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Deep within the military complex at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, is Stargate Command, the base of operations for mixed teams of soldiers and scientists, who explore the Milky Way Galaxy by means of an ancient network of wormholes. Their mandate is to acquire knowledge and new technology to protect the Earth from a powerful Alien threat, the Goa'uld.

Season One: 22 episodes
33019Oct 28/94Stargate (121 mins)
1/23950Jul 27/97(US)Children of the Gods (two hours)
33955Aug 01/97(US)The Enemy Within
43961Aug 08/97(US)Emancipation
53956Aug 15/97(US)The Broca Divide
63954Aug 22/97(US)The First Commandment
73959Aug 29/97(US)Cold Lazarus
83953Sep 12/97(US)The Nox
93957Sep 19/97(US)Brief Candle
103968Sep 26/97(US)Thor's Hammer
113963Oct 03/97(US)The Torment of Tantalus
123962Oct 10/97(US)Bloodlines
133965Oct 17/97(US)Fire and Water
143964Oct 24/97(US)Hathor
153969Oct 31/97(US)Singularity
163970Jan 23/98(US)Cor-Ai
173972Jan 30/98(US)Enigma
183966Feb 06/98(US)Solitudes
193971Feb 13/98(US)Tin Man
203960Feb 20/98(US)There But For the Grace of God
213976Feb 27/98(US)Politics (part 1) (clip show)
223974Mar 06/98(US)Within the Serpent's Grasp (part 2)

Season Two: 22 episodes
238905Jun 26/98(US)The Serpent's Lair (part 3)
248902Jul 03/98(US)In the Line of Duty
258904Jul 10/98(US)Prisoners
268908Jul 17/98(US)The Gamekeeper
278907Jul 24/98(US)Need
288901Jul 31/98(US)Thor's Chariot
298906Aug 07/98(US)Message in a Bottle
308909Aug 14/98(US)Family
318912Aug 21/98(US)Secrets
328914Sep 25/98(US)Bane
338915Oct 02/98(US)The Tok'ra
348917Oct 09/98(US)The Tok'ra, Part 2
358913Oct 23/98(US)Spirits
368910Oct 30/98(US)Touchstone
378922Jan 22/99(US)The Fifth Race
388918Jan 29/99(US)A Matter of Time
398925Feb 05/99(US)Serpent's Song
408924Feb 12/99(US)Holiday
418919Feb 19/99(US)One False Step
428926Feb 26/99(US)Show and Tell
438923Mar 05/99(US)1969
448928Mar 12/99(US)Out of Mind (part 1)

Season Three: 22 episodes
456520Jun 25/99(US)Into the Fire (part 2)
466530Jul 02/99(US)Seth
476529Jul 09/99(US)Fair Game
486525Jul 16/99(US)Legacy
496528Jul 23/99(US)Learning Curve
506531Jul 30/99(US)Point of View
516526Aug 06/99(US)Deadman Switch
526522Aug 13/99(US)Demons
536521Aug 20/99(US)Rules of Engagement
546533Oct 08/99(US)Forever in a Day
556532Oct 15/99(US)Past and Present
566524Oct 22/99(US)Jolinar's Memories (part 1)
576534Oct 29/99(US)The Devil You Know (part 2)
586535Nov 05/99(US)Foothold
596527Jan 19/00(UK)Pretense
606536Jan 28/00(US)Urgo
616537Jan 26/00(UK)A Hundred Days
626539Feb 11/00(US)Shades of Grey
636540Feb 18/00(US)New Ground
646542Feb 25/00(US)Maternal Instinct
656523Mar 03/00(US)Crystal Skull
666543Mar 10/00(US)Nemesis (part 1)

