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Young Hercules attends Cheiron's Academy where he learns the arts of war and meets two of his lifelong friends, Jason and Iolaus.

Season One: 13 episodes
V0309Oct 13/97Regrets... I've Had a Few (Hercules: TLJ episode)
V0315Jan 26/98Medea Culpa (Hercules: TLJ episode)
V0323Apr 27/98Twilight (Hercules: TLJ episode)
V0325May 04/98Top God (Hercules: TLJ episode)
Feb 17/98(DTV)Young Hercules (93 min)
1V0801Sep 12/98The Treasure of Zeus (part 1)
2V0802Sep 16/98Between Friends (part 2)
3V0803Sep 17/98What a Crockery (part 3)
4V0821Sep 18/98(US)Herc and Seek
5V0805Sep 18/98(CA)Girl Trouble
6V0804Sep 22/98Teacher's Pests
7V0824Sep 24/98Inn Trouble
8V0814Sep 25/98Keeping Up With the Jasons
9V0806Sep 26/98Amazon Grace
10V0815Sep 30/98Cyrano de Hercules
11V0807Oct 01/98Battle Lines
12V0808Oct 02/98Battle Lines, Part 2
13V0816Oct 03/98Forgery
14V0823Oct 07/98No Way Out
15V0822Oct 09/98Ares on Trial
16V0813Oct 10/98Down and Out in Academy Hills
17V0829Oct 24/98Winner Take All
18V0825Oct 29/98A Serpent's Tooth
19V0817Oct 30/98Lure of the Lyre
20V0818Oct 31/98Fame
21V0819Nov 03/98Lyre, Liar
22V0820Nov 04/98A Lady in Hades
23V0826Nov 05/98The Mysteries of Life
24V0830Nov 06/98Dad Always Liked Me Best
25V0836Nov 10/98Herc's Nemesis
26V0811Nov 11/98Cold Feet
27V0832Nov 12/98Mommy Dearests
28V0812Nov 13/98In Your Dreams
29V0843Nov 17/98Cram-Ped
30V0842Nov 18/98(US)Sisters
31V0841Nov 18/98(CA)Golden Bow
32V0834Nov 20/98Home For the Holidays
33V0835Feb 01/99Con Ares
34V0837Feb 02/99Get Jason
35V0839Feb 03/99My Fair Lilith
36V0810Feb 04/99(CA)Iolaus Goes Stag
37V0809Feb 04/99(US)Hind Sight
38V0827Feb 05/99The Head That Wears the Crown
39V0840Feb 17/99Me, Myself and Eye
40V0845Feb 22/99The Skeptic
41V0831Feb 23/99(CA)Mila
42V0846Feb 24/99Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
43V0838Feb 25/99The Prize
44V0844Feb 26/99The Beasts Beneath
45V0828Mar 02/99Parents' Day
46V0851Mar 08/99Life For a Life
47V0833May 10/99Under Siege
48V0847May 12/99Apollo
49V0849May 13/99Ill Wind
50V0848May 14/99Valley of the Shadow
Young Hercules
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 50
Broadcast Run: 1998 - 1999
Starring: Ryan Gosling
Dean O'Gorman
Chris Conrad
Created By: Rob Tapert
Andrew Dettmann
Daniel Truly
Broadcast Network: FOX Kids
Production Company: Renaissance Pictures
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995)
Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)
IMDb: Young Hercules