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Commander Benjamin Sisko has been sent to a highly contested region of space to take control of Deep Space 9. His mission: to help the newly liberated planet of Bajor and guard the entrance to a just discovered, stable wormhole that opens up on the far side of the universe.

Season One: 20 episodes
1/2401/402Jan 02/9346379.1Emissary (two hours)
3404Jan 09/93Past Prologue
4403Jan 16/9346421.5A Man Alone
5405Jan 23/9346423.7Babel
6406Jan 30/93Captive Pursuit
7407Feb 06/9346531.2Q-Less
8408Feb 13/9346910.1Dax
9409Feb 20/93The Passenger
10410Mar 13/93Move Along Home
11411Mar 20/93The Nagus
12412Apr 17/93Vortex
13413Apr 24/93Battle Lines
14414May 01/9346729.1The Storyteller
15415May 08/9346844.3Progress
16416May 15/9346853.2If Wishes Were Horses
17417May 22/9346925.1The Forsaken
18418May 29/9346922.3Dramatis Personae
19419Jun 12/93Duet
20420Jun 19/93In the Hands of the Prophets

Season Two: 26 episodes
21421Sep 25/93The Homecoming (part 1)
22422Oct 02/93The Circle (part 2)
23423Oct 09/93The Siege (part 3)
24424Oct 16/9347182.1Invasive Procedures
25425Oct 23/9347177.2Cardassians
26426Oct 30/9347229.1Melora
27427Nov 06/93Rules of Acquisition
28428Nov 13/9347282.5Necessary Evil
29429Nov 20/9347329.4Second Sight
30430Nov 27/9347391.2Sanctuary
31431Jan 01/94Rivals
32432Jan 08/9447391.7The Alternate
33433Jan 29/9447529.4Armageddon Game
34434Feb 05/9447581.2Whispers
35435Feb 12/9447573.1Paradise
36436Feb 19/9447603.3Shadowplay
37437Feb 26/94Playing God
38438Mar 19/94Profit and Loss
39439Mar 26/94Blood Oath
40440Apr 23/94The Maquis
41441Apr 30/94The Maquis, Part 2
42442May 07/94The Wire
43443May 14/9447879.2Crossover
44444May 21/94The Collaborator
45445Jun 04/9447944.2Tribunal
46446Jun 11/94The Jem'Hadar

Season Three: 26 episodes
47447Sep 24/9448212.4The Search
48448Oct 01/9448213.1The Search, Part 2
49449Oct 08/94The House of Quark
50450Oct 15/94Equilibrium
51451Oct 22/94Second Skin
52452Oct 29/94The Abandoned
53453Nov 05/94Civil Defense
54454Nov 12/9448423.2Meridian
55455Nov 19/9448467.3Defiant
56456Nov 26/94Fascination
57457Dec 31/9448481.2Past Tense
58458Jan 07/9548481.2Past Tense, Part 2
59459Jan 28/9548498.4Life Support
60460Feb 04/9548521.5Heart of Stone
61461Feb 11/9548543.2Destiny
62462Feb 18/95Prophet Motive
63463Feb 25/95Visionary
64464Apr 08/95Distant Voices
65466Apr 15/95Through the Looking Glass
66465Apr 22/95Improbable Cause (part 1)
67467Apr 29/95The Die is Cast (part 2)
68468May 06/95Explorers
69469May 13/95Family Business
70470May 20/95Shakaar
71471Jun 10/9548959.1Facets
72472Jun 17/9548962.5The Adversary

Season Four: 26 episodes
73/74473/474Sep 30/9549011.5The Way of the Warrior (two hours)
75476Oct 07/95The Visitor
76475Oct 14/9549066.5Hippocratic Oath
77477Oct 21/95Indiscretion
78478Oct 28/9549195.5Rejoined
79480Nov 04/95Little Green Men
80479Nov 11/9549263.5Starship Down
81481Nov 18/95The Sword of Kahless
82482Nov 25/95Our Man Bashir
83483Dec 30/9549170.65Homefront (part 1)
84484Jan 06/96Paradise Lost (part 2)
85485Jan 27/96Crossfire
86486Feb 03/96Return to Grace
87487Feb 10/9649556.2Sons of Mogh
88488Feb 17/96Bar Association
89489Feb 24/96Accession
90490Apr 06/9649648Rules of Engagement
91491Apr 13/96Hard Time
92492Apr 20/96Shattered Mirror
93493Apr 27/96The Muse
94494May 04/96For the Cause
95496May 11/9649904.2To the Death
96495May 18/96The Quickening
97497Jun 08/96Body Parts
98498Jun 15/9649962.4Broken Link

