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Spider-Man goes to Counter-Earth, which orbits on the far side of the sun, to rescue Colonel John Jameson who refuses to leave until the humans there are freed from the oppressive rule of the High Evolutionary and his Bestials.

Season One: 13 episodes
1Oct 02/99Worlds Apart, Part One
2Oct 09/99Worlds Apart, Part Two
3Oct 16/99Where Evil Nests
4Dec 23/00Deadly Choices
5Jan 13/01Steel Cold Heart
6Feb 03/01Enter the Hunter!
7Feb 10/01Cry Vulture
8Feb 17/01Ill Met by Moonlight
9Mar 03/01Sustenance
10Mar 10/01Matters of the Heart
11Mar 17/01One is the Loneliest Number
12Mar 24/01Sins of the Fathers
13Mar 31/01Destiny Unleashed, Part One
Spider-Man Unlimited
Genre: action, adventure, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Broadcast Run: 1999 - 2001
Starring: Rino Romano
Gary Chalk
Christopher Gaze
Ron Halder
Jennifer Hale
Akiko Ann Morison
Spider-Man Created By: Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Directed By: Patrick Archibald
Broadcast Network: FOX Kids
Production Company: Saban Productions
Marvel Studios
Copyright: © 1999 Marvel Characters Inc.
Country of Origin: United States
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