Season Four: 22 episodes
676708Jun 30/00(US)Small Victories (part 2)
686705Jul 07/00(US)The Other Side
696707Jul 14/00(US)Upgrades
706704Jul 21/00(US)Crossroads
716703Jul 28/00(US)Divide and Conquer
726710Aug 04/00(US)Window of Opportunity
736712Aug 11/00(US)Watergate
746706Aug 18/00(US)The First Ones
756701Aug 25/00(US)Scorched Earth
766702Sep 01/00(US)Beneath the Surface
776713Sep 08/00(US)Point of No Return
786709Sep 15/00(US)Tangent
796719Sep 22/00(US)The Curse
806711Sep 29/00(US)The Serpent's Venom
816717Jan 05/01(US)Chain Reaction
826715Jan 12/01(US)2010
836718Jan 19/01(US)Absolute Power
846714Jan 26/01(US)The Light
856720Feb 02/01(US)Prodigy
866723Feb 09/01(US)Entity
876722Feb 16/01(US)Double Jeopardy
886721Feb 23/01(US)Exodus (part 1)

Season Five: 22 episodes
894951Jun 29/01(US)Enemies (part 2)
904958Jul 06/01(US)Threshold
914957Jul 13/01(US)Ascension
924959Jul 20/01(US)The Fifth Man
934952Jul 27/01(US)Red Sky
944953Aug 03/01(US)Rite of Passage
954965Aug 10/01(US)Beast of Burden
964964Aug 17/01(US)The Tomb
974960Aug 24/01(US)Between Two Fires
984955Aug 31/01(US)2001
994964Sep 07/01(US)Desperate Measures
1004956Sep 08/01(US)Wormhole X-Treme!
1014969Nov 28/01(UK)Proving Ground
1024970Dec 05/01(UK)48 Hours
1034968Dec 12/01(UK)Fail Safe
1044962Dec 19/01(UK)The Summit (part 1)
1054963Jan 09/02(UK)Last Stand (part 2)
1064966Jan 16/02(UK)The Warrior
1074972Jan 16/02(UK)Menace
1084971Jan 23/02(UK)The Sentinel
1094974Jan 30/02(UK)Meridian
1104973Feb 06/02(UK)Revelations

Season Six: 22 episodes
111P652Jun 07/02(US)Redemption
112P655Jun 14/02(US)Redemption, Part 2
113P651Jun 21/02(US)Descent
114P659Jun 28/02(US)Frozen
115P657Jul 12/02(US)Nightwalkers
116P653Jul 19/02(US)Abyss
117P660Jul 26/02(US)Shadow Play
118P658Aug 02/02(US)The Other Guys
119P654Aug 09/02(US)Allegiance
120P661Aug 16/02(US)Cure
121P664Aug 23/02(US)Prometheus (part 1)
122P665Dec 04/02(UK)Unnatural Selection (part 2)
123P663Dec 11/02(UK)Sight Unseen
124P662Dec 18/02(UK)Smoke and Mirrors
125P666Jan 08/03(UK)Paradise Lost
126P656Jan 15/03(UK)Metamorphosis
127P668Jan 22/03(UK)Disclosure (clip show)
128P669Jan 29/03(UK)Forsaken
129P667Feb 05/03(UK)The Changeling
130P670Feb 12/03(UK)Memento
131P672Feb 19/03(UK)Prophecy
132P671Feb 19/03(UK)Full Circle

Season Seven: 22 episodes
133P265Jun 13/03(US)Fallen (part 1)
134P267Jun 13/03(US)Homecoming (part 2)
135P266Jun 20/03(US)Fragile Balance
136P268Jun 27/03(US)Orpheus
137P271Jul 11/03(US)Revisions
138P272Jul 18/03(US)Lifeboat
139P273Jul 25/03(US)Enemy Mine
140P269Aug 01/03(US)Space Race
141P275Aug 08/03(US)Avenger 2.0
142P274Aug 15/03(US)Birthright
143P276Aug 22/03(US)Evolution
144P255Jan 09/04(US)Evolution, Part 2
145P258Jan 16/04(US)Grace
146P257Jan 23/04(US)Fallout
147P263Jan 30/04(US)Chimera
150P260Feb 06/04(US)Death Knell
148P270Feb 13/04(US)Heroes
149P256Feb 20/04(US)Heroes, Part 2
151P259Feb 27/04(US)Resurrection
152P264Mar 05/04(US)Inauguration (clip show)
153P261Mar 12/04(US)Lost City
154P262Mar 19/04(US)Lost City, Part 2