Season Five: 26 episodes
99499Sep 28/96Apocalypse Rising
100500Oct 05/9650049.3The Ship
101501Oct 12/96Looking For Par' Mach in All the Wrong Places
102502Oct 19/96Nor the Battle to the Strong
103504Oct 26/96The Assignment
104503Nov 02/964523.7Trials and Tribble-ations
105505Nov 09/96Let He Who is Without Sin...
106506Nov 16/96Things Past
107507Nov 23/96The Ascent
108508Dec 28/96Rapture
109509Jan 06/9750416.2The Darkness and the Light
110510Jan 27/97The Begotten
111511Feb 03/9750485.2For the Uniform
112512Feb 10/97In Purgatory's Shadow (part 1)
113513Feb 17/9750564.2By Inferno's Light (part 2)
114514Feb 24/97Doctor Bashir, I Presume
115515Mar 31/97A Simple Investigation
116516Apr 07/97Business as Usual
117517Apr 14/9750712.5Ties of Blood and Water
118518Apr 21/97Ferengi Love Songs
119519Apr 28/97Soldiers of the Empire
120520May 05/9750814.2Children of Time
121521May 12/97Blaze of Glory
122522May 19/97Empok Nor
123523Jun 09/97In the Cards
124524Jun 16/97Call to Arms

Season Six: 26 episodes
125525Sep 29/97A Time to Stand
126527Oct 06/9751096.2Rocks and Shoals
127526Oct 13/97Sons and Daughters
128528Oct 20/9751145.3Behind the Lines
129529Oct 27/97Favor the Bold (part 1)
130530Nov 03/97Sacrifice of Angels (part 2)
131531Nov 10/9751247.5You Are Cordially Invited
132532Nov 17/97Resurrection
133533Nov 24/97Statistical Probabilities
134534Dec 29/97The Magnificent Ferengi
135535Jan 05/9851413.6Waltz
136536Feb 04/98Who Mourns For Morn?
137538Feb 11/98Far Beyond the Stars
138537Feb 18/9851474.2One Little Ship
139539Feb 25/98Honor Among Thieves
140540Mar 04/9851597.2Change of Heart
141541Apr 01/98Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
142542Apr 08/98Inquisition
143543Apr 15/9851721.3In the Pale Moonlight
144544Apr 22/98His Way
145545Apr 29/98The Reckoning
146546May 06/98Valiant
147547May 13/98Profit and Lace
148548May 20/98Time's Orphan
149549Jun 10/98The Sound of Her Voice
150550Jun 17/98Tears of the Prophets

Season Seven: 26 episodes
151551Sep 30/9852152.6Image in the Sand
152552Oct 07/98Shadows and Symbols
153553Oct 14/98Afterimage
154554Oct 21/98Take Me Out to the Holosuite
155555Oct 28/98Chrysalis
156556Nov 04/98Treachery, Faith and the Great River
157557Nov 11/98Once More Unto the Breach
158558Nov 18/98The Siege of AR-558
159559Nov 25/98Covenant
160560Dec 30/98It's Only a Paper Moon
161561Jan 06/99Prodigal Daughter
162562Feb 03/99The Emperor's New Cloak
163563Feb 10/99Field of Fire
164564Feb 17/99Chimera
165566Feb 24/99Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
166565Mar 03/99Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
167567Apr 07/9952576.2Penumbra
168568Apr 14/99'Til Death Do Us Part
169569Apr 21/99Strange Bedfellows
170570Apr 28/99The Changing Face of Evil
171571May 05/99When it Rains...
172572May 12/99Tacking Into the Wind
173573May 19/99Extreme Measures
174574May 26/99The Dogs of War
175/176575/576Jun 02/99What You Leave Behind (two hours)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Genre: science fiction, adventure, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 176
Broadcast Run: 1993 - 1999
Starring: Avery Brooks
Rene Auberjonois
Siddig El Fadil aka Alexander Siddig
Cirroc Lofton
Colm Meaney
Armin Shimerman
Nana Visitor
Nicole de Boer (season 7)
Michael Dorn (season 4-7)
Terry Farrell (season 1-6)
Created By: Rick Berman
Michael Piller
Based Upon "Star Trek" Created By: Gene Roddenberry
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Paramount Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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