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Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager is pursuing a rebel Maquis ship into a dangerous region of space known as the Badlands when both ships are suddenly transported to the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 light-years away. The two enemies quickly learn that they must join together to survive attacks from strange new alien races while they try to find their way back home.

Season One: 16 episodes
1/2101/102Jan 16/95(US)48315.6Caretaker (two hours)
3103Jan 23/95(US)48439.7Parallax
4104Jan 30/95(US)48498.7Time and Again
5105Feb 06/95(US)48532.4Phage
6106Feb 13/95(US)48546.2The Cloud
7107Feb 20/95(US)48579.4Eye of the Needle
8108Feb 27/95(US)48610.1Ex Post Facto
9109Mar 13/95(US)48623.5Emanations
10110Mar 20/95(US)48642.5Prime Factors
11111Apr 10/95(US)48658.2State of Flux
12112Apr 24/95(US)48693.2Heroes and Demons
13113May 01/95(US)48734.2Cathexis
14114May 08/95(US)48784.2Faces
15115May 15/95(US)48832.1Jetrel
16116May 22/95(US)48846.5Learning Curve

Season Two: 26 episodes
17120Aug 28/95(US)48975.1The 37's
18121Sep 04/95(US)49005.3Initiations
19117Sep 11/95(US)48892.1Projections
20118Sep 18/95(US)48921.3Elogium
21122Sep 25/95(US)49011Non Sequitur
22119Oct 02/95(US)Twisted
23123Oct 09/95(US)49068.5Parturition
24124Oct 30/95(US)Persistence of Vision
25125Nov 06/95(US)Tattoo
26126Nov 13/95(US)49164.8Cold Fire
27127Nov 20/95(US)49208.5Maneuvers
28128Nov 27/95(US)Resistance
29129Jan 15/96(US)Prototype
30131Jan 22/96(US)49337.4Alliances
31132Jan 29/96(US)49373.4Threshold
32133Feb 05/96(US)Meld
33134Feb 12/96(US)49447Dreadnought
34130Feb 19/96(US)49301.2Death Wish
35136Feb 26/96(US)49504.3Lifesigns
36135Mar 13/96(US)49485.2Investigations
37137Mar 18/96(US)49548.7Deadlock
38138Apr 08/96(US)49578.2Innocence
39139Apr 29/96(US)The Thaw
40140May 06/96(US)49655.2Tuvix
41141May 13/96(US)49690.1Resolutions
42142May 20/96(US)Basics

Season Three: 26 episodes
43146Sep 04/96(US)50032.7Basics, Part 2
44145Sep 11/96(US)50126.4Flashback
45147Sep 18/96(US)50156.2The Chute
46149Sep 25/96(US)50252.3The Swarm
47144Oct 02/96(US)50074.3False Profits
48148Oct 09/96(US)50203.1Remember
49143Oct 30/96(US)50063.2Sacred Ground
50150Nov 06/96(US)50312.5Future's End
51151Nov 13/96(US)50312.5Future's End, Part 2
52152Nov 20/96(US)50348.1Warlord
53153Nov 27/96(US)50384.2The Q and the Grey
54154Dec 11/96(US)50425.1Macrocosm
55156Jan 08/97(US)50471.3Fair Trade
56155Jan 15/97(US)50460.3Alter Ego
57158Jan 29/97(US)50518.6Coda
58157Feb 05/97(US)50537.2Blood Fever
59159Feb 12/97(US)50614.2Unity
60161Feb 19/97(US)50693.2Darkling
61160Feb 26/97(US)Rise
62162Mar 19/97(US)50732.4Favorite Son
63163Apr 09/97(US)50973Before and After
64164Apr 23/97(US)50836.2Real Life
65165Apr 30/97(US)Distant Origin
66166May 07/97(US)50912.4Displaced
67167May 14/97(US)50953.4Worst Case Scenario
68168May 21/97(US)50984.3Scorpion

Season Four: 26 episodes
69169Sep 03/97(US)51003.7Scorpion, Part 2
70170Sep 10/97(US)The Gift
71172Sep 17/97(US)Day of Honor
72171Sep 24/97(US)51082.4Nemesis
73173Oct 01/97(US)51186.2Revulsion
74174Oct 08/97(US)The Raven
75175Oct 29/97(US)51244.3Scientific Method
76176Nov 05/97(US)51252.3Year of Hell
77177Nov 12/97(US)51252.3Year of Hell, Part 2
78178Nov 19/97(US)51367.2Random Thoughts
79179Nov 26/97(US)51386.4Concerning Flight
80180Dec 17/97(US)51449.2Mortal Coil
81182Jan 14/98(US)51471.3Waking Moments
82181Jan 21/98(US)Message in a Bottle
83183Feb 11/98(US)51501.4Hunters
84184Feb 18/98(US)51652.3Prey
85185Feb 25/98(US)51679.4Retrospect
86186Mar 04/98(US)The Killing Game
87187Mar 04/98(US)51715.2The Killing Game, Part 2
88188Apr 08/98(US)51762.4Vis a Vis
89189Apr 15/98(US)51781.2The Omega Directive
90190Apr 22/98(US)51813.4Unforgettable
91191Apr 29/98(US)Living Witness
92192May 06/98(US)Demon
93193May 13/98(US)51929.3One
94194May 20/98(US)51978.2Hope and Fear

Season Five: 26 episodes
95195Oct 14/98(US)52081.2Night
96196Oct 21/98(US)Drone
97197Oct 28/98(US)Extreme Risk
98198Nov 04/98(US)52136.4In the Flesh
99199Nov 11/98(US)Once Upon a Time
100201Nov 18/98(US)52143.6Timeless
101203Nov 25/98(US)52356.2Infinite Regress
102200Dec 02/98(US)Nothing Human
103202Dec 09/98(US)52179.4Thirty Days
104204Dec 16/98(US)Counterpoint
105206Jan 20/99(US)Latent Image
106207Jan 27/99(US)Bride of Chaotica
107205Feb 03/99(US)52438.9Gravity
108209Feb 10/99(US)52542.3Bliss
109/110211/212Feb 17/99(US)52619.2Dark Frontier (two hours)
111210Feb 24/99(US)The Disease
112213Mar 03/99(US)52586.3Course: Oblivion
113208Mar 24/99(US)The Fight
114214Mar 31/99(US)Think Tank
115215Apr 26/99(US)Juggernaut
116216Apr 29/99(US)Someone to Watch Over Me
117217May 05/99(US)11:59
118218May 12/99(US)52861.274Relativity
119219May 19/99(US)Warhead
120220May 26/99(US)Equinox

Season Six: 26 episodes
121221Sep 22/99(US)Equinox, Part 2
122222Sep 29/99(US)53049.2Survival Instinct
123223Oct 06/99(US)Barge of the Dead
124224Oct 13/99(US)Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
125226Oct 20/99(US)Alice
126227Nov 03/99(US)53263.2Riddles
127225Nov 10/99(US)53167.9Dragon's Teeth
128228Nov 17/99(US)53292.7One Small Step
129229Nov 24/99(US)53301.2The Voyager Conspiracy
130230Dec 01/99(US)Pathfinder
131231Jan 12/00(US)Fair Haven
132233Jan 19/00(US)Blink of an Eye
133234Jan 26/00(US)53556.4Virtuoso
134236Feb 02/00(US)Memorial
135232Feb 09/00(US)53447.2Tsunkatse
136235Feb 16/00(US)Collective
137237Feb 23/00(US)Spirit Folk
138238Mar 01/00(US)53679.4Ashes to Ashes
139239Mar 08/00(US)Child's Play
140240Mar 15/00(US)53753.2Good Shepherd
141242Apr 19/00(US)53849.2Live Fast and Prosper
142244Apr 26/00(US)Muse
143241May 03/00(US)Fury
144243May 10/00(US)Life Line
145245May 17/00(US)The Haunting of Deck Twelve
146246May 24/00(US)Unimatrix Zero

Season Seven: 26 episodes
147247Oct 04/00(US)54014.4Unimatrix Zero, Part 2
148248Oct 11/00(US)54129.4Imperfection
149249Oct 18/00(US)54058.6Drive
150250Oct 25/00(US)Repression
151251Nov 01/00(US)54090.4Critical Care
152252Nov 08/00(US)54219.7Inside Man
153255Nov 15/00(US)54238.3Body and Soul
154256Nov 22/00(US)54274.7Nightingale
155/156253/254Nov 29/00(US)54337.5Flesh and Blood (two hours)
157257Jan 17/01(US)Shattered
158258Jan 24/01(US)54452.6Lineage
159259Jan 31/01(US)54474.6Repentance
160260Feb 07/01(US)54518.2Prophecy
161261Feb 14/01(US)54553.4The Void
162262Feb 21/01(US)54584.3Workforce
163263Feb 28/01(US)54622.4Workforce, Part 2
164264Mar 07/01(US)Human Error
165265Apr 11/01(US)54704.5Q2
166266Apr 18/01(US)54732.3Author, Author
167267Apr 25/01(US)54775.4Friendship One
168268May 02/01(US)54827.7Natural Law
169269May 09/01(US)54868.6Homestead
170270May 16/01(US)54890.7Renaissance Man
171/172271/272May 23/01(US)54973.4Endgame (two hours)
Star Trek: Voyager
Genre: science fiction, adventure, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 172
Broadcast Run: 1995 - 2001
Starring: Kate Mulgrew
Robert Beltran
Roxann Biggs-Dawson
Robert Duncan McNeill
Ethan Phillips
Robert Picardo
Tim Russ
Garrett Wang
Jeri Ryan (season 4-7)
Jennifer Lien (season 1-4)
Created By: Rick Berman
Michael Piller
Jeri Taylor
Based on "Star Trek" Created By: Gene Roddenberry
Broadcast Network: UPN
Production Company: Paramount Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Star Trek: Voyager
See Also: Star Trek (1966)
Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)
Star Trek: Enterprise (2001)
Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
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Star Trek: Prodigy (2021)
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IMDb: Star Trek: Voyager