Season Eight: 20 episodes
155800050Jul 09/04(US)New Order
156800051Jul 09/04(US)New Order, Part 2
157800054Jul 23/04(US)Lockdown
158800058Jul 30/04(US)Zero Hour
159800057Aug 06/04(US)Icon
160800053Aug 13/04(US)Avatar
161800052Aug 20/04(US)Affinity
162800056Aug 27/04(US)Covenant
163800055Sep 10/04(US)Sacrifices
164800059Sep 17/04(US)Endgame
165800061Dec 14/04(UK)Gemini
166800062Dec 21/04(UK)Prometheus Unbound
167800060Jan 04/05(UK)It's Good to Be King
168800065Jan 11/05(UK)Full Alert
169800067Jan 18/05(UK)Citizen Joe (clip show)
170800063Jan 25/05(UK)Reckoning
171800064Feb 01/05(UK)Reckoning, Part 2
172800066Feb 08/05(UK)Threads
173800068Feb 15/05(UK)Moebius
174800069Feb 22/05(UK)Moebius, Part 2

Season Nine: 20 episodes
175Jul 15/05(US)Avalon
176Jul 22/05(US)Avalon, Part 2
177Jul 29/05(US)Origin
178Aug 05/05(US)The Ties That Bind
179Aug 12/05(US)The Powers That Be
180Aug 19/05(US)Beachhead
181Aug 26/05(US)Ex Deus Machina
182Sep 09/05(US)Babylon
183Sep 16/05(US)Prototype
184Sep 16/05(US)The Fourth Horseman
185Jan 06/06(US)The Fourth Horseman, Part 2
186Jan 13/06(US)Collateral Damage
187Jan 20/06(US)Ripple Effect
188Jan 27/06(US)Stronghold
189Feb 03/06(US)Ethon
190Feb 10/06(US)Off the Grid
191Feb 17/06(US)The Scourge
192Feb 24/06(US)Arthur's Mantle
193Mar 03/06(US)Crusade
194Mar 10/06(US)Camelot

Season Ten: 20 episodes
195Jul 14/06(US)Flesh and Blood
196Jul 21/06(US)Morpheus
197Jul 28/06(US)The Pegasus Project
198Aug 04/06(US)Insiders
199Aug 11/06(US)Uninvited
200Aug 18/06(US)200
201Aug 25/06(US)Counterstrike
202Sep 08/06(US)Memento Mori
203Sep 15/06(US)Company of Thieves
204Sep 22/06(US)The Quest
205Jan 09/07(UK)The Quest, Part 2
206Jan 16/07(UK)Line in the Sand
207Jan 23/07(UK)The Road Not Taken
208Jan 30/07(UK)The Shroud
209Feb 06/07(UK)Bounty
210Feb 13/07(UK)Bad Guys
211Feb 20/07(UK)Talion
212Feb 27/07(UK)Family Ties
213Mar 06/07(UK)Dominion
214Mar 13/07(UK)Unending
Mar 11/08(dtv)Stargate: The Ark of Truth (101 mins)
Jul 29/08(dtv)Stargate: Continuum (94 mins)
Stargate SG-1
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 10
Number of Episodes: 214
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 2007
Starring: Amanda Tapping
Christopher Judge
Michael Shanks (season 1-5,7-10)
Ben Browder (season 9-10)
Beau Bridges (season 9-10)
Claudia Black (season 10)
Richard Dean Anderson (season 1-8)
Don S. Davis (season 1-7)
Corin Nemec (season 6)
Created By: Brad Wright
Jonathan Glassner
Broadcast Network: Showtime (season 1-5)
SciFi (season 6-10)
Production Company: ACME Shark - Cooper/Wright Productions
MGM Television
Location Filming: British Columbia, Canada
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
Official Website: Stargate Command
See Also: Stargate: Infinity (2002)
Stargate: Atlantis (2004)
Stargate: Universe (2009)
IMDb: Stargate SG-1