vernon (La Farge), Paul Clemens (Tom), Sheila Moore (Anna)
  • Supporting Cast: Paul Coeur (Saul), Janne Mortil (Lavinia)
  • Directed By: Anne Wheeler