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A group of scientists and military personnel go through the Stargate to the Pegasus Galaxy where they find the lost city of the Ancients, Atlantis, and encounter a powerful new enemy, the Wraith.

Season One: 20 episodes
Jul 05/04(US)From Stargate to Atlantis: A SciFi Lowdown (special)
1/2101/102Jul 16/04(US)Rising (two hours)
3104Jul 23/04(US)Hide and Seek
4103Jul 30/04(US)Thirty-Eight Minutes
5105Aug 06/04(US)Suspicion
6106Aug 13/04(US)Childhood's End
7107Aug 20/04(US)Poisoning the Well
8109Aug 27/04(US)Underground
9108Sep 10/04(US)Home
10110Sep 17/04(US)The Storm (part 1)
11111Nov 08/04(CA)The Eye (part 2)
12112Nov 15/05(CA)The Defiant One
13113Nov 22/04(CA)Hot Zone
14114Nov 29/05(CA)Sanctuary
15115Dec 06/05(CA)Before I Sleep
16116Jan 03/05(CA)The Brotherhood
17117Jan 10/05(CA)Letters From Pegasus
18120Jan 17/05(CA)The Gift
19118Jan 24/05(CA)The Siege
20119Jan 31/05(CA)The Siege, Part 2

Season Two: 20 episodes
21201Jul 15/05(US)The Siege, Part 3
22202Jul 22/05(US)The Intruder
23203Jul 29/05(US)Runner
24204Aug 05/05(US)Duet
25206Aug 12/05(US)Condemned
26205Aug 18/05(US)Trinity
27207Aug 26/05(US)Instinct
28208Sep 09/05(US)Conversion
29209Sep 23/05(US)Aurora
30210Sep 23/05(US)The Lost Boys (part 1)
31211Nov 21/05(CA)The Hive (part 2)
32212Nov 28/05(CA)Epiphany
33213Dec 05/05(CA)Critical Mass
34214Dec 12/05(CA)Grace Under Pressure
35215Dec 19/05(CA)The Tower
36217Jan 02/06(CA)The Long Goodbye
37218Jan 09/06(CA)Coup D'etat
38216Jan 16/06(CA)Michael
39219Jan 23/06(CA)Inferno
40220Jan 30/06(CA)Allies (part 1)

Season Three: 20 episodes
41301Jul 14/06(US)No Man's Land (part 2)
42302Jul 21/06(US)Misbegotten (part 3)
43304Jul 28/06(US)Irresistible
44303Aug 04/06(US)Sateda
45305Aug 11/06(US)Progeny
46306Aug 18/06(US)The Real World
47307Aug 25/06(US)Common Ground
48308Sep 08/06(US)McKay and Mrs. Miller
49311Sep 15/06(US)Phantoms
50309Sep 22/06(US)The Return
51310Nov 20/06(CA)The Return, Part 2
52312Nov 27/06(CA)Echoes
53313Dec 04/06(CA)Irresponsible
54315Dec11/06(CA)Tao of Rodney
55316Dec 18/06(CA)The Game
56317Jan 08/07(CA)The Ark
57314Jan 15/07(CA)Sunday
58318Jan 22/07(CA)Submersion
59319Jan 29/07(CA)Vengeance
60320Feb 05/07(CA)First Strike (part 1)

Season Four: 20 episodes
61402Sep 28/07Adrift (part 2)
62403Oct 05/07Lifeline (part 3)
63407Oct 12/07Reunion
64401Oct 19/07Doppelganger
65404Oct 26/07Travelers
66406Nov 02/07Tabula Rasa
67405Nov 09/07Missing
68408Nov 16/07The Seer
69412Nov 30/07Miller's Crossing
70409Dec 07/07This Mortal Coil
71410Jan 04/08Be All My Sins Remember'd
72411Jan 11/08Spoils of War
73413Jan 18/08Quarantine
74419Jan 25/08Harmony
75416Feb 01/08Outcast
76418Feb 08/08Trio
77417Feb 15/08Midway
78414Feb 22/08The Kindred
79415Feb 29/08The Kindred, Part 2
80420Mar 07/08The Last Man (part 1)

Season Five: 20 episodes
81501Jul 11/08(US)Search and Rescue (part 2)
82502Jul 18/08(US)The Seed
83503Jul 25/08(US)Broken Ties
84504Aug 01/08(US)The Daedalus Variations
85505Aug 15/08(US)Ghost in the Machine
86506Aug 22/08(US)The Shrine
87507Sep 05/08(US)Whispers
88508Sep 12/08(US)The Queen
89509Sep 19/08(US)Tracker
90510Sep 26/08(US)First Contact (part 1)
91511Oct 10/08(US)The Lost Tribe (part 2)
92513Oct 17/08(US)Outsiders
93512Oct 24/08(US)Inquisition (clip show)
94514Nov 07/08(US)The Prodigal (clip show)
95515Nov 14/08(US)Remnants
96516Nov 21/08(US)Brain Storm
97517Dec 05/08(US)Infection
98518Dec 12/08(US)Identity
99519Jan 02/09(US)Vegas
100520Jan 09/09(US)Enemy at the Gate
Stargate: Atlantis
Genre: science fiction, action, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 100
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2009
Starring: Joe Flanigan
Rachel Luttrell
David Hewlett
Jewel Staite (season 5)
Robert Picardo (season 5)
Jason Momoa (season 2-5)
Amanda Tapping (season 4)
Paul McGillion (season 2-3)
Torri Higginson (season 1-3)
Rainbow Sun Francks (season 1-2)
Created By: Brad Wright
Robert C. Cooper
Broadcast Network: SciFi
Production Company: ACME Shark - Cooper/Wright Productions
MGM Television
Location Filming: British Columbia, Canada
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
Official Website: Stargate Command
See Also: Stargate SG-1 (1997)
Stargate: Infinity (2002)
Stargate: Universe (2009)
IMDb: Stargate: Atlantis