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The New Adventures of Robin Hood
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Centuries ago in England, it was an era of chivalry and magic. The evil Prince John unleashed an iron fist of tyranny upon the people. They called out for a champion -- one man answered that call. His name was Robin Hood. Fearless in his quest for justice, Robin Hood challenged the power of the highborn Lords, while protecting the helpless and the poor. Willing to face death for what he believed, together with the beautiful lady warrior, Marion, the mighty Little John and the wise Friar Tuck, Robin Hood forged a legend that lives on today in... The New Adventures of Robin Hood.

Season One: 13 episodes
1Jan 13/97Rage of the Mongols
2Jan 20/97Attack of the Vikings
3Jan 27/97Robin and the Golden Arrow
4Feb 03/97A Race Against Death
5Feb 10/97A Price on His Soul
6Feb 17/97Marion to the Rescue
7Feb 24/97The Legend of Olwyn
8Mar 03/97Witches of the Abbey
9Mar 10/97The Arabian Knight
10Mar 17/97The Birthday Trap
11Mar 24/97Miracle at Avalon
12Mar 31/97Dragon From the Sky
13Apr 07/97Nightmare of the Magic Castle

Season Two: 13 episodes
14Jul 14/97The Ultimate Army
15Jul 21/97The Legion
16Jul 28/97The Devil's Bride
17019Aug 09/97The Prey
18021Aug 23/97Bombs Away
19Aug 30/97The Road to Royston
20Sep 06/97The Mystery of Druid's Grove
21022Sep 27/97The Legend of the Amazons
22025Oct 04/97Outlaw Express
23020Oct 11/97The Sceptre
24023Oct 25/97Justice For All
25026Nov 01/97Percy's Ghost
26024Nov 08/97Your Land is My Land

Season Three: 13 episodes
27Sep 20/98First Love
28Sep 27/98The Haunted Castle
29Oct 04/98The Giant King
30Oct 11/98Sword of the Samarai
31Oct 18/98Robinville
32Oct 25/98Vanishing Act
33Nov 01/98The Hunter
34Nov 07/98(CA)A Date With Destiny
35Nov 14/98(CA)Orphans
36Nov 21/98(CA)The Assassin
37Nov 28/98(CA)Body & Soul
38Dec 05/98(CA)Assault on Castle Dundeen
39Dec 12/98(CA)The Auction

The New Adventures of Robin Hood
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 1999
Starring: Richard Ashton
Martyn Ellis
John Bradley (season 3-4)
Barbara Griffin (season 2-4)
Matthew Porretta (season 1-2)
Anna Galvin (season 1)
Created By: Sandra Weintraub
Tom Kuhn
Fred Weintraub
Broadcast Network: TNT (season 1-2)
syndication (season 3-4)
Production Company: Tarnview Limited
Dune S.A.
M6 Metropole Television
Productions et Editions Cinématographique Français
Baltic Ventures International
Weintraub / Kuhn Productions
Warner Bros. International Television
Country of Origin: France
United States
See Also: Rocket Robin Hood (1966)
When Things Were Rotten (1975)
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Maid Marian and Her Merry Men (1989)
Back to Sherwood (1999)
Robin Hood (2006)
IMDb: The New Adventures of Robin Hood