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The Spectacular Spider-Man
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Witness the beginning of Spider-Man's career, from fighting petty criminals, then on to supervillains as they begin to appear, while, as Peter Parker, he starts his first days in high school.

Season One: 13 episodes
1101Mar 08/08(US)Biology 101: Survival of the Fittest
2102Mar 08/08(US)Biology 101: Interactions
3103Mar 15/08(US)Biology 101: Natural Selection
4104Mar 22/08(US)Economics 101: Market Forces
5105Mar 29/08(US)Economics 101: Competition
6106Apr 12/08(US)Economics 101: The Invisible Hand
7107Apr 26/08(US)Chemistry 101: Catalysts
8108May 03/08(US)Chemistry 101: Reaction
9109May 10/08(US)Chemistry 101: The Uncertainty Principle
10110May 17/08(US)Psychology 101: Persona
11111May 31/08(US)Psychology 101: Group Therapy
12112Jun 07/08(US)Psychology 101: Intervention
13113Jun 14/08(US)Psychology 101: Nature vs Nurture

Season Two: 13 episodes
14114Jan 11/09(CA)Engineering 101: Blueprints
15115Jan 18/09(CA)Engineering 101: Destructive Testing
16116Jan 25/09(BG)Engineering 101: Reinforcements
17117Jan 31/09(BG)Engineering 101: Shear Strength
18118Feb 01/09(BG)Human Development 101: First Steps
19119Feb 07/09(BG)Human Development 101: Growing Pains
20120Feb 08/09(BG)Human Development 101: Identity Crisis
21121Feb 14/09(BG)Criminology 101: Accomplices
22122Feb 15/09(BG)Criminology 101: Probable Cause
23123Mar 13/09(AU)Criminology 101: Gangland
24124Mar 16/09(AU)Drama 101: Subtext
25125Mar 17/09(AU)Drama 101: Opening Night
26126Mar 18/09(AU)Drama 101: Final Curtain
The Spectacular Spider-Man
Genre: action, drama, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 26
Broadcast Run: 2008 - 2009
Starring: Josh Keaton
Lacey Chabert
James Arnold Taylor
Daran Norris
Deborah Strang
Vanessa Marshall
Spider-Man Created By: Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Broadcast Network: CW4Kids
Disney XD
Production Company: Adelaide Productions
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Spider-Man (1967)
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IMDb: The Spectacular Spider-Man