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The Avengers are reformed with Falcon as their newest member.

Season One: 26 episodes
1101May 26/13The Avengers Protocol, Part 1
2102May 26/13The Avengers Protocol, Part 2
3103Jul 07/13Ghost of a Chance
4104Jul 14/13The Serpent of Doom
5105Jul 21/13Blood Feud
6106Jul 28/13Super Adaptoid
7107Aug 04/13Hyperion
8108Aug 11/13Molecule Kid
9109Sep 15/13Depth Charge
10110Sep 22/13The Doomstroyer
11111Sep 29/13Hulked Out Heroes
12112Oct 20/13Avengers: Impossible!
13113Nov 17/13In Deep
14114Nov 24/13Hulk's Day Out
15115Dec 08/13Planet Doom
16116Feb 16/14Bring on the Bad Guys
17117Mar 02/14Savages
18118Mar 09/14Mojoworld
19119Mar 16/14The Ambassador
20120Mar 23/14All Father's Day
21121Mar 30/14By the Numbers
22122Apr 06/14Guardians and Space Knights
23123Apr 13/14One Little Thing
24124May 11/14Crime and Circuses
25125May 18/14Exodus (part 1)
26126May 25/14The Final Showdown (part 2)

Season Two: 26 episodes
27201Sep 28/14The Arsenal
28202Oct 05/14Thanos Rising
29203Oct 12/14Valhalla Can Wait
30204Oct 26/14Ghosts of the Past
31205Nov 02/14Beneath the Surface
32206Nov 09/14Nighthawk
33207Nov 16/14The Age of Tony Stark
34208Jan 25/15Head to Head
35209Feb 01/15The Dark Avengers
36210Feb 08/15Back to the Learning Hall
37211Feb 15/15Downgraded
38212Feb 22/15Widow's Run
39213Mar 01/15Thanos Triumphant
40214Apr 12/15Crack in the System
41215Apr 19/15Avengers Disassembled
42216Apr 26/15Small Time Heroes
43217Apr 28/15The Ultron Outbreak
44218May 10/15Secret Avengers
45219May 17/15The New Guy
46220Jul 05/15Terminal Velocity
47221Jul 12/15Spectrums
48222Jul 19/15Midgard Crisis
49223Jul 26/15Avengers' Last Stand
50224Aug 02/15Avengers Underground
51225Sep 13/15New Frontiers
52226Sep 20/15Avengers World

Season Three: 26 episodes
Avengers: Ultron Revolution
53Mar 13/16Adapting to Change
54Mar 20/16The Ultimates
55Mar 27/16Saving Captain Rogers
56Apr 03/16Under Siege
57Apr 10/16The Thunderbolts
58Apr 17/16Thunderbolts Revealed
59Apr 24/16Into the Dark Dimension
60May 01/16Dehulked
61Jul 24/16Inhumans Among Us
62Jul 31/16The Inhuman Condition
63Aug 07/16The Kids Are Alright
64Aug 14/16The Conqueror (part 1)
65Aug 21/16Into the Future (part 2)
66Aug 28/16Seeing Double
67Sep 11/16A Friend in Need
68Sep 18/16Captain Marvel
69Sep 25/16Panther's Rage
70Oct 02/16Ant-Man Makes it Big
71Oct 09/16The House of Zemo
72Nov 06/16U-Foes
73Nov 13/16Building the Perfect Weapon (part 1)
74Nov 20/16World War Hulk (part 2)
75Jan 28/17Civil War Part 1: The Fall of Attilan
76Jan 28/17Civil War Part 2: The Mighty Avengers
77Jan 28/17Civil War Part 3: The Drums of War
78Jan 28/17Civil War Part 4: Avengers Revolution

Season Four: 25 episodes
Avengers: Secret Wars
79Jun 17/17Avengers No More, Part 1
80Jun 17/17Avengers No More, Part 2
81Aug 27/17The Sleeper Awakens
82Aug 27/17Prison Break
83Aug 27/17The Incredible Herc
84Aug 27/17Show Your Work
85Aug 27/17Sneakers
86Oct 08/17Why I Hate Halloween
87Oct 15/17The Once and Future King
88Oct 15/17Dimension Z
89Oct 22/17The Most Dangerous Hunt
90Oct 22/17Under the Spell of Enchantess
91Oct 22/17The Return
92Dec 03/17New Year's Resolution
93Jan 07/18The Eye of Agamotto, Part 1
94Jan 07/18The Eye of Agamotto, Part 2
95Jan 14/18Beyond
96Jan 14/18Underworld
97Jan 14/18The Immortal Weapon
98Jan 14/18The Vibranium Coast
99Mar 04/18Weirdworld
100Mar 04/18Westland
101Mar 11/18The Citadel
102Mar 11/18The Wastelands
103Mar 11/18All Things Must End

Season Five: 23 episodes
Avengers: Black Panther's Quest
104Sep 23/18Shadow of Atlantis, Part 1
105Sep 23/18Shadow of Atlantis, Part 2
106Sep 30/18Into the Deep
107Oct 07/18The Panther and the Wolf
108Oct 14/18The Zemo Sanction
109Oct 21/18Mists of Attilan
110Oct 28/18T'Challa Royale
111Nov 04/18The Night Has Wings
112Nov 11/18Mask of the Panther
113Nov 18/18The Good Son
114Nov 25/18The Lost Temple
115Dec 02/18Descent of the Shadow
116Dec 02/18The Last Avenger
117Jan 06/19The Vibranium Curtain, Part 1
118Jan 06/19The Vibranium Curtain, Part 2
119Jan 13/19T'Chanda
120Jan 20/19Yemandi
121Jan 27/19Bashenga
122Feb 10/19King Breaker, Part 1
123Feb 10/19King Breaker, Part 2
124Feb 17/19Widowmaker (part 1)
125Feb 24/19Atlantis Attacks (part 2)
126Feb 24/19House of M
Avengers Assemble
Genre: action, adventure, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 126
Broadcast Run: 2013 - 2018
Starring: Bumper Robinson
Fred Tatasciore
Laura Bailey
Roger Craig Smith
Travis Willingham
Troy Baker
Mick Wingert (season 4-5)
James Matthis III (season 4-5)
David Kaye (season 4)
Kathreen Khavari (season 4)
Josh Keaton (season 4)
Kari Wahlgren (season 4)
Grey Griffin (season 4)
Adrian Pasdar (season 1-3)
Broadcast Network: Disney XD
Production Company: Man of Action Studios
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Avengers (1999)
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)
Ultimate Spiderman (2012)
Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (2013)
Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)
IMDb: Avengers Assemble