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Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Season One: 26 episodes
1/2101/102Sep 28/8741153.7Encounter at Farpoint (two hours)
3103Oct 05/8741209.2The Naked Now
4104Oct 12/8741235.25Code of Honor
5107Oct 19/8741386.4The Last Outpost
6106Oct 26/8741263.1Where No One Has Gone Before
7108Nov 02/8741249.3Lonely Among Us
8109Nov 09/8741255.6Justice
9110Nov 16/8741723.9The Battle
10111Nov 23/8741590.5Hide and Q
11105Nov 30/8741294.5Haven
12113Jan 11/8841997.7The Big Goodbye
13114Jan 18/8841242.4Datalore
14115Jan 25/8841636.9Angel One
15116Feb 01/8841365.911001001
16112Feb 08/8841309.5Too Short a Season
17118Feb 15/8841509.1When the Bough Breaks
18117Feb 22/8841463.9Home Soil
19119Mar 14/8841416.2Coming of Age
20120Mar 21/8841503.7Heart of Glory
21121Apr 11/8841798.2The Arsenal of Freedom
22123Apr 18/88Symbiosis
23122Apr 25/8841601.3Skin of Evil
24124May 02/8841697.9We'll Always Have Paris
25125May 09/8841775.5Conspiracy
26126May 16/8841986.0The Neutral Zone

Season Two: 22 episodes
27127Nov 21/8842073.1The Child
28128Nov 28/8842193.6Where Silence Has Lease
29129Dec 05/8842286.3Elementary, Dear Data
30130Dec 12/8842402.7The Outrageous Okona
31132Jan 09/8942477.2Loud as a Whisper
32131Jan 23/8942437.5The Schizoid Man
33133Jan 30/8942494.8Unnatural Selection
34134Feb 06/8942506.5A Matter of Honor
35135Feb 13/8942523.7The Measure of a Man
36136Feb 20/8942568.8The Dauphin
37137Mar 20/8942609.1Contagion
38138Mar 27/8942625.4The Royale
39139Apr 03/8942679.2Time Squared
40140Apr 24/8942686.4The Icarus Factor
41141May 01/8942695.3Pen Pals
42142May 08/8942761.3Q Who
43143May 15/8942779.1Samaritan Snare
44144May 22/8942823.2Up the Long Ladder
45145Jun 19/8942859.2Manhunt
46146Jun 26/8942901.3The Emissary
47147Jul 10/8942923.4Peak Performance
48148Jul 17/8942976.1Shades of Gray (clip show)

Season Three: 26 episodes
49150Sep 25/8943125.8Evolution
50149Oct 02/8943133.3The Ensigns of Command
51151Oct 09/8943152.4The Survivors
52152Oct 16/8943173.5Who Watches the Watchers
53153Oct 23/8943198.7The Bonding
54154Oct 30/8943205.6Booby Trap
55155Nov 06/8943349.2The Enemy
56156Nov 13/8943385.6The Price
57157Nov 20/8943421.9The Vengeance Factor
58158Jan 01/9043462.5The Defector
59159Jan 08/9043489.2The Hunted
60160Jan 29/9043510.7The High Ground
61161Feb 05/9043539.1Deja Q
62162Feb 12/9043610.4A Matter of Perspective
63163Feb 19/9043625.2Yesterday's Enterprise
64164Mar 12/9043657.0The Offspring
65165Mar 19/9043685.2Sins of the Father
66166Mar 26/9043714.1Allegiance
67167Apr 02/9043745.2Captain's Holiday
68168Apr 23/9043779.3Tin Man
69169Apr 30/9043807.4Hollow Pursuits
70170May 07/9043872.2The Most Toys
71171May 14/9043917.4Sarek
72172May 28/9043930.7Ménage à Troi
73173Jun 04/9043957.2Transfigurations
74174Jun 18/9043989.1The Best of Both Worlds

Season Four: 26 episodes
75175Sep 24/9044001.4The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
76178Oct 01/9044012.3Family
77177Oct 08/9044085.7Brothers
78176Oct 15/9044143.7Suddenly Human
79179Oct 22/9044161.2Remember Me
80180Oct 29/9044215.2Legacy
81181Nov 05/9044246.3Reunion
82182Nov 12/9044286.5Future Imperfect
83183Nov 19/9044307.3Final Mission
84184Dec 31/9044356.9The Loss
85185Jan 07/9144390.1Data's Day
86186Jan 28/9144429.6The Wounded
87187Feb 04/9144474.5Devil's Due
88188Feb 11/9144502.7Clues
89189Feb 18/91First Contact
90190Mar 11/9144614.6Galaxy's Child
91191Mar 18/9144631.2Night Terrors
92192Mar 25/9144664.5Identity Crisis
93193Apr 01/9144704.2The Nth Degree
94194Apr 22/9144741.9Qpid
95195Apr 29/9144769.2The Drumhead
96196May 06/9144805.3Half a Life
97197May 13/9144821.3The Host
98198May 27/9144885.5The Mind's Eye
99199Jun 03/9144923.3In Theory
100200Jun 17/9144995.3Redemption

Season Five: 26 episodes
101201Sep 21/9145020.4Redemption, Part 2
102202Sep 30/9145047.2Darmok
103203Oct 07/9145076.3Ensign Ro
104204Oct 14/9145122.3Silicon Avatar
105205Oct 21/9145156.1Disaster
106206Oct 28/9145208.2The Game
107208Nov 04/9145233.1Unification
108207Nov 11/9145245.8Unification, Part 2
109209Nov 18/9145349.1A Matter of Time
110210Jan 06/9245376.3New Ground
111211Jan 27/9245397.3Hero Worship
112212Feb 03/9245429.3Violations
113213Feb 10/9245470.1The Masterpiece Society
114214Feb 17/9245494.2Conundrum
115215Feb 24/9245571.2Power Play
116216Mar 02/9245587.3Ethics
117217Mar 16/9245614.6The Outcast
118218Mar 23/9245652.1Cause and Effect
119219Mar 30/9245703.9The First Duty
120220Apr 20/9245733.6Cost of Living
121221Apr 27/9245761.3The Perfect Mate
122222May 04/9245832.1Imaginary Friend
123223May 11/9245854.2I Borg
124224May 18/9245092.4The Next Phase
125225Jun 01/9245944.1The Inner Light
126226Jun 15/9245959.1Time's Arrow

Season Six: 26 episodes
127227Sep 21/9246001.3Time's Arrow, Part 2
128228Sep 28/9246041.1Realm of Fear
129229Oct 05/9246071.6Man of the People
130230Oct 12/9246125.3Relics
131231Oct 19/9246154.2Schisms
132232Oct 26/9246192.3True Q
133233Nov 02/9246235.7Rascals
134234Nov 09/9246271.5A Fistful of Datas
135235Nov 16/9246307.2The Quality of Life
136236Dec 14/9246357.4Chain of Command
137237Dec 14/9246360.8Chain of Command, Part 2
138238Jan 25/9346424.1Ship in a Bottle
139239Feb 01/9346461.3Aquiel
140240Feb 08/9346519.1Face of the Enemy
141241Feb 15/93Tapestry
142242Feb 22/9346578.4Birthright
143243Mar 01/9346579.2Birthright, Part 2
144244Mar 29/9346682.4Starship Mine
145245Apr 05/9346693.1Lessons
146246Apr 26/9346731.5The Chase
147247May 03/9346778.1Frame of Mind
148248May 10/9346830.1Suspicions
149249May 17/9346852.2Rightful Heir
150250May 24/9346915.2Second Chances
151251Jun 14/9346944.2Timescape
152252Jun 21/9346982.1Descent

Season Seven: 26 episodes
153253Sep 20/9347025.4Descent, Part 2
154254Sep 27/93Liasons
155255Oct 04/9347215.5Interface
156256Oct 11/9347135.2Gambit
157257Oct 18/9347160.1Gambit, Part 2
158258Oct 25/9347225.7Phantasms
159259Nov 01/9347254.1Dark Page
160260Nov 08/9347304.2Attached
161261Nov 15/9347310.2Force of Nature
162262Nov 22/9347410.2Inheritance
163263Nov 29/9347391.2Parallels
164264Jan 10/9447457.1The Pegasus
165265Jan 17/9447423.9Homeward
166266Jan 31/9447500Sub Rosa
167267Feb 07/9447566.7Lower Decks
168268Feb 14/9447611.2Thine Own Self
169269Feb 21/9447615.2Masks
170270Feb 28/9447622.1Eye of the Beholder
171271Mar 21/9447653.2Genesis
172272Mar 28/9447751.2Journey's End
173273Apr 25/9447779.4Firstborn
174274May 02/9447829.1Bloodlines
175275May 09/9447869.2Emergence
176276May 16/9447941.7Preemptive Strike
177/178277/278May 23/9447988All Good Things... (two hours)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Genre: science fiction, adventure, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 178
Broadcast Run: 1987 - 1994
Starring: Patrick Stewart
Jonathan Frakes
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Marina Sirtis
Brent Spiner
Gates McFadden (season 1,3-7)
Wil Wheaton (season 1-4)
Denise Crosby (season 1)
Created By: Gene Roddenberry
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Paramount Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Star Trek: The Next Generation
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