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Season One: 15 episodes
001Aug 11/14(net)The Machine in the Ghost (3 mins)
002Aug 18/14(net)Art Attack (3 mins)
003Aug 25/14(net)Entanglement (3 mins)
004Sep 01/14(net)Property of Ezra Bridger (3 mins)
1/2101/102Oct 03/14Spark of Rebellion (one hour)
3103Oct 13/14Droids in Distress
4104Oct 20/14Fighter Flight
5105Oct 27/14Rise of the Old Masters
6106Nov 03/14Breaking Ranks
7107Nov 10/14Out of Darkness
8108Nov 17/14Empire Day (part 1)
9109Nov 24/14Gathering Forces (part 2)
10Jan 05/15Path of the Jedi
11Jan 19/15Idiot's Array
12Feb 02/15Vision of Hope
13Feb 09/15Call to Action
14Feb 23/15Rebel Resolve (part 1)
15Mar 02/15Fire Across the Galaxy (part 2)

Season Two: 22 episodes
May 04/15Star Wars Rebels: The Ultimate Guide (recap)
16/17201/202Jun 20/15The Siege of Lothal (one hour)
18203Oct 14/15The Lost Commanders (part 1)
19204Oct 21/15Relics of the Old Republic (part 2)
20205Oct 28/15Always Two There Are
21206Nov 04/15Brothers of the Broken Horn
22207Nov 11/15Wings of the Master
23208Nov 18/15Blood Sisters
24209Nov 25/15Stealth Strike
25210Dec 02/15The Future of the Force
26211Dec 09/15Legacy
27212Jan 20/16A Princess on Lothal
28213Jan 20/16The Protector of Concord Dawn
29214Feb 03/16Legends of the Lasat
30215Feb 10/16The Call
31216Feb 17/16Homecoming
32217Feb 24/16The Honorable Ones
33218Mar 02/16Shroud of Darkness
34219Mar 16/16The Forgotten Droid
35220Mar 23/16The Mystery of Chopper Base
36221Mar 30/16Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 1
37222Mar 30/16Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 2

Season Three: 22 episodes
38/39301/302Sep 24/16Steps Into Shadow (one hour)
40303Oct 01/16The Holocrons of Fate
41304Oct 08/16The Antilles Extraction
42305Oct 15/16Hera's Heroes
43306Oct 22/16The Last Battle
44307Nov 05/16Imperial Supercommandos
45308Nov 19/16Iron Squadron
46309Nov 26/16The Wynkahthu Job
47310Dec 03/16An Inside Man
48311Dec 10/16Visions and Voices
49312Jan 07/17Ghosts of Geonosis, Part 1
50313Jan 07/17Ghosts of Geonosis, Part 2
51314Jan 14/17Warhead
52315Jan 21/17Trials of the Darksaber
53316Feb 18/17Legacy of Mandalore
54317Feb 25/17Through Imperial Eyes
55318Mar 04/17Secret Cargo
56319Mar 11/17Double Agent Droid
57320Mar 18/17Twin Suns
58321Mar 25/17Zero Hour, Part 1
59322Mar 25/17Zero Hour, Part 2

Season Four: 16 episodes
60Oct 16/17Heroes of Mandalore, Part 1
61Oct 16/17Heroes of Mandalore, Part 2
62Oct 23/17In the Name of the Rebellion, Part 1
63Oct 23/17In the Name of the Rebellion, Part 2
64Oct 30/17The Occupation
65Oct 30/17Flight of the Defender
66Nov 06/17Kindred
67Nov 06/17Crawler Commandeers
68Nov 13/17Rebel Assault
69Feb 19/18Jedi Night
70Feb 19/18Dume
71Feb 26/18Wolves and a Door
72Feb 26/18A World Between Worlds
73Mar 05/18A Fool's Hope
74/75Mar 05/18Family Reunion - And Farewell (one hour)
Star Wars: Rebels
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, action
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 75
Broadcast Run: 2014 - 2018
Starring: Taylor Gray
Vanessa Marshall
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Tiya Sircar
Steve Blum
Broadcast Network: Disney XD
Production Company: Lucasfilm Animation
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Star Wars: Rebels
Star Wars: Rebels